I thank a nun for freeing my mind

Sent in by Mary S

Being the offspring of Polish and Italian parents it was a given that I should be raised Catholic.

My brother and I attended Catechism on Wednesday afternoons while we attended public school. When I was eight years old I somehow got the courage to ask the nun how different languages came about. I already had an idea of how it happened, people moving around, etc. Well, she proceeded to tell the story of the Tower of Babel and how God got mad so he changed the languages so they couldn't yell down for the tools needed. At the tender age of eight I just wasn't buying this story, I wanted a more realistic answer.

After that I just daydreamed in Catechism class and never heard another word a nun said. I don't think an eight year old has a grasp on what the meaning of a god really is, but it's safe to say I never believed in a god, and to this day am very thankful to that nun who gave me liberty to my mind.

Since then I question everything -- how and why, mostly.

I don't even remember her name, but I do thank her for freeing my mind.


Bob said...

Right on, Mary!
The religionists just fume when pure logic is applied to their hocus pokus beliefs, leaving them with nothin but 'faith' which is the polite word for B.S.
Girls are smarter than boys, I was 17 before I figured out it was all a scam.

Jamie said...

Don't feel bad. I was 37...

computer said...

maybe it reveals something deeper about the relationship between God and man?

Anonymous said...

I agree, Computer... the revelation being that while the relation is one of creator / creation, it is the reverse of what is traditionally believed.

boomSLANG said...

maybe it reveals something deeper about the relationship between God and man?

I agree, Computer... the revelation being that while the relation is one of creator / creation, it is the reverse of what is traditionally believed.

Praise our Creator!!!!!!!

Hellbound Alleee said...

It's not deep at all. Man is creator.

Whoa, deep.

Which just proves my point. Man has to make things mysterious.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, Bob.

Took me quite a while to begin questioning. Didn't take too long after that. I'm 62 at present and I'm not sure that your statement is correct. My evidence is my own wife, still believing after all these years. I guess I'm a failure, huh? At least I'm smarter than her. Also smarter than about 75% of the population as a whole too. Hmm, now I don't feel so bad.

Danny Tuason said...

I just found out recently that the Bible (Buy-bull) is fiction. I am 47 years old. It's embarrassing I told my friend at work (who also believes the Bible is fiction). He said it's okay because at least I opened my eyes...other people are never going to open their eyes to the bull crap.



Telmi said...


Have you read "God the Failed Hypothesis" by Victor Stenger or "God is Not Great" by Christopher Hitchens?

Either book is a good read for people who are interetsed in discussing God/religion and prone to making comment such as "the relationship between God and man".

Anonymous said...

computer said:
"about the relationship between God and man"
Firstly, I was always taught that computers were purely LOGICAL devices, so how is it you picked such a name for your xtian minded self?

Perhaps things have changed and with computers getting 'smarter' now, god requires worship from them as well?
If so, what are the minimum hardware requirements to run the god-worshipping software?

Here's some more questions for you about god sanctioned computers:

Should the 'drive' be 'HARD', or is a 'floppy' drive good enough?

Should we occasionally sacrifice our computer RAM on an alter to appease god?

How often does this god MONITOR a computer, worshipping him?

If the CPU's immortal 'soul' brings up an XXX website instead of a god website, does that constitute a computer SIN, or does the computer actually need to 'connect' directly with another computer to have committed a sin of lust?

Does one need a blessed MOTHER-board to connect with god?

Does a really hot running CPU need to be cooled with liquid HOLY WATER?

Do all young female USB connectors need to be VIRGINS?

If I want to plug a male USB connector into a multi-port female hub, would that be considered adultery?

Do I have to purchase my operating system from one of god's churches, or can one use the more common XP software from the bill GATES of hell sect?

If I quote a letter from god that's in Microsoft WORD format, would that be double-dipping from the WORD of god?

I'm sure after folks read my questions computer, they might have a few of their own to ask you as well, so get ready.

Now computer, how many times do you need to read here that in order to have a relationship with someone, it has to be a two-way-equal-street.

Talking to the clouds or stars or planets or the broom in your closet, and then getting your answers back at random from a 2000 year old non-dynamic, unchanging book, really doesn't constitute a two-way anything.

I think you are a tad bit confused on the definition of 'relationship'.
Going by your implied definition of 'relationship', then I'd have to say I have a relationship with my car, or even this computer, as I sometimes do talk to them the way you talk to your god.
e.g. Please Car...START. Please computer....Don't lock up on me.

In fact, both the non-living car and computer give me far more feedback than your god does.


Cousin Ricky said...

I was 42 when i figured out that The Answer was bogus. Still wondering what took me so long.

liniasmax said...

I was (and am) 43. ATF - I found your computer play very entertaining. I'm reading Breaking the Spell at the moment - thick, but very enlightening.

Anonymous said...

liniasmax said:
"ATF - I found your computer play very entertaining"
Thanks liniasmax,

I hope it made you chuckle as we can all use a laugh now and then.

I tell you though, it won't be that many years in the future before computers catch up with the human brain as far as processing power.
So I figure at that point they will surely get souls from god, just like we do (or not).

I suppose I'll then have to bring my desktop with me to sunday services to have it blessed?

I just ask one thing....please don't let them baptize it with holy water, okay?


Telmi said...


Your post addressed to Computer is simply top-notch and that's probably the reason we have seen no response from Computer.

Great stuff. Lots of humor. I enjoyed reading the post.

Keep posting.

Anonymous said...

Telmi wrote:
"ATF, Your post addressed to Computer is simply top-notch and that's probably the reason we have seen no response from Computer"
It might be that Computer's god-software is stuck in a sub-routine; also known in BASIC as a GO-SUB command. Perhaps his yellow GO-SUB dove too deep and he crashed into the gates of hell and can't RETURN from that command.

It's also possible that he then typed the command..... SAVE"me-jesus-from-satan".bas to escape hell, but the screen replied, "BAD INPUT"

Don't worry Computer, there is a way to recover yet.

All you have to do is to type this IF-THEN command in:
IF god-is-fake THEN turn-on-brain. Hit RETURN.

Then type this command:
READ The-Bible-Is-B$,Z
DATA "I am no longer deluded"
PRINT"Admit One To Reality"

Now we should see Computer any time now for sure.

ATF (who hopes Computer is grateful for SAVING his CPU from hell)

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