An atheist's confession

By Bob P

I talked to God.

I waited… and waited… and waited...

No answer.

God must be busy, I concluded. Adults told me that God always answers prayer. That's OK, I'm still young, I thought.

So I talked to God again…

and waited…

and waited...

Perhaps God doesn't listen to young people?

Then I began to wonder, who does God talk to? Who was the last person to whom God saw fit to communicate? Back then, I was a boy scout who had earned my God and Country Award and was a member of the Methodist Church. The church had youth activities and I rather enjoyed that. At about the same time, I received my Eagle Scout badge.

At age 16 I was able to talk my folks into buying me a car. It was an old 1931 junker that took constant maintenance; I became quite proficient at keeping it running on a small budget. It had a rumble seat, and that was kind of cool in 1950. By 1951, I had overhauled the engine, rewired it completely, and had it running quite reliably. Because of my Boy Scout background, I was able to get a Saturday job delivering flowers in a 1950 panel truck. In 1951, along with two friends, I was able to get my amateur radio operators license (which I have to this day). Life was getting better, and God had nothing to do with it.

I discovered that my two friends with whom I had earned my amateur radio license were atheists. The gears begin to grind: Did I really ever believe in a god, or was that just fulfilling what adults thought I should believe? I thought I believed in God, but I never had the sense I was being constantly watched, nor did I ever feel any guilt for doubting. Perhaps I was really a doubter all along. It all became blatantly obvious: man creates the gods for power and control, and god is just the mechanism used to perpetuate it. It's all a SCAM! It provides a comfortable living for a bunch of holy men too lazy to be plumbers or too dumb to be lawyers! What's more, it’s not only a scam, it’s the PERFECT scam. It can promise anything, it delivers nothing, it begs instead of working for its money, it's not taxed, and it's perfectly legal! At the same time, the 'sheep' of the flock are happy with the situation! How do you say, "Thank yew Jayesus?"

I would have considered taking up the ministry, but I could never have contained the laughter.
So here I am, some 55 years later at 73 years of age.

Was I ever sorry I gave up religion? Not in the least! For the last 20 years, I have become an open and outspoken atheist. I'm not sure how many people I have acquainted to the process of reason, logic and science over blind faith, but I believe it's more than a few.

Someone once told me I wear my atheism on my sleeve, I had to correct them by explaining I PROUDLY wear my atheism both on my sleeve AND on my cap.


Anonymous said...

"Someone once told me I wear my atheism on my sleeve, I had to correct them by explaining I PROUDLY wear my atheism both on my sleeve AND on my cap."

I want that level of gumption. Firmly, politely, DEFINITELY atheist without all the militant tendencies.

Good for you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your story. "Geezers" like you and me (ok, I'm a junior geezer, being almost 53) who deconverted decades ago demonstrate the lie that "it's just a passing phase."

You rock!!

Anonymous said...

There's Atheists on Ham Radio?
I should give it a listen again
John, WB9OFG

Anonymous said...

God had nothing to do with me getting my Amateur Radio license, either. -Wes VE7WDM.

Anonymous said...

God has spoken to me many times, I'm not getting on here to challenge you guys or tell you your all going to hell, but I just want to let you know that God does speak to people, the problem with people nowadays is that we want immideate responses..And as your story says you did wait long, honestly I dont know why God didin't speak to you,there are somethings we dont understand about God (Jesus Christ). To make a long story short, The day I became a christian and confessed my sins I began to cry, I felt horrible about the things I did, and the way that I was acting towards God. Then, all of a sudden I just wanted to preach the word of God, and to me this sounded weird, just a couple minutes ago I hated going to church. So I got baptized, two months later, and ofcourse through this period of time I thought I just had an emotional experience and not one with God...When I got baptized ( this was at my farm at a lake) I found an arrow head, now, right there I wasnt thinking to myself, "God is speaking to me" I thought I just found a cool arrow head! so I got baptized, it was a wonderful experience, and came back home and read the bible, As I was reading I came up on this verse, Its found in Isaiah and goes like this "Listen to me oh islands and pay attention you people from afar, the Lord called me from the womb, from the body of my mother He named me, and he has made my mouth like a sharp sword , in the shadow of His hand he has concealed me, and He has made me a select ARROW, He has hidden me in his quiver. Now, some of you can say, this is pure coincidence, but to me it was not, God spoke to me that day...And showed me that He really does love, and care for us...Why me?? I had no intention of being part of the church....I'd love to tell you guys about more experiences that I had, but I'm not going to ramble on about things you don't want to hear, but if you do, please tell me I'd love top tell you.

RSM said...

Well Jeremy I had the same kind of experience except it happened at the precise moment that I turned my back on God. I've read and heard so many stories of others who had the exact same kind of experience that it must be true. God must be a huge hoax. Psychologically, the human developed in such a way that when he/she commits to being true to him/herself a feeling of major release occurs. For some people this happens when they commit to a church. For others this happens when they reject religion.

freethinker05 said...

Heh Jeremy, how do you know it wasn't Allah speaking to you?, or do you believe the Quran is not the last testiment from God; and if so, explain why not please. Thanks, Roger A/A

Anonymous said...

Actually, I don't respect atheists who "wear it on their sleeve" and get in your face any more than fundies who do the same.

Fanatics come in all varieties.

Anonymous said...

Let's look at jeremy's key words and phrases he uses to sway us to his side of gawd believer

jeremy wrote:
>God has spoken to me many times,

How many times have we heard that god spoke to a person, but that person was the only one around who heard 'said god' speak.

> the problem with people nowadays is that we want immideate responses.

Versus what,? Waiting 2000+ years for an answer?

>,there are somethings we dont understand about God (Jesus Christ).

Someone please add this to the list of EXCUSES I want to make up that xtians use all the time.

> The day I became a christian and confessed my sins I began to cry, I felt horrible about the things I did, and the way that I was acting towards God.

Notice the all too common strong EMOTIONS, but nothing from intellect going on here.

> Then, all of a sudden I just wanted to preach the word of God, and to me this sounded weird, just a couple minutes ago I hated going to church.

So your emotional experience changed your priorities.
Doesn't the emotion of lust also make us change our priorities from time to time.
Oh yeah I forgot, lust comes from god and is also holy...silly me.

> So I got baptized, two months later, and ofcourse through this period of time I thought I just had an emotional experience and not one with God...

If you would have stopped right here, you might not be deluded today.

> so I got baptized, it was a wonderful experience

Experience in this case means, emotional experience....from your own MIND and nowhere else.

> Now, some of you can say, this is pure coincidence, but to me it was not,

The key phrase here is...."TO ME IT WAS NOT".
It was his personal experience, one of his own creation and has no external proof to back it up.

Sometimes Jeremy, coincidences happen by chance, other times we lend a hand into making them happen, but don't allow ourselves to see we did just that.

>And showed me that He really does love, and care for us

Was this a vision where he showed you he loves us all or did he perhaps give you a new book that proclaims this?
It couldn't possibly be that your own mind generated these love thoughts, right Jeremy.

>Why me?? I had no intention of being part of the church....I'd love to tell you guys about more experiences that I had, but I'm not going to ramble on about things you don't want to hear, but if you do, please tell me I'd love top tell you.

Jeremy, can you grasp how MANY such stories like yours we've all heard before.
Each and every one cites evidence of one's emotions and thoughts of one's own mind.
There is never anything of a verifiable supernatural nature to offer a skeptical thinker.
In fact, the UFO folks have far more evidence going for them than xtians like you do with your personal experiences of your own mind's creation.

Think about this Jeremy.......If god was truly real and wanted all humankind to know he really is around, he wouldn't do meager tricks with arrowheads and having one read a bible verse that just happens to fit some agenda of the day.

He would perform some true miracle that most of the world could never doubt.
In fact, it's pretty darn ridiculous that such a wonderful loving god refuses to perform any miracles, as he did throughout the OT and NT for humans.
Were those humans back in those days somehow more deserving of god's big miracles than we are today?

What are we, chopped liver here?

How many converts would god get if he were to move just ONE mountain for humanity.
Oh gosh, that of course would be cheating the game he plays with us......a CHILD's game that is.

I know Jeremy that your personal experience FEELS so real to you, just as many xtians make the same claim for their own personal saving experiences.
However, the claims made are no different than the woo-woo folks have for their special supernatural claims they wish for us to swallow.
It's all subjective and personal and never a shared experience with tangible positive proof.

So yeah, go right ahead and live in your personal delusion you made for yourself.
Like happened to so many here that were at one time just as sure as you are now, you might wake up one day and realize you've been totally DUPED by your own emotions and the folks who wish to suck you into their way of thinking.....not to mention, get your money in the process.


Anonymous said...

The thing that never fails to baffle me is the way these christians insist that their personal and purely subjective stories constitute some sort of proof. Jeremy began to cry. So? Jeremy found an arrowhead. So?

Jeremy, by the way......where I live, the farmland is littered with arrowheads. Most farmers have shoe boxes, quart jars, and paper sacks full of arrowheads. And you think that finding an arrowhead is god's special dealing with you? Darling, grow the fucking hell up.

And now I will tell you about my own experiences. I do not hear voices. I do not experience miracles. I do not see signs in the heavens. This is what I do experience: I experience self-respect. I experience the love of my friends. I do not experience guilt and shame. But then, I am telling you what YOU don't want to hear.

Ta Ta, mon cheri

boomSLANG said...

Jeremy, "God" has not "spoken" to you. That's the bad news. The good news is, that your authentic self, the real you, knows this. You are in denial.

What has likely happened, is that you may have gone through a rough period in life(like every human being does, sooner or later) and in an attempt to feel that someone greater than yourself is "listening"; that someone greater than yourself actually "cares" about lil' ol' you, you interpret "signs", and/or chance circumstances, as "God speaking" to you. I'm sorry, this is not the case. Most of us have been in your shoes, yet, we now know that we were deluding ourselves, mainly, because we wanted to believe it---the same as you are doing now.

If you'd've found your "arrowhead" in, say, Manhattan, it would be a little more impressive. Yet, you found it where?...on a FARM near a LAKE? Hello? That's really not so unheard of, is it? Notwithstanding, ask yourself---why would the alleged Creator of the Universe have to mickey-mouse around by showing human beings vague and ambiguous signs to convince them of it's existence? Would you stop and objectively ponder the absurdity of that notion for a minute?

Furthermore, if, 2000 yrs ago, a "God" allegedly morphed into a smoldering shrub, a snake, and domestic ass, and further, it spoke perfect Hebrew to human beings, then why can't that same "God" morph into shrubs, animals, or anything else it chooses, and actually "speak" to us now? Is it really because we "can't understand God's ways"? Or is that a cop-out, and chances are, biblegod doesn't exist? I say the latter.

Bob said...
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Bob said...
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Bob said...

Mnay thanks for the favorable comments. I certainly enjoy this post. Thanks again Dave. Also thanks to the several 'ham' operators who also responded,
Bob, W0EWR

liniasmax said...


Thank you - I'm 43 and still deeply TRAPPED in the Christian culture and working my way out - Hopefully, in a few years (I deconverted in April) I'll be like you and open, out front. I really want to bring my wife and kids along for the ride - It's gonna be a long journey. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

liniasmax said:
I really want to bring my wife and kids along for the ride - It's gonna be a long journey

I don't recall how old your kids are, but I have a feeling it'll be far easier to bring them along for the ride than your xtian wife. Kids just adapt easier to such changes, than most adults can. I would think the longer one is on that xtian ride, the harder it is to coax that person off it......Assuming here that no major event woke that long term xtian up from religion.

Also, it was your intellect that made you see the flaw of religion, just like it was for myself.
If your wife's attraction to religion is one of emotion and/or the social aspects of it all, rather than her thinking she has made that choice via her own intellect, then you'll have a tough time reaching her with your new logical way of seeing the world.

You also need to ask yourself how she would fare if you took away her sacred beliefs via debate and logic. The journey you yourself are already on is not an easy one, as you've indicated. How would your wife handle that same journey?
That is a question I've asked myself about my own xtian wife, as you know.

I think if a person is naturally self-assured they will fare far better than a person who relies upon their imaginary god and it's holy words, to give them strength and guidance to get them thru each day.

Just some food for thought is all.

I sure do wish you the best in whatever you decide !!


liniasmax said...

ATF - My wife's Christianity is definitely of the emotional side - with some of the reasoning that "this can't be all there is." It is strong - and for years I supplied the apologetic reassurance that she needed to build a strong faith. 20 years of marriage to get to here - so I'll start chipping away at the stone with a very small chisel. It hurts like hell to win an argument. She's calling me away at the moment - Hope your life is well also. Peace.

Danny Tuason said...

To Jeremy,

I guess your experience is you.

I have a story too. I am a F1 fan. In 1994 in May, one of the best drivers of F1 Ayrton Senna died in the San Marino Grand Prix. I was a (or an?) Alain Prost at that time, but the news was devastating anyway. Ayrton was only 34 years 2 months old.
That same year when I was 34 years 2 months old (it was November 1994) my brother and I had a major accident in Medford, Oregon. My car did a 360 and flipped. All the windows got smashed. One of the roof supports bent big time. Luckily my brother and I survived. And...I got to thank the nice people in Medford who without hesitance helped us (the state police and the fire people supported us...the fire people asked us to sign a waiver...I asked what is it for? They said it's so we cannot sue them. I said the accident is entirely my fault so there's no way I am going to sue them. I should sue myself. he he he!) Anyway this is the funny thing. I was Christian back then (I am deist now.) so I told my brother a guardian angel saved us. Now?...I don't believe that anymore. Why? I just used logic. A week before our accident a minister's 17 year old daughter died on a bridge very near our accident site. Now if a guardian angel really saved us, why didn't the guardian angel of that girl save her? Was the guardian angel sleeping? He he he! You figure it out! There was no guardian angel...we survived by luck...she died because of bad luck...that's all!



Telmi said...


I like your style. It has humor and it makes sense, IMHO. Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all you old bright “geezer” atheists.

One of my favorites lived in the 1800’s Robert Ingersoll, and he was my first exposure to a real man stepping into the ring with Hebrew-God. I stumbled across one his books quite by accident over 20 years ago. If you remember how invincible Mike Tyson used to be in boxing ring, well I thought that Robert Ingersoll was going to get whooped the same way by the God of Moses. As I flipped through the book, it started to turn out like the Tyson’s Buster Douglas fight, Ingersol was just bitch slappin’ Bible God around the ring and I couldn’t believe it. A mere man wasn’t supposed to win. I couldn’t believe how skillfully Ingersoll was beating The God of Moses, Noah, David, Joshua; all the bible tough guys. I only read about 20-30 pages of the book because I was starting to become afraid, I thought it was better for me to forget what I saw, I was no way near in shape to take on Bible God, even though I just saw an old man do it. Ingersoll fearlessly exposed the brutality of the Old Testament desert god.
I was unable to confront that for myself again until about 20 years later, just last year, 2006 with the help of and and the good folks at
Also, around 20 yrs ago I met the AMAZING JAMES RANDI ( ) who is best known for exposing psychic frauds. Cool guy, dry humor , and he and his skeptic friends and authors would take on all comers , they were mere mortals stepping into the ring with gods( yeah plural!) . I was always afraid that this genuinely likable bright atheist would also get Bible God pissed off and therefore kicked off the planet. That was around 20 years ago and Randi didn’t get struck with lighting back then and recently survived what I understand was serious surgery.
So you see, there was a friggin 20 year gap before it all started to come together for me. That is the controlling power of fear. Religious tyrants have used and manipulated us for years with fear and demands of sacrifice. It is the brave and too few who speak out against these ridiculous belief systems that helped to free myself and others.
The key things that mattered in the wisdom of these old guys is that they approached their topic of discussion without shrieking or political correctness, they basically said “here is what I observed , see if you see it for yourself too”.
Thanks to all the older and wiser men and women that dare to see what you see and say out loud. It may take a few years for the person you are trying to help actually “get it”.
I suspect I, too, will be an old man ( Gee I hope to be an old man one day) and someone will think of how one or two things I shared helped to free them from the hell of the Holy Buy Bull.

Jim Arvo said...

Hello "ex judeo-catholic",

First of all, a big congratulations to you on finally winning back your mind. I can only imagine how difficult that must have been. 20 years is a long time, but you did it.

Your comments support my hope/suspicion that some of the die-hard Christian visitors here may actually leave with something useful; something that could later blossom into critical thinking. It takes time to assimilate new ways of thinking (or a new world view), and it can be very disorienting. As I've said here before, it's like scrapping one scaffold for another; if the new one isn't strong enough yet, one tends to cling to the old one until it is. If a purely natural world seems to scary or incomprehensible, one will stick with the (perceived) comfort of the supernatural.

I too am a fan of Robert Ingersoll and James Randi. Have you read anything by Carl Sagan? I highly recommend "The Demon Haunted World".

All the best to you. And welcome to the "real" world! (From one of the junior-geezers here.)

Anonymous said...

Telmi, I am always pleased when someone appreciates my wit and wisdom. Thanks darling, you're kind.

Anonymous said...

You can all say what makes you feel better about yourself. I know it was God, no one has ever found an arrow head on that property before and I know so because I'm friends with the owner..and me coming up on that verse an hour later? I should try the lottery...You see, I give you examples that are from God, but yet you refuse to listen to them...and im not the one in are...

Anonymous said...

Oh, my precious little pup, how you do carry on. You sound like my neighbor's little Pekingese. My, my, the way that animal yaps, you'd think he was a Rotweiler.

Seriously now, mon petite cher, we cannot talk to you as one would talk to a responsible adult. You are just sulking and petulant because we laughed at your cute pretensions. You really need to get over yourself. You remind me of a child playing dress-up.

And jeremy, you poor deluded darling, no matter what you had found, you'd find some way of thinking that it was from god. If you had found a coin, or a spent shell casing, or a handful of pig shit, you'd find divine significance in them.

Spirula said...

I know it was God, no one has ever found an arrow head on that property before and I know so because I'm friends with the owner..and me coming up on that verse an hour later?

Oh, I'm sure it was. He was confirming his identiy by showing you artefacts of a people (heathen savages!) exterminated by His followers, the Europeans (in His name of course, Manifest Destiny and all). Proof he's that same ol' war-mongering, genocidal maniac the Isrealites followed.

You should be proud of listening to the voices in your head (how'd that work out for David Berkowitz by the way?), and following WarGod.

Jim Arvo said...

Jeremy said "You can all say what makes you feel better about yourself.... im not the one in are..."

Jeremy, I have a question for you. Is it okay for someone to disagree with you? Honestly. Think about it. Would it be okay with you if I hold a few opinions that are different from yours? How about the others here? Is it maybe okay for them too? Please? Can we please have your kind permission to not believe every single thing you do? (We even have some good reasons, but apparently you have no interest in those.)

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, I find arrowheads all over the place. In fact, I'm not surprised when I find one in the strangest of places. However, I never give any god the credit. I make the effort and I find the points. No god or gods required or even desired.

I know what I say won't make any difference to you. It wouldn't have made any difference to me several years ago. You see, I was just like you. I cried when I repented of my sins, I cried when I heard emotional sermons from the pulpit, and I cried when I read stories of children dying tragic deaths. But you see, I was different then. I only saw what the church wanted me to see.

These days I've been healed of that bs. I know now that I was living a lie and my hope is that you will see the light soon. All it takes is using your logic and reason and putting your faith to the test. You have nothing to lose but your delusions, and you don't need them at all, do you??

mike said...

I know a christian woman that claims god is always taking to her. God told her this or that. When the opposite of what "god" told her happens she just says god changed his mind! It is so funny that god seams to tell her what it is she wants to hear.

Anonymous said...

I managed to stumble upon both a celt and axe head while ambling through the woods. I wasn't even looking for them. (Ohh!) Even though I was a christian at the time . . . NO CONNECTION. I guess I didn't correctly interpret this riddle.

What didn't he just use my native tongue?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jim Arvo,
Thanks for the recommendation of CarlSagan’s book. I couldn’t read it when he was alive, because … well… he was going to hell. Yeah that was the word on Bible street, For some reason James Randi was probably forgivable because he wasn’t so much anti-Christian as he was anti-dishonesty, and I figure even Jesus had to enjoy reading his exposes on con artists. I figured I’d put in a good word for him with the bouncer at that gates of Heaven and just say something like “Ok Randi I’m gonna get you in but don’t be startin’ no #&%* cause it will make me look bad too.” “ I’ll tell Jesus you just hate dishonesty and I’m sure he’ll respect that so just be cool ok?
Interestingly enough I met other Christians that appreciate James Randi but when they were around skeptics they felt they had to be silent about their Christian beliefs. They tended to be more the peace loving and forgiving kind rather than the hellfire and damnation type. Damnation Christians don’t really like ANYbody.
Now if this sound pretty unbelievable to you well, I gotta tell you how dumb I feel right now too and only the truly sincere kind honest ex- Bible believer can know the feeling of how dumb I can feel for having bought into this.
Now as to why it took so many years. Many good decent Christians are dealing with day to day issues of survival , they don’t have time for research. People that have good paying 8 hour a day jobs haven’t really got an understanding of how little time there is for research when you are working 2 or 3 jobs , raising children , dealing with medical issues , rent /mortgage issues, home and car repair etc. The internet is the one thing that has allowed me to follow up quickly on a thread of eye opening thought that I really wouldn’t have time for. I was trying to detox from my Catholic upbringing in 2006 when I came across I was only trying to disprove the sovereignty of the Holy Church, not disprove Jesus. But once I started pulling on one thread it lead to another and within a few weeks I was reintroduced to the writings of Robert Ingersoll and James Randi and Thomas Jefferson along with other founding fathers and well so many great thinkers that I just couldn’t have learned from without the speed and ease of the internet.
It was one man’s off hand joking remark on one of these sites , probably exchristian .net where he posted what I thought was a joke. He posted something jokingly like “well which 10th commandment do you want to use , how about the one about not boiling a baby goat in its mothers milk?”
I couldn’t stand the thought of not being in on the joke so I went to and looked for whatever the heck he could possibly be joking about. Sure enough that IS the 10th commandment. I was able to check multiple versions of the Bible in minutes and it was still the 10th commandment that Moses had in writing. I couldn’t believe that in ove forty years I had never heard that mentioned. I never read the barbaric repulsive genocidal behavior of that religious con artist / crime lord Moses either. Then I read around that passage and realized I was one of many Christians that avoided the Old Testament because it was so repulsive and barbaric and genocidal. I pretty much only studied the gospel. Pulling on that thread further I came across and it’s video “Proving the bible is repulsive”. That pretty much did it for me.
In only a couple of nights on the internet, based on someone’s throw away joke , my believe in any cedibility in the Holy Buy Bull, came to a crashing end.
I did not loose a spiritual or moral core, I just reject the absurdity of the Bible. Yes it took me a long time but the ease of research on the internet and one man’s obscure sounding joke has made a huge difference in freeing me from the bondage of the Holy Buy Bull . So you never know, a simple post can change someone’s life for the better.

Anonymous said...

A little background about me. I don't remember ever believing in anything God like. I never believed in God, Santa Claus, the Three Kings, Papa Noel, The Humpalumps, Captain Hook, The Monster in the Closet, El Chupacabras, etc. I was a big disappointment in a very catholic home, later to be a very Jehovah Witness home. I had to go to church of course, too little to take care of myself alone in the house. I sat in the house of God and usually panned around to see all these people kneeling, praying and eating the body and blood of Jesus Christ, the son of God, or God himself as some religions assert; creepy if you ask me. When I grew to an age when I kind of knew what I was talking about. At that age of 10, I started asking religious people this stupid question: How is it that "So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them." (Gen. 1:26,27, but we still sinned at the first temptation presented at us? I take you all know the universal common answer. But he/she gave us F_ _e W_l_! I am going to make a stupid assumption here: if God is perfect, and she/he made us in his own image; shouldn't we have been somehow inherently perfect? So, if this is true, even with Free Will, oops I gave that up! Even with FW we should have not sinned, because I believe, and the Bible tells us, it was not in his/her intentions for us to sin, we were supposed to live in the Garden of Paradise forever; boooring! Another stupid assumption: we are not perfect, then God is not perfect. Or it could be, that she/he made us imperfect on purpose so he can blame us for everything bad that happens in his/her Kingdom; consequentially making him/her the biggest prick in the universe. At least we know beforehand Satan's intentions. Not that I believe in her/he either. I understand why so many people choose to believe in these tales created by either scared or sadistic individuals. Humanity's natural course of intellectual progress has been stomped by the aggressions that religious people have imposed on non-believers, different believers, and anybody else that does not conform to the predominant religious denomination that happens to be the majority at different points in history, and geographic locations throughout the world. Civilizations like the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, Jews, Mayans, Incas, Tainos. Cults, yes I said cults, like Catholics, Muslims, Evangelists, Baptists, Pentecostals, Mormons, etc, etc, etc. have infringe physical, and what is worse, psychological damage in individuals worth of self-esteem; forcing them to create fantasies in order to explain their ignorance, instead of fomenting the natural inquisitive mind that makes us different and the rest of living things in this planet. Sometimes I wonder how far ahead we could have been technologically if the threat of being burned for heresy at the stake did not exist. Anyways, enough rants for today. To be continued...

Bill B said...

Hey Jeremy,

Once while I was riding in my car during an extrememly depressive moment in my life when I really wished a semi would take me out, I pulled up next to this S-10 pickup that was covered in about 500 religious bumper stickers. I actually saw this as a sign from God that every thing was going to be OK. I really believed it. Now I look back and laugh my ass off at the thought of some fucking idiot defacing his vehicle with a bunch of Jesus bumper stickers was a sign from God. I managed to work through the tough times in my life all by my lonesome and like someone else mentioned above, I felt the most incredible sense of relief when I tossed God belief out the window.

Bob P.
What a great story. I know all to well what it's like to talk to God and get no answer. I had a failed attempt at being born again when my life hit rock bottom, yet I tried really really hard to believe. You are the same age as my father and I really think dear old dad also is an atheist yet he hides behind the "agnostic" label. You are an inspiration to us all my friend. We hope to see you around here often.


Unknown said...

Come to Africa and taste the supernatural. There is definitely a big power out there. You guys are "blind & deaf" and decieved by Satan through materialism & pride.

Those of us in Africa who have suffer from witchcraft attacks and I`ve saved over & over again by Jesus know that he is alive. Indeed blessed is the poor in spirit!

I`ll pray for you.

TheJaytheist said...

So the supernatural is "locked up" in africa?

Witchcraft attacks? The one witch that I know personally has been rather nice to me and mine. So perhaps only evil witches live in africa?

"You guys are "blind & deaf" and decieved by Satan through materialism & pride."

You don't even know us, how do you know?

"I`ll pray for you."

Well, thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

John wrote:

"Come to Africa and taste the supernatural...You guys are "blind & deaf" and decieved by Satan through materialism"
I`ll pray for you"
Hey John,

Rather than pray for me, could you please send some of that materialistic CASH...Thanks for being such a sport.


freethinker05 said...

GODDAMNIT!!! John, tell me exactly where you are at in africa, and I will report it to ghostbusters. In the mean time, try and take all the brooms out of the huts. Sounds like the taste of the supernatural is so thick, you can cut it with a knife. When you get back to the states, (i hope to shout), that you could get rid of the witch i'm living with. Hang in there Johnny, help is on it's way bro. Roger, "over and out"

Nils said...

Yeah, there must be atheists in ham radio. I am one of both & know a couple others who are as well.

We should get on the air and have some "fellowship" & such. Find a frequency on 75m evenings Friday or Saturday.

Nils W8IJN

Anonymous said...

There really are non-believers in ham radio! It might help Nils if you could suggest a frequency and time for a little get together. From reading some of your blogs I believe you might have mentioned 3.775. Maybe an approximate time would be helpful.

Ross, W8TZ

Anonymous said...

Damn rights there are non believers on ham radio!! I personally would love to get on board with a ham radio fellowship session - perhaps when I get settled into my new place I will fire up the FT-817 and join you all! 73! VE7-WDM -Wes.

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