Sent parents home without dinner

Sent in by Ted

My story is typical of everyone else.

I was raised in a fundy home. My father, who thinks he can sing, would occasionally torture, I mean sing for the church. He would have my siblings and I sit before him while he sang. This was an overt display to his "Christian friends" that he was a "godly family man."

My parents were number one first class hypocrites. Jesus says to give to the poor, but when my folks see a homeless person begging they turn their nose up at them saying, "The reason that they are poor is because they are lazy."

The final nail in the Christian coffin was when my older and favorite brother came out of the closet and said he was gay. My parents have been trying for years to "correct and to save him." I finally left Christianity when I started attending college, where I was exposed to a wide variety of people.

Anyway, last Thanksgiving my wife and I were planning a secular, non-religious dinner. Instead of praying to an invisible God we were going to be thankful for what it means to be human. My brother and his partner were invited along with my folks. My folks were specifically instructed to leave their religion at home. Of course when they showed up they tried to straighten out my brother and his partner by suggesting they attend a recovery class for homosexuals. I promptly showed my parents to the door and told them they could go to a local restaurant for diner. I suggested that my younger brother and sister, who are still living at home, were welcome to stay and could be picked up later. Of course my folks refused.

According to my younger sister, soon after they had an enormous prayer vigil at their church to ask God to free their family from the "grasp of Satan." They glorified themselves by claiming, "We have been persecuted in the name of Jesus!” Both my brother and sister have told me that they cannot wait to get out of that house.

I have one grown sister who is an atheist and one brother who still believes in Jesus, but only goes to church occasionally.


speck said...

Hey Ted...Good for you my friend.

Christianity teaches it's followers to reject family and friends that are outside of the faith, right? Well why shouldn't we have the right to do the same to them?

It's bad anytime religion causes hard feelings and pain among people, but, I applaude your having the balls to 'give em a taste of their own medicine'!!

I'm proud to be in your camp.

John of Indiana said...

What would have been ironic is to have turned the tables on him:
"By gawd, Old Man, you gonna stay under MY roof, and eat MY gawddam food, you're gonna obey MY rules, or you can just take your ass out of here!!"

How many of us, from a secular or Fundy household remember getting that ultimatum thrown in our faces?

Raul said...

So,Ted,the reason for you to become an ex-christian was the hipocrisy of your relatives,or there are also other reasons?

eejay said...

I applaud you for having the courage to do what's right. He was appropriately warned. I responded on the forums already to this post, so I won't go into serious detail. X-tians don't seem to understand that they can't always get away with breaking the rules. People are too afraid to offend the poor persecuted x-tians. I say 'give 'em both barrels'. It's time we've stood our ground and refuse to accept them pushing god into everything. They want to talk about god, fine, but do it in your own home or a damned church.

Unknown said...

Don't let your parents understanding of christianity shape the way you view it.
I think if you read your bible you will find a loving man who ate with criminal tax collectors, saved a prostitute from death. He did not come to condem us he came to save us...
That just my take on it...

Jacstar said...

Hi Allan,
But the bible says that if we don't accept Jesus as our personal lord and saviour, then he won't save us, but instead CONDEM us to eternal punishment in hell....doesn't sound like a very loving man to me..

Emanuel Goldstein said...
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clair said...

Once again, these fine people can so easily show me the error of my ways. 1. Read my bible. I will get the new one though, because the Lord must have added to it since last time I read it. 2.Don't follow family. Got it. 3.Bring religion to the forefront of any conversation, in fact, throw it in the face of everyone you come in contact with. Especially if they don't ask. UNLESS YOU ARE AN ATHEIST. Insist, and never listen. Got it! Thanks again.

John of Indiana said...

Hey Allan, so all that fire-and-brimstone, I will roast you for Eternity, if you love me, kill your son because I told you to CRAP in the OT was just Jeebus' "Youthful Indiscretions"?
I've read the bible, the question is, have YOU?

And Andrew, Jeebus said if we didn't love him with all our fibers that he'd cast us out into Fire Lake. Now, maybe YOU like being abused by father figures, but a lot of us have broken free of that ultimate mind-fuck.
And if I don't have the right to say what I will allow and not allow in my OWN HOME, what rights do I have? Can I bring my Atheism to YOUR house? How about my Nudism?
But... I will agree with you about human groups not being so "open". A lot of Xian churches hate the Jews because they "killed Jeebus", John Hagee and his Ilk hate Catholics, Sudden Baptists (and others) hate the UU church because they won't hate Gay people, Ad Nauseum...
Wow, 2 trolls in one thread, cool!

THE ACE said...

Allen: This man you speak
will also find him throwing a childish temper tantrum when he
sees the moneychangers at the temple, dissing his mother on occasion, cursing a fig tree (now if you saw someone yelling curses at a tree, what would YOU think about it?) and telling his followers to steal a horse so he can ride into Jerusalem.

That's assuming this man ever

And Ted, that's a great post. I come from a long line of fundamentalists, and I know how they love to claim they're "persecuted"; it gives them something to talk about in church so they can feel "holy".

What shallow lives they lead.

freedy said...

Despite the outright craziness of bye-bull doctrine,it's usually the hypocrisy of family and church people that wake us up to the delusion of Christ-insanity.

Twenty years of being involved in the inner circle of at least six ministries was unbelievable.

The backstabbing,polictical exclusion,meaness,lies and corruption was endless.

I could write a 200 page book on the negative experiences I had in ministries and churches.*Maybe I should.

I Broke Free said...

“Of course when they showed up they tried to straighten out my brother and his partner by suggesting they attend a recovery class for homosexuals.”

Christians always expect a double-standard for themselves. Unlike the rest of us they don’t have to be polite, civil, or hold themselves to a promise when their cult is involved. It would have been great to have turned-the-tables on them and once they arrived at the dinner your brother and his partner could have taken them aside to show them information on where they could go to be de-programmed from their retarded and sickening religion.

freedy said...

I broke free,how many gay suicides can be attributed to the ridiculous
and harsh doctrines of the bible?

Why doesn't anyone hold church leaders accountable to this intolerance,and to the devastation
it causes?

Anonymous said...

GOOD FOR YOU! I'm poud of you for standing up for your brother and his partner and I'm sure they are grateful as well.

CinemaNet said...

You should put up a sign next to your front door:


Please leave your assumptions and polemics at the door. Don't preach in my house, and I won't think in yours.

Telmi said...

Ted, that was brave of you and you have been honest about it, that is, your rejection of Christianity.

But try adopt a low key approach toward your parents. Non-Christians or non-believers can still remain on good terms with Christians and other believers.

Just continue to remain steadfast to your beliefs, even though they do not coincide with the beliefs of others.

webmdave said...

Brigid, this is infantile. Please go troll another site.

Big Daddy Jude said...

The truth exists. If you seek religion you will find bondage. If you seek the truth you will find the truth and true freedom. If you believe God doesn't exist, you are a fool. If you don't believe that Yeshua(Jesus) is the Messiah and Saviour of the world, you are condemning your ownself to Hell by denying the only salvation and redemption available to mankind. Indeed there are struggles to find the truth in this society of lies and deception, but you can KNOW the TRUTH. One should rather endure the struggles in this life on the road to truth instead of suffering in Hell and the lake of fire for eternity. Jesus is not a religious figure but a governmental one. Jesus said, My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me. If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself.(John 7:16-17) Jesus also said, My kingdom (kingship, royal power) belongs not to this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My followers would have been fighting to keep Me from being handed over to the Jews.(John 18:36)
His Kingdom is real. Whether you ever believe it or not, the truth still exists. Therefore,don't let your feelings and circumstances dictate the truth to you. Suicide is one of the most selfish things one could do or consider. Selfishness not only will cause you to take someone elses life but ultimately your own. So stop being selfish, and change your way of thinking and your way of doing things. Believe in Jesus and learn more about Him so you can enter the Kingdom of God.(God's way of thinking and doing things.) May you find true peace from knowing and doing the truth.

I Broke Free said...

Big Daddy, why should I seek the truth? I feel no compulsion to do so. Until the truth comes up and taps me on the shoulder and tells me how important it is, then the only reason to seek it out is because YOU told me too. And why should I believe you over all the other truth seekers out there. You have provided me with NOTHING that distinguishes your truth from all the others.

Astreja said...

BigDaddy: "If you believe God doesn't exist, you are a fool. If you don't believe that Yeshua(Jesus) is the Messiah and Saviour of the world, you are condemning your ownself to Hell by denying the only salvation and redemption available to mankind."

Okay, BD, got an assignment for you. Kindly do the following, without resorting to scripture, commentaries on scripture, or your personal spiritual experiences.

1. Prove that gods exist. Any gods.

2. Prove that Hell exists.

3. Prove that non-belief actually condemns individuals to Hell.

4. Prove that no other means of salvation are possible.

And remember... No quoting the Bible, or Christian apologists, or your own touched-by-a-spirit feelings.

speck said...

big daddy.....

calm down big fella...

just put down the gun and come in off the ledge.......s'gonna be okay.

Telmi said...

From Allan: "I think if you read your bible you will find a loving man who ate with criminal tax collectors, saved a prostitute from death. He did not come to condem us he came to save us...
That just my take on it..."

Allan, I just wonder concerning the level of understanding you have of the Bible and the doctrine of the Trinity. Have you read the Old Testament? If you have, would you agree that God is portrayed as a barbaric, egoistic, cruel, freakish, infanticidal, insane, malevolent, racist, sadomasochistic, genocidal maniac? All this can be gleaned from reading the first five books of the Bible. And if you believe in the Trinity doctrine, you have to agree that all the evil God the Geezer committed as narrated in the OT was also committed by none other than Jesus himself. You cannor have your cake and eat it, too. Jesus and the Old Geezer are believed to be one and the same God. And there are numerous passages in the NT introducing the idea of eternal punishment in Hell - all from your Jesus. The weeping and gnashing of teeth, put forth in one passage after another, with apparent relish, also from your Jesus.

Have you any idea how the NT was put together? Read some of Bart Ehrman's books.


Anonymous said...

the truth is real dnpaodin aegap[ vaepeuirjnpo avnaep adfvpuaevp dvupaduvh apdv Jebus aefjap fuhae da rijaerp heaven rijraerij pajv hell fvaroiu salvation seodfj dadpu aief.

My invisible, mute god told me so.

Now, BigDummy, can you, as a follower of the NT, translate my tongues from the above passage and reveal to everyone what a glorious revelation of truth I just proclaimed?






...didn't think so. Go away.

Anonymous said...

Big Daddy Jude,
I hope one day you see the error of your ways. Faith is mental bondage, and the more faith you have, the deeper in bondage you are.

All you have to do is start questioning the religion you practice, the Bible you read, and the god you believe in. You will find that none of them is tenable.

You are not searching for the truth, you are searching for God. You are deluded.

Anonymous said...

It's good that you are standing up to your parents about their religious hegemony. It took me a long time to stand up to my mom about it.

Sending them home during Thanksgiving dinner may have been a bit over the top, but I wasn't there and didn't see how the events unfolded.

I haven't yet resorted to harsh words with my mother, but I have let her know in no uncertain terms that Christianity is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of and that I resent her raising me with that sort of brainwashing.

Now, she doesn't preach to me and I don't ridicule her religion.

Unknown said...

Big Daddy Jude-
There's this really pesky problem in how the universe operates: saying something doesn't make it so. I know, it's a real bitch and believe me, I've put in my formal complaint. Haven't heard back from 'em yet. I mention this because you yourself seem to highlight this little snag in your OP.

So, now that we have that out of the way we are left with the question: what indeed does substantiate truth? And, the answer is (drum roll please) evidence.

Now, come back here like a big boy and give us some.

WhateverLolaWants said...

Good for you!

Some people here have warned against being so harsh to believers, but it sounds like you were quite justified. Some fundies just can't grasp that the rules DO apply to them!

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