To be a Christian...

Sent in by Mark R

To be a Christian,
  1. Don't ask questions that might jeopardize your faith.
  2. Do not accept logical answers.
  3. God is the only truth; anyone else is automatically a liar even before opening their mouths.
  4. Believe without question.
  5. Anything that deviates from your beliefs is an automatic lie.
  6. And finally, if someone asks you to prove your faith, do not ever give them a straight answer.
This is what I faced over the years. I tried to ask questions about my faith and I never received a straight answer. I asked questions about creation and evolution and I was told that Creation was the truth and evolution was a lie. I was told that Christianity is the only path to God and that other religions are false.

I attended a college "Christian" club. They had a guest speaker. He was talking about how evolution and these other religions were lies and that only Jesus was the truth. I dared to question where he got his facts. I engaged this person with many questions. I was asked to leave and to never return because I was "rude." I thought at college was where you were supposed to scrutinize what you learn?

I was also told that God will never love me unless I believed as they believe.

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