Spiritual, but no longer religious

From Adam W

Like many of you, I was raised an evangelical Christian along with my entire family. I went to church on Sundays, bible study on Wednesdays, church camp during the summer, you name it. But during all of that, there was some part of me that realized, on a very deep level, that a lot of it was just total b.s., especially the parts about "non-believers" going to hell.

It is totally impossible to believe that your fellow brothers and sisters on this planet are going to hell and also be happy yourself at the same time. Happiness requires being able to sense the worth and goodness of every human being. Christianity, on the other hand, teaches people that they are worthless sinners. It is a despicable religion that we should do away with. Has anybody else noticed that Chrisitians are by far the most neurotic people in society?

Although I am no longer religious, I consider myself to be very spiritual. Have you guys read the works of Joseph Campbell, where he identifies the similarities among the world's religious traditions? Symbols like being born of a virgin, death and resurrection, etc. are common symbols in many traditions, not just Christianity.

I also encourage people to read A Course in Miracles, which uses the langauage of traditional Christianity, but clearly explains how the notion of sin doesn't exist, that God is a word for the collective Spirit in all of us, and that we are all perfect creations and all entitled to bliss and brotherhood.

The author of A Course in Miracles said that she wrote it to "correct" the errors of Christianity, namely its obsession with judgment and punishment.

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