To be a Christian...

Sent in by Mark R

To be a Christian,
  1. Don't ask questions that might jeopardize your faith.
  2. Do not accept logical answers.
  3. God is the only truth; anyone else is automatically a liar even before opening their mouths.
  4. Believe without question.
  5. Anything that deviates from your beliefs is an automatic lie.
  6. And finally, if someone asks you to prove your faith, do not ever give them a straight answer.
This is what I faced over the years. I tried to ask questions about my faith and I never received a straight answer. I asked questions about creation and evolution and I was told that Creation was the truth and evolution was a lie. I was told that Christianity is the only path to God and that other religions are false.

I attended a college "Christian" club. They had a guest speaker. He was talking about how evolution and these other religions were lies and that only Jesus was the truth. I dared to question where he got his facts. I engaged this person with many questions. I was asked to leave and to never return because I was "rude." I thought at college was where you were supposed to scrutinize what you learn?

I was also told that God will never love me unless I believed as they believe.


eejay said...

Welcome to the real world. I can relate to your dilemma, and it is something most of us at ex-c have had to come to terms with at some point. If there really was a god of love and compassion, wouldn't it be so easy to make him/her/itself known once and for all and really tell the world what he expects of us? That wouldn't be so hard for the god that supposedly created the whole universe? Why go through mental gymnastics with people? Sure it leaves people with questions and wondering. The idea of xtianity is to make it's following too darned afraid to ask questions. Well, that's because most of what we know of xtianity doesn't make sense at all. If there were a real god, it seems to me that is there were one chosen faith or path to follow, it would be clear, and there would only be that faith or none at all.
All I can say is that your best off to educate yourself with an open mind, and read both sides of everything. If reading the bible doesn't make you question it, then you'd likely be one of the brainwashed sheep.
Good luck. Enjoy life, and don't let religion bring you down.

speck said...

"....I was also told that God will never love me unless I believed as they believe..."

That would be a real bummer......if god existed.

resonate11 said...

Yep, Mark, you've figured it out. But the same rules apply to other dogmas as well. For instance, Americans shouldn't question the tenets that America is the greatest country on earth, America is a force for good in the world, America's wars have been fought to ensure freedom, Americans are exceptionally virtuous, capitalism is the best economic system, et cetera.

speck said...

To resonate11;

I too am starting to wonder about some of the ideals that we here in America hold dear. When people crow that "we are the greatest", I hear a little voice in my head that asks...'compared to who?.'

Anyone who poses this challenge is going to get a huge "love it or leave it" fist in their face.
However, that isn't an answer to the question.
The next thing they'll do is start naming the worst of the worst and suggesting you move there...
Is there anywhere to pose this question where I stand a chance of getting an unemotional response?

resonate11 said...

Well Billybee, have you noticed that in most religions most believers feel certain that their particular religion is the one true religion? And, more than that, they have no doubt that their religion is a force for good in the world. Within Christianity, members of each denomination believe that their sect's interpretation of the Bible is the most accurate if not the only true way to worship and live.

Almost all groups, including nations, think that they are the good guys while those they oppose are the bad guys.

It is difficult to step outside of the prevailing dogmas of one's nation. But, as with escaping Christianity, knowledge is the key.

The more we learn about America's actions in the world throughout its history (from books like Stephen Kinzer's Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change From Hawaii To Iraq), the more likely we are able to see that we are not necessarily the good guys. We are not even great, much less the greatest, in the best sense of that word.

Blind patriotism/nationalism is susceptible to knowledge just as blind religiosity is susceptible to verifiable facts.

Jacstar said...

Dear billybee & resonate11,

Just to clear it up for you...

Australia's the best country in the world!!

: )


resonate11 said...

"Just to clear it up for you...

Australia's the best country in the world!!

: )"

Probably so! Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to visit and see for myself. I do worry about all the flies!

speck said...

I'm not going to "abandon ship" on the good old USA, but I hope things begin to improve toots sweet.

I know the evening news isn't a full and true reflection of our society, but things are so screwed up I'm starting to wonder if we are headed for the abyss.....

sorry to take things so far off subject....I'm just looking for some suggestions on finding some answers to questions that my "faith" kept me from even asking.

( but please, no "conspiracy" bs... :)

resonate11 said...

"please, no "conspiracy" bs"

I take it you don't believe a group of Islamists who "hate us for our freedoms" conspired to attack the World Trade Center and the Pentagon? (Asked with a conspiratorial wink!)

"I'm just looking for some suggestions on finding some answers to questions that my "faith" kept me from even asking."

Faith really is the operative word. All of us are predisposed to have faith that we are good and that those we identify with are good.

However, isn't there a passage in the Bible where Jesus is purported to have said something to the effect that no one is good?

The corollary is that no one is evil either. We all do the best we know to do. George Bush, for example, really doesn't feel like he is a war criminal. He really doesn't feel responsible for the deaths and maiming and torture and imprisonment of thousands of human beings.

I suggest alternative news sources like DemocracyNow! and Alternative Radio. I also suggest books by Chalmers Johnson, Naomi Klein, John Perkins, and Naomi Wolf.

speck said...

Thanks, resonate11 ....I might check out your book suggestions.

My defensive statment regarding (911) consipacy theories was because I have a friend that is submerged up to his neck in that stuff. He believes all of it and I feel really sorry for him.
I was trying to tactfully clearify as to the quality of information I'm not interested in persuing.

thanks again...

resonate11 said...

Billybee, e-mail me at resonate11atcomcastdotnet if you want. I might be traveling down your way sometime this summer.

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