I have grown to hate Christianity with a purple passion

Sent in by Brian

Back in 2004 I left the Christian Faith after I found out that in reality there is no such thing as a personal and loving God who guides and directs our paths. However, according to these Right Winged Extremist Nuts, it's my fault that my faith did not work. I have grown to hate Christianity with a purple passion, and here is an example of why I have grown to hate Christianity here in the past four years. This is a constant reminder of why I have no desire to return to the cult known as the Christian faith.

Just today when I went out to eat breakfast with my parents (Who are ultra conservative Christians) my father asked my mom and I to bow our heads, and say the blessing before we eat. I had stopped this practice four years ago after I left Christianity, of course. Now days when I am around my family I usually just sit there real quietly and let them pray over their food like they always do.

Apparently my father did not realize that I had stopped praying over my food four years ago until earlier today. However, he has known for the past four years how strongly I disagree with his faith, and how I no longer want anything more to do with it.

Anyways, when my parents got ready to pray over their food, my dad told me to bow my head also. I told him and my mom to go ahead, that I was not going to bow my head. My dad got offended, and once again told me to "Bow your head." I then once again told my dad to go ahead that I have not prayed over my food in four years, and told him that he had apparently forgotten that I no longer subscribe to his beliefs.

As a result of this, my father got nasty with me. Not long after we left the restaurant, my father started reminding me remind me that I was brought up under Christian values, and was taught the word of God, and how dare I disrespect him the way I did. Then he went on to tell me these following things:

1) I am now full of the devil.
2) I am a pagan
3) I am going to hell.
4) I have disrespected him.
5) I have disrespected my family.
6) I have disrespected my family's traditions.
6) I have most of all disrespected his "GOD".

Sound familiar?

I told my dad that I did not disrespect his faith. What I did do, I told him, is that I chose not to pray over my food, and that is my right if I choose not to do so. I was simply practicing the my right not to practice his faith. I told him that if I choose not to pray or say the blessing that is my right, and he has no right to tell me to force his beliefs on me. I also asked him how would he like it if a Muslim told him to bow his head and pray to Allah. He ignored my question, and kept preaching at me of course.

Then my father went on to tell me that I am going to pay and how he is going to make my life a living hell and started threatening me with a reversed mortgage when he dies. My father is a control freak BTW. It's his way or the highway. He does not believe in diversity of any kind, and he also makes racist remarks about African American People.

My dad is a 80 years old, and I know he is not going to change what he believes, nor will he ever see things my way. He believes that he has his "God" on his side, and everyone else who I listen to are a bunch of "Left Winged Liberal Nuts" and assholes.

I'm sure some of you who also come from Christian backgrounds have experienced similar things from your family (Parents) also.

I find it quiet ridiculous how my father got so damn upset over what I consider to be a "Minor/Trivial" Issue. This also just proves how dangerous and destructive Christianity is along with all other religions.

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