Heaven, Hell and My Bodhisattva Vow

by Astreja

My name is Astreja Kaéren Odinsdóttir, and I am a Heaven refusenik. I have made a conscious decision to deliberately choose Hell over Heaven, in the unlikely event that these places actually exist.

Somewhere between age five and seven I read the Bible for the first time. My parents' library included an illustrated volume with some rather striking lithographs, and one of those illustrations still haunts me forty-five years later. I remember a mass of humanity standing in a pit, hands aloft, pleading for mercy.

Fortunately for my sanity, neither of my parents are overtly religious. Although I was baptized without my consent at the age of three months, I somehow managed to avoid the standard indoctrination into Christian mythology. Imagine a seven-year-old girl commenting to the boy next door that threats of eternal punishment are useful for controlling the masses, and you'll get a good picture of my skeptical fascination with religion.

I've tried to approach philosophy, mysticism and theology with an open mind, but everything ultimately gets filtered through that religion-as-societal-tool epiphany that I had on the neighbours' front steps. At age 11, I could "see" time as a finite line, and grasped the inherent meaninglessness of all time-dependent events. A year later I had recovered from my brush with nihilism and had adopted Athena as my patron. I wrote a novella about a saviour-ish mystic with stigmata on his hands; researched Hinduism for a history project on India; and hung out with science geeks who made "velocity vectors" away from annoying evangelists. By the end of high school I self-described as an atheist, but only because I had yet to hear the word "agnostic".

Somewhere between high school and the working world I did have a rather close call. A born-again Christian in the laundromat across the street did try to convert me. However, when he asked me to recite the Sinner's Prayer, I balked. I do not believe in sin, let alone the involuntary and indelible Original Sin. I find the very idea disgusting. I believe in Original Neutrality, with value found only in conscious action.

On top of that, I did not care much for the god of the Bible. The concept of one and only one god is illogical to me, and I kept seeing that pit full of scared, suffering people. Jesus was a bit more interesting, and I did like what he had to say about feeding the hungry and clothing the naked, but to me he was just another victim in the same sad story.

Then (after several decks of Tarot cards, some do-it-yourself magick, and visits to a synagogue and a Christian Science church), I discovered Buddhism. More specifically, I discovered the concept of the bodhisattva: Someone who wins the struggle for personal enlightenment, but stays behind to help everyone else climb out of the pit. That, to me, sounded honourable and worth pursuing.

Finally, I rediscovered my Scandinavian roots and became an Ásatrúar. The mythology, where even the gods can die, agreed with my love of polytheism and with my Life, the Universe and Everything vision from age eleven. The Norse heiðinn ethics (the Nine Noble Virtues of courage, truth, honour, fidelity, discipline, hospitality, industry, self-reliance, and perseverance) are reasonably compatible with Buddhist ethics. With the possible exception of the admonition against intoxicating substances, that is.


...If there is an afterlife (Which I rather doubt)...

...With a place of reward (Anything is possible, I suppose)...

...And a place of eternal punishment (Oh, please; stop insulting the gods with such a barbaric idea)...

...I vow to go there and stay there until every other sentient being is released from torment.

In the meantime, I'm going to hang out with the Æsir and Vanir, brew me some mead, and perhaps translate the Prajñāpāramitā Hridaya Sūtra into Old Norse. Just call me the Zen Valkyrie.


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Anonymous said...

I tell fundies that if there's a hell, I'm going to go skiing on the lake of fire.

Chucky Jesus

Bendigeiduran said...

I really enjoyed this. Super fun.

Amari Daffodil-11 said...

very cool, I like the Bodhisattva that's nice. :)

Nvrgoingbk said...

I too identify with much of Eastern philosophy. Dao and Buddhism are very attractive to me, although I can't say that I would ever permanently attach myself to ANY religion or creed other than my own, which is still evolving itself.

I enjoyed your post though. If you have read my recent post on Hell (the one above yours), you will see that we are both of the same mind regarding making the dignified choice of choosing Hell should there be such a feinish place to begin with.

TheJaytheist said...

I have brewed beer, now I'll brew a mead. Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I am an ex-Christian who also discovered Asatru. Our gods at least don't claim to be all-knowing and all-perfect. I love that Odin is always seeking to learn more. I can admire a fellow like that!

Anonymous said...

You may not believe in hell, but rest assured that atheists will create it here on earth if they get control.

Gulags, 're-education' centers, brainwashing camps, etc, are all just a sample.

Anonymous said...

I "wonder" what Wondering Jew is thinking about...obviously not "sheol."--reads more like "jews-for-jesus" fundamentalism on face value, in my opinion! :)

webmdave said...

Wondering Jew is our longtime troll Emmanuel Goldstein.

Please don't feed the troll.

Anonymous said...

This is so sick. I pray that the good Lord will have mercy (He's the ever merciful and loving God) on you guys and draw you onto Himself

Astreja said...

Well, Anonymous, if your alleged god is as "ever merciful and loving" as your claim it wouldn't have created such a place as Hell.

Accordingly, I don't want its mercy as it is meaningless to me. I have no intention of loving or worshipping a torturer.

Epicurienne said...

As an agnostic-Taoist-Wiccan, I can relate to your story. Thanks for sharing!

And, Wandering Jew and Anonymous: if you don't like what you read here, go to a different website!

Anonymous said...

O sweet irony... your noble and self-sacrificial vow to help lost souls out of Hell might just be the sentiment that will get you to Heaven. :)

Astreja said...

Only if I'm the last one outta there. Absolutely every other being, regardless of who or what they are, is getting out of there before me.

Assuming heaven and hell exist, that is.

Which I profoundly doubt.

But I'm still prepared to chance it, because I simply can't live with the alternative of turning my back on someone else's suffering.

UnBlinded said...


What makes you so sure that image you saw had any validity at all?

What makes you so sure that those in Hell actually want to go to Heaven?

The only reason you can love, is because of God. If you're separated from God, I don't think you'll be "loving" much.

My guess is that whatever hatred you're anchoring yourself to today, runs the risk of being the hatred you experience in eternity.....minus anything that resembles love in your life today. God showers goodness on the just and the unjust on earth, but He doesn't promise to do so in Hell.

Do you honestly believe that our God of love didn't exasperate all options for converting those souls?

Of your list of virtues, isn't it interesting that you don't include Love, Mercy & Justice, our Lord's virtues?

I'm with the "sweet irony" post though, if you're so charitable that you're willing to sacrifice your soul for others, I doubt very much that you'd be anywhere but in Heaven. But, to be clear, I don't believe any of us have any business judging, or even guessing, at where anyone will end up. It's best to just hope and pray. His mercy is so great, He gave us a glimpse of it's magnitude even while He was on the cross...by forgiving a repentant and pleading for mercy on His assailants.

The problem with "sweet irony", is that I don't think any of us (at least I don't) really believe that you're being selfless with these words. What I hear is that you're judging God's judgment and disagreeing with His will to such a degree, that you're ready to hold on to that arrogance till the bitter end.

Here's another virtue that was missing from your list, humility. If we all work on that one, it doesn't take long for God's spirit to teach us that His decisions are good and that we are much too little to be judging Him.

You may not understand the doctrine of Hell, but not understanding something shouldn't mean you don't believe in it.

Humility will lead us to His spirit and His spirit will teach us to trust Him.


Astreja said...

***Angry Valkyrie Alert***

Marc, I was trying not to post on the same threads as you, as it is quite obvious to me that you and I are diametrically opposed in viewpoints and just wind up at each other's throats. But, now that you've left muddy footprints all over my Ex-timony, I have no qualms about telling you what I think.

You are a hypocrite, Marc. You want us to believe that *your* religion's visions are "miracles", then you turn around and question mine.

I know what I saw that day. It terrified me until I came to understand its deeper implication: That the only meaning to life is what we give it in the present moment. And the corollary: Mortals are perfectly capable of creating meaning, right here and right now, without divine help of any sort.

Understand this one thing: What I saw on that winter afternoon in early 1969 permanently affected the way I view the universe. I can not un-see it, nor do I care to. From where I sit, an eternal life is no more meaningful than a finite one. And, if your god were actually to exist, its actions would be no more meaningful than yours or mine or those of my cats.

Oh, and don't make me laugh. "Love, mercy and justice"? Not unless you're talking about Freyja, Guan Shi Yin and Themis. The god of the bible fails on all counts.

And when did I *ever* say that I made that vow out of selflessness? I'm doing it for me, first and foremost, because anything less is dishonourable in my own eyes.

webmdave said...

To Marc:

Reason will lead us away from superstition and toward rational thought. Rational thinking will teach us that magical thinking is for children and the infirm.

Luke_B said...

Hey Astreja, hey Mark,

I think you're both beautifully strong people, and I love that you're both passionate about what you say.

I've recently been contemplating faith, & these things have entered my head from my looking at Christianity:

What is hell?
If according to scripture hell is eternity without God then fair enough if people who don't want God get hell. Who knows what being without God is like, if God really is the Creator.

Is it fair?
If according to scripture God is the source of love, and we can love because we are in his image, then if we reject the source, then perhaps eternity without love is just.

Hmm. I'd like to hear people's thoughts.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Luke is just wanting to start a long debate that would just go in circles. Just as it always is by constantly repeating ourselves about our disbelief in bible god.

Luke_B said...

Firstly, Anonymous reveal yourself.
Secondly, do genuine questions contemplating the possibility of the Bible's realness warrant no answer? If ex-christians are to be comfortable in their non-belief they should be comfortable & able to respond to those who are open.

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm KR. odinesque I have a question.Why wouldn't you want a perfect God?If the God you serve isn't perfect then why serve him?He's basically on the same level with you.You might as well be God.It's the blind leading the blind.I by no means mean to offend any of you,but whats the purpose of serving your imperfect God?Why did you turn your back on Jesus?

Anonymous said...

I have the uttermost respect for EVERONE and open to EVERYONES opinions from k.r. I'm a different anonymous.I'll use k.r. to identify myself from the other anonymous

Anonymous said...

KR said...
astreja,I encourage you to read the divine revelations of hell,make a long story short God took a woman through hell in her dreams,and told her to record everything she saw and she ended up publishing it.The point I wanted to make is that in there it stated that he cried and wanted to let them out but judgement had already been made.And we don't know for sure if non believers are going to hell or not.we can only go by the bible,after that its in Gods hands.its no forsure non believers are going to hell.

Anonymous said...

KR said...
To all of the Christians trying to minister you rock,but remember they're not going to listen if you just state facts because to them it's just an opinion.You have to remember these rules
1.You have to reason with them,ask them questions
3.Pray and ask Gog to soften their hearts,and talk to them.Ask God if you're doing the right thing,does he want you in this position.
4.Be a Role-MOdel.If they see you getting all crazy calling them sick,theyre going to think our religion is fake.or faker
5.Keep it Christian!listen to what they have to say,respect them,reply in a calm smooth way.

boomSLANG said...

Quote: The point I wanted to make is that in there it stated that he cried and wanted to let them out but judgement had already been made.

The point I want to make is this sounds pretty f%cking stupid, if we are talking about an "ALL-powerful" being.

Something like....

Once upon a non-time, an invisible, self-existing, omniscient, omnipotent, all-loving being created some sub-beings. He knew in advance that they'd disobey him, so he created "hell" for those of his creation who would disobey him. Come judgement day, God sends 3/4 of his creation to "hell", and there, God watches and weeps("cries") as his creation is being incinerated--and while he wishes it wasn't so, he is powerless to change is own mind, even though he is omnipotent.

Uh, huh?

Anonymous said...

KR said...
That's predictable.
You still didn't prove your point.
No he did not know people....you know what I can't prove a point to you when you don't even know the first part of the bible.so explain what youre trying to say and while your at it respect me enough NOT to use profanity.

Anonymous said...

He's also omnipresent...cool huh

Anonymous said...

KR said...

No,he just sticks to his word,he wrote something in the bible and he's going to stand by it.

Anonymous said...

KR said...

No one knows for sure who's going to hell,or if he'll change his mind or not.

Anonymous said...

KR said...

In genises(that would be the first chapter in the bible)It says God created the heavens and the Earth,I read no where it says in the beggining he also created hell until later on.

boomSLANG said...

Annoynomous, 1, 2, 3, or "KR", or not "KR", or Anonymous 4, AKA "KR", said:

In genises(that would be the first chapter in the bible)

Whaaaa?....in "genises"????????? lol

I think this conversation's over. Bye little boy/girl.

Anonymous said...

i'll pray for you.so I made a mistake its genesis read the it.you still didn't have anything to back up what you said.

Anonymous said...

Why don't I pray for everyone now.
Father God I ask that you will speak to these people,save your children,LOrd for they know not what they do.Forgive them for their sins,reveal Yourself to them.I speak blessings and prosperity over their lives Father.I demand the devil be released from their minds,bodies,spirits,and souls.I pray and demand their salvation Lord.I ask that you soften their hearts,speak to them late in the midnight hour,in their dreams Lord.Let them know you like I know you.Give them a heart like yours.I ask that you remove anything in their minds that is not of you Father.I bind and rebuke stubborness,unforgiveness,and any demonic spirits that are in these peoples lives.Impart your word in them Father,Impart your words in me to minister to them,give me and others the boldness to minister to them.I plead the blood of Jesus on everyone who doesn't know you father.Make them like you father,I ask this prayer in Your mighty name,in Jesus name AMEN

Anonymous said...

Father God I ask that you guard their hearts from the enemy,let them know that you are the Alpha,the Omega,the Begging,and the End,send your angels to protect them and your families,I pray they that will give you a chance,to listen to you.Father I ask right now that you deal with them,let a change occur in their hearts,I pray this prayer in the name of Jesus.AMEN

boomSLANG said...


May reason find you....

God 'less.

Anonymous said...

Father I thank you for every person on this page,Let them know you have a plan for their lives,to grow up spiritually and become wise men and women of God.Give them a vision,I pray that You will bring them to salvation before they stand before you on judgement day,in the name of Jesus,I plead the BLOOD of JESUS over their souls Father,help them get in alignment with you to seek after your word to hunger for your wisdom and understanding.

Anonymous said...

Father I ask you to break every bone of stuborness,and ignorance,break it right now and cast it in the pits of hell where it belongs

Anonymous said...

Speak to your sons and daughters,let them know you are real,let them feel your spirit

Anonymous said...

I speak blessings,prosperity,discernment,wisdom,gifts of you,blessings that they can't contain over their lives father

Anonymous said...

devil I rebuke you in the name of JESUS,free them right now you don't belong.They will no longer serve you the serve a God that is a high and mighty God.No weapon formed against them shall prosper

Anonymous said...

They are the head and not the tail,they are God's children,they resist the evil,the will in the love of their GOD

Anonymous said...

Devil I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.I claim a hedge of protection over all the people on this page

Anonymous said...

I bind and rebuke and bring to no effect anger,wrath,unforgiveness,criticism,envy,gossip,slander,hindering spirits,stubborness,spirits of antichrist,judgemental spirits,lying spirits,and any spirit that is not of you Lord.

Anonymous said...

let everyone on this page discern between the rightous and the wicked,devil you are bound from everyones lives on this page.

Anonymous said...

they are healed and whole.
they are flourished,longlivid,stable,durable,incorruptible,fruitful,virtuous,full of peace patience and love.

Anonymous said...

I ask you to dispatch your angels around their bodies,souls,mind and spirits.they are your children,and saved by your precious blood

Anonymous said...

I demand that they are born again,and from this moment on they are spokesman for you LOrd,no longer will they serve the devil,but from this day forward they shall serve you.In the name of JESUS

boomSLANG said...


Since the inception of this site, do you have ANY clue how many "prayers" just like yours have been chanted on our behalf? THOUSANDS, if not tens-of....and yet, your invisible friend sits on her invisible a$$ in her invisible throne with her make-believe invisible "powers" doing NOTHING.

Out of all the energy you just wasted typing your prayers to your non-existant friend(and probably more to follow), you could've used that energy to actually read something that challenges your pre-programmed beliefs, thus, starting the deconversion process. Good luck with that.

Bye now.

Anonymous said...

I thank you for allowing me to stand in the gap for everyone on this page.thank you for everything you've done and everything you're about to do with everyone on this page.Thank you for using me as a tool to minister,Thank you Father you're so worthy.Thank you Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Boomslang-I love you

Anonymous said...

Thank you,so much you make my faith stronger,and you get me closer to God.

Anonymous said...

You are a wiseman or woman of GOD,no weapon formed against you shall prosper.You are healed and whole.I love you dearly and may the Good Lord be with you.

Astreja said...

Anonymice, please stop spamming this thread with Christian blather.

(Cuts down magical hedges; unties all the demons and sends them home for supper; and passes mops and pails to all the angels so they can clean up the *yuck* blood.)

dano said...

You can go to any hospital emergency room and ask for help, and at least, maybe head off a complete disintegration of your personality.

Just go up to the admitting desk, and tell them that you are crazy, and you are afraid that you may hurt someone.
Dan, Agnostic

Royalty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

That's pretty much the most hardcore vow I've ever read or heard.

Royalty said...

Or, just click on my name to see them.

freethinker05 said...

Hey Royalty, I checked out the two links you posted;(the link addresses only that is), then i promptly deleted your post; that was all the bullshit I could take!!! Thanks

boomSLANG said...

Hi little girl. Click here.

Astreja said...

Royalty, what part of "I vow to go to Hell and stay there until every other sentient being is released from torment" did you not understand?

And stop spamming this thread with proselytizing crap.

Royalty said...

Hello Boomslang it's so good to hear (or see) from you, even though I don't know you, just by reading your profile and comments I can tell that you are very intelligent, and a lot smarter than the average male, what you posted is obscure information. I'm assuming you didn't read my blogs about the scientifical "proof" If you did, how would you explain that? Is it "imaginarY?" How did God know that the temple in Jerusalem was going to be destoyed?, How did He know there was going to be underwater springs?, I'm going to post a poem called When will you believe, I would be delighted and honored if you would just take 5-10 minutes out of your valuable time and read it. Thank you, I love you dearly, may peace love and joy be with you.


Royalty said...

Freethinker05, I would very much appreciate if you showed the same respect I'm giving you to me. Thank you

Royalty said...

And by the way Freethinker05, if that's what you call "delete" you didn't do a very good job of it because umm let's see.....It's still there! You can NEVER destroy God's work, and if you some how manage to do so, it was meant to be deleted. Just know I'll be back with more. And it will be 10 times more helpful than that. I love you and I wish you the best of luck, I'm fasting and praying for all of you.I'm crucifying my flesh, and praying day and night for you all.

I love you, Royalty

Royalty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Royalty said...

Astreja, you are underestimating hell, the human mind can not, I repeat CAN NOT comprehend what the real hell is like. Just to sum some of it up:

1.You will have ALL five of your senses( see,taste,smell,hear,touch/feel)

2.It's NEVER ENDING PAIN, if you took a lighter and set yourself on fire(Lord forbid), that's cold water compared to Hell.
3.It's for eternity, yes eternity.(never ending, no stopping point)

And I already know, " Royalty, you've never been to hell", "Royalty, you're psyco", "Royalty, get help", "Royalty, you don't what hell is like." "Royalty, royalty blah blah."

Go ahead and post those imbecilic comments. But know this, I'm a very busy individual, I relax(do absolutely nothing) about 19 or less hours a week, if I knew this was wrong, would I waste my time ministering to someone I don't know anything about?(NNOOO!)I wouldn't wish hell on someone who tortured me and my family and then killed us all.I would pray that he or she goes to heaven. I love you too much for you to go through that.

I love you, Royalty

J. C. Samuelson said...


Please read the Site Purpose and Disclaimer. Also, incessant proselytizing merely reinforces what we already know about many Christians. Furthermore, the apparent conviction you display in your posts demonstrates you are not interested in conversation, only conversion. That being the case, I see little reason to engage you seriously on any topic until and unless you choose to abandon your inflammatory rhetoric.

I do hope that one day you'll learn respect for ideas other than your own, and some courtesy would suit you as well. Take care.

boomSLANG said...

Dear Royalty,

I think J.C. Samuelson summed everything up nicely(per usual). But I'll add a few things while I'm at it:

Royalty: [in christian "Hell"]You will have ALL five of your senses( see,taste,smell,hear,touch/feel)

If you should happen to get a opening in your schedule, ***please provide us with a scientific peer-reviewed journal or literary publication that supports post-mortem life of ANY sort.

Please note the disqualifiers:

1) The Bible.

Comments: The bible does not qualify as "science", or else snakes, vegetation, and domestic donkeys would be speaking Hebrew; people would be healed of disease with bird-blood; blindness would be cured with spittle; hammers would float; Shamu's bellie would be for rent; there would be a giant dome holding up the sky; zombies would be walking amongst us, and the list of absurdities goes on.

As for "prophecy"--I will get thirsty and need water sometime in the next 24 hours. Please worship me.

2) NDEs(Near Death Experiences)

Comments: These cannot be qualified, unless you accept the NDEs of Muslims, Buddhists, and many other non-christian religionists who say they "see" their respective "Divine" figureheads when they are "near" death.

Royalty: It's NEVER ENDING PAIN, if you took a lighter and set yourself on fire(Lord forbid), that's cold water compared to Hell.
3.It's for eternity, yes eternity.(never ending, no stopping point)

Ouchy. 'Sounds pretty hot. I'm glad God loves me. Okay, see here***, above.

Royalty: Go ahead and post those imbecilic comments. But know this, I'm a very busy individual, I relax(do absolutely nothing) about 19 or less hours a week, if I knew this was wrong, would I waste my time ministering to someone I don't know anything about?(NNOOO!)

Marvelous deduction. "IF" you knew it was wrong, no, of course you wouldn't do it. Duh?

And as far as dedication of time---I don't know, I think the Jehovah's Witnesses got you beat. They minister door-to-door, and they wouldn't do that "IF" they "knew they were wrong", right?

Royalty: I love you too much for you to go through that.

No, dear, it's not us imbeciles you love---it's your religious "life insurance" that you love. And with every person you meet who rejects this "insurance"; with every person you meet who rejects your legendary superstitions, you tremble with fear of the unknown.

Peace, and may you one day find reason.

freethinker05 said...

Dear Royalty, I probaly would respect you if i met you; Its just the delusional expressions you talk about, that I don't respect. I love you too! Roger...A/A

Astreja said...

Royalty, I knew this job was dangerous when I took it. I am reasonably sure that Hell never existed, never will exist and probably cannot exist. As I said in my Ex-timony, to attribute such a place as Hell to a god is rather insulting to such a being.

However, I am a woman of my word. What I say, I do. Period. If I'm wrong, I will go there of my own free will because the alternative is worshipping the unspeakably barbaric and egotistical god of the Bible. And the odds of me doing *that* are so low that you might as well call it zero and be done with it. In time, you may come to realize that your prayers have absolutely no effect on me, although announcing that you are praying for me does piss me off and lowers my opinion of you even more.

Although I would gladly hold the door for you as you leave this hypothetical Hell before me, I do not "love" you in return. I just shake my head in exasperation to think of you wasting your finite human life in thrall to an absurd and imaginary god-concept. There are real people out there who need real help from you. Not preaching or guilt trips. Just honest-to-goodness help with the myriad difficulties of this life.

freethinker05 said...

Dear Royalty, I just read in one of your comments, about being african american. Perhaps you've missed or rejected what the O.T. bible god has to say concerning slavery; or the N.T. god (jesus) which condones, (approves) of having slaves. And yes, Royalty, if I saw you being tortured or threatend by death, I would have my life cut short, in the attempt of saving you or anyone else. I know you will say that god/jesus would and/or did the same; but seems to me, he is real picky about intervening on some peoples behalf now of days. Peace and Love, your evolved bother, Roger...p.s. As I haven't learned to cut and paste yet, maybe someone could reference some bible verses about slavery, Thanks.

Royalty said...

J.c. samuel, if you would've read the comments I posted before, you would understand that I have the uttermost respect for everyone on this page. I DO have respect for their "ideas" and their beliefs, and if you think that I don't, please list the comments on which you feel I was being disrespectful.

Thank you & much love to you, Royalty (nice picture!I'm working on mine, but I'm having a little trouble)

Royalty said...

Astreja, If I'm somehow crossing the line with my posts, out of respect to you, we could take this conversation to my page www.jesuschristisrealforeal.blogspot.com. I apologize if I offended you when I said that I would pray for you, you simply just have to tell me these things because me being human, I can sometimes lean to my own understanding. So, I thank you for telling me and making me a better person.

Muck thanks & love, Royalty

Royalty said...

Everyone I said I loved, you may say how can I love you and I don't even know you, or anyone can say they love someone, I'm just that type of person, not only can I say I love you, but I can also show it. I don't make that much money for NOW, but If one of you needed money, and I had it along with your address, I would indeed send it to you.If there is anything I can help with, and capable of helping with, I'm going to do my all to help. Love you all, Royalty

Royalty said...

Boomslang, Boomslang Boomslang Boomslang.... You're a tough one, indeed you are. Please tell me how would you explain the temple in Jerusalem being destroyed, underwater springs being discovered? When will you believe? When the end of times come and everything God said what will happen in the bible takes place? ( Sun turns to darkness, Moon stops giving light, etc.) What will you think then? Will you confess that Jesus Christ is infact the son of God? Will you? What will you do? ELABORATE PLEASE.

Royalty said...

Freethinker05, I'm just asking that you would please tone down the profanity because it took me a LONG time to deprogram my brain from using such language, I understand that you are over eighteen and can do whatsoever you please to do, but if you have a problem with something similar to that with me, I would correct myself and show respect for you, by not using that sort of language.Thanks for the love. I love you!

XOXO(hugs and kisses) Royalty

Royalty said...

Freethinker05 (on the slavery comment), The bible says lean not to your own understanding, but pray to God to give you revelation. That's your fleshly/carnal understanding.And I do infact respect that. We will never understand the whole bible with the CORRECT meaning. That is known as kingdom secrets. I'm not trying to talk down on you but, what makes you think that you're worthy enough to know EVERYTHING about heaven, earth, and hell? God only trust certain people with that information(ex. the author of divine revelations of hell, the author of divine revelations of heaven, etc.) He will trust people that one, believe in him, two that are ready to go through those things. But, I'm your sister in Christ(believe it or not)I love you know matter what, and I will always be here if you need me.

I love you, Royalty

Royalty said...

Freethinker05, F.Y.I.(for your information) I wrote that African American comment, and then deleted it because I thought it was inappropriate, and I didn't want anyone making racist remarks.

Astreja said...

Royalty: "Astreja, If I'm somehow crossing the line with my posts, out of respect to you, we could take this conversation to my page..."

No. Absolutely not. I took the liberty of examining your blog and discovered an uncomfortably high number of administrator-removed posts. I understand that it's your blog and that you can remove posts that you don't like, but I prefer to debate on lightly-moderated fora.

"I apologize if I offended you when I said that I would pray for you..."

Apology accepted, this time and this time only. Be aware that this is a very sensitive point with many of us. Your prayers are not only not appreciated here, but often seen as an attack. Pray all you want; that's your right. (Just don't tell us about it.)

freethinker05 said...

Dear Royalty, I have no idea of were you have read any of my comments to you as being profane; other than some of the comments that i make to others on this site, in which I am trying to tone my profanity down some, it just takes a little time to learn how to respect some people; and I hope to shout that you don't think i'm racist; That is for "most" christians, which I used to hear them make racial remarks about blacks, while I was a christian myself, and I thought at the time, My God, how can these people call themselves christian, when they talk about other people that way? Well, anyway, you have this 51 yr. old brother's Respect and Love. Peace and Happiness too you my little darling. Roger...A/A

Royalty said...

Astreja, the post I deleted were from me! I mispelled some words, and I did the copy and paste thing. And, I posted some comments that I thought would make my visitors uncomfortable.(things about God) Sorry for the miscommunication. You are more than welcome to post comments on my page.

freethinker05 said...

Dear Royalty, I just read another post from you to me, and I think that you are crossing the line with me; accusing me of thinking that I know EVERTHING about heaven, earth, and hell. Personally, I do realize there is an earth, because I share it with other human beings. Concerning heaven and hell, I, like you and everyone else know nothing about such places, and I can't be convinced such places exist without evidence. I hope we can resolve this misunderstanding soon. Thanks and Love to you. Roger...A/A

Royalty said...

AWWWH, Freethinker05, not to get all mushy on you but, you don't know how that comment made me feel(Crying now) Thank you so much.I hope you understand what I'm trying to do.I really believe in Heaven and Hell, and I want all of us to be happy in Heaven. It breaks my heart that you're not a christian anymore.But, in the bible it talks about a tribulation time and, as you know about the one will leave and one will be left behind scenario... Well, the ones that are left behind will go through this 7 year process.There's going to be an anti-christ politic, that will bascically be like a president, and you won't be able to go grocery shopping, go out or anything, and all your freedom will be gone.In order to get food and supplies, you will have to have the mark of the beast( According to America, and our technology, it will probably be like a chip on your finger) DON'T TAKE IT! Consider that like a second chance to go to heaven. Become a christian during those times, and you will be able to go to Heaven.If you don't remember ANYTHING I tell you, please remember to do that, if you do end up in that situation.One more question, why did you stop believing?

I love you big brother!, Royalty

freethinker05 said...

Dear Royalty, I will give you a couple of sites that convinced me to stop believing in biblegod; (evilbible.com) and (SAB bible.com) plus, my own reading of the absurdity and profanity that the bible teaches. Sorry to make you cry, but I do think the bible is crap. I had rather take a mark,(666), than worship such a god as biblegod, or any other bookgod that says unbelievers will be tortured with fire forever and forever. I hope you look up the sites I provided; perhaps you might come to the same conclusion as non-believers. Now, dry those eyes kid, and realize how much I care for your sanity, before I start crying myself OK? Love you, Roger...A/A

Royalty said...

Freethinker05, again the bible says lean NOT to your own understandind, but pray and ask God for TRUE revelation and the TRUE meanings.Even if the bible was totally false, you could still believe in God.One thing I need to add, if you read anything similar to that in the New Testament, God was in the form of man at the time, and he could not perform miracles at his highest ability.I have a question, when you were christian, did God answer your prayers?

Love you, Royalty

Royalty said...

Freethinker05, I did go to the websites, BUT I didn't believe what I read, and most atheist said themselves that the bible wasn't scientifical proof, now all of a sudden, since it seems to work to their advantage it is?....

Royalty said...

Boomslang, click here.

Royalty said...

Astreja, Boomslang, Freethinker05, and etc. please go to both of my pages, and read my blogs, look at the pictures, watch the videos, and read my profile.Thank you! Love you all, Royalty

freethinker05 said...

Dear Royalty, Nope! Mine,yours,and everyone elses prayers have not ever been answered by biblegod, because such god does not exist, except in peoples minds, unless you have evidence to back up your claim; and pleace don't say the bible Peace, Roger A/A...P.S. Can you prove that allah isn't the true god, and mohammud is not his prophet, and the quran is not the words of allah, spoken by his prophet mohammed? Good luck my dear, Love, Roger A/A

freethinker05 said...

Dear Royalty, the muslems also claim that the Quran has scientific proof of creation; Do you believe them? Love, Roger A/A

freethinker05 said...

Dear Royalty, I decided to visit your website, and I didn' believe what I read. Christians only use this stuff to their own advantage, in order to brainwash weak and gullible people. Sorry, I broke the spell that binds, awhile back, and am very happily sane now. Thanks, Roger...A/A

boomSLANG said...

Royalty, your "link" is non-existent. Ironic?

Beat it.

Royalty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Royalty said...

Boomslang, the link DOES exist, everyone else found it!

P.S. Nice picture! I love you, Royalty

Royalty said...

Astreja, the comment deleted today, was meant to be on my page, but I made a mistake, and put it on here. Sorry!

I love you, Royalty

Royalty said...

Boomslang, thank you for atleast trying, I really appreciate that.

Thanks a lot, Royalty

boomSLANG said...

Royalty, your post on August 20th in this thread that says, "Boomslang, click here" does not have a functioning link. Are you seeing things that aren't there?(pun intended)

Regardless, for the time being, I invite you to check out some Real "scientifical" miracles/prophecies/predictions by clicking Here.

Who'd of thought, huh?

You said: I did go to the websites, BUT I didn't believe what I read, and most atheist said themselves that the bible wasn't [scientific] proof, now all of a sudden, since it seems to work to their advantage it is?....

Listen closely. When/if Atheists, or whomever, point out the absurd "ethics", "science", etc., as portrayed in the bible, it is done so assuming that it's "Divinely inspired" for the sake of argument. It's to show the believer that even "IF" their biblegod existed as described therein, said being would be totally, 100%, UNworthy of our worship.

While on this topic---if we were to take a cross-section of American culture, I would think that a young African-American women would be the LAST person on earth to extol the Christian bible as "Truth", particularly because of the bible's condoning of slave-keeping and treatment of women:

The inferior status of women:

"Let the women learn in silence with all subjection. But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence. For Adam was first formed, then Eve. And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression." (I Timothy 2:11-14)

Rape my daughter:

"Behold, here is my daughter a maiden, and his concubine; them I will bring out now, and humble ye them, and do with them what seemeth good unto you: but unto this man do not so vile a thing. But the men would not hearken to him: so the man took his concubine, and brought her forth unto them; and they knew her, and abused her all the night until the morning: and when the day began to spring, they let her go." (Judges 19:24-25)

Beat the slave:

"And that servant, which knew his lord's will, and prepared not himself, neither did according to his will, shall be beaten with many stripes." (Luke 12:47)

'Sound like a plan? Would it be "okay" if your sisters were made "concubines" for an evening, and their masters could "doeth what seemeth good" with them?

(Oh, speaking of, "Desirae" is adorable. Tell her boomSLANG sends his love, seeing as how "love" abounds on this thread since your arrival here)

cogito, ergo deus non est

freethinker05 said...

Boom, thanks for the bible verses pertaining to women and slaves, and also the link about the Quran. Royalty, as far as jesus writing anything in the bible, how in the heck did you come up with that crap? The N.T. wasn't even put into writing for at least 40 to 70+ yrs. AFTER jebuck was crucified....sheesh! Roger...A/A

Royalty said...

Boomslang, AGAIN, that was your carnal understanding, somethings in the bible can be self-explainatory, but REALLY AND TRUELY mean something totally different. You're acting like Jesus raped women or something... So... with that being that I still see Him Holy, and Worthy because He never did anything wrong.

Royalty said...

Boomslang, what did you say about my sister Desirae?

Royalty said...

I love you, Boomslang

boomSLANG said...

Royalty: Boomslang, AGAIN, [the direct quotes from the bible] was your carnal understanding...

Again, listen carefully. It's the same "carnal understanding" that YOU use when you extract verbatim scripture and attempt to "understand" it. We can either trust the bible to say what it means, and mean what it says, or we cannot. Like most Christians, you approach said document as a literary "buffet". 'Sorry, dear, books that claim objective "Truth" cannot work like that. If those direct quotes are parable and mean something "other" than what they say, then ANY scripture might mean something "other" than what it says, including scripture about transients nailed to trees, zombies in caves, ghost sperm, and winged beings... who, BTW, evidentally use sandles as their primary "landing gear"(?)

[some things] in the bible can be [self-explanatory], but REALLY AND TRUELY mean something totally different.

Yes, of course...the stuff you agree with is "self-explanatory"; the stuff you don't agree with..i.e..the quotes I provided, you make excuses for it, one of which, is it means "something else". How utterly unreliable. You'll HAVE to do better.

You're acting like Jesus raped women or something...

No, I certainly am not. I'm "acting" like the bible is the "Word of God"(like YOU insist it is), and saying that if it is such, then your "God" condones(approves) slavery, and treating women like trash.

So... with that being that I still see Him Holy, and Worthy because He never did anything wrong.

Exactly, he never did anything wrong, because no such being exists, hence, why the bible is a work of man-made fiction with all of it's absurdities.

BTW, I hope you investigated the miraculous Truths of the Holy Qur'an. Yes? Praise Allah!

Boomslang, what did you say about my sister Desirae?

I payed her a compliment(as far as you know)

I love you, Boomslang

Prove it. "Love" is an action word--a verb, as well as a noun. Come cook me dinner or wash my socks, or---well, do something other than wish I re-join your delusional cult, because that is not "love".

Royalty said...

AGAIN, for the reading impaired:

Everyone I said I loved, you may say how can I love you and I don't even know you, or anyone can say they love someone, I'm just that type of person, not only can I say I love you, but I can also show it. I don't make that much money for NOW, but If one of you needed money, and I had it along with your address, I would indeed send it to you.If there is anything I can help with, and capable of helping with, I'm going to do my all to help. Love you all, Royalty

Anyway, glad we got THAT over with. Boomslang, in the bible it talks about twin towers being destroyed....Does 9-11 ring a bell?

Royalty said...

Boomslang, what did you mean by "as far as you know"

Royalty said...

BTW, my picture looks better from far away.I don't do good with close ups.

boomSLANG said...

Boomslang, in the bible it talks about twin towers being destroyed....Does 9-11 ring a bell?

Oh good grief....so the answer is "no", thEN?...you did NOT visit the link I provided clearly showing the predictions and miracles of the Holy Qur'an?..of the Great Allah? If not, what makes you think that I would put weight in what your Holy book says? A book is book is book is book, right?

Furthermore, I'm about 99.999 % certain that whatever bible "prophecy" you refer to, has NOT the words "twin", "tower", "NY", "September", "11"...and that you got it off some Christian apologetic site. So again, I ask--why should any of us care about Christian apologetics, when you dismiss all of the wonderful Islamic apologetics I've lovingly provided for you?? Hmm?

Praise Allah!

Royalty said...

Boomslang, Well according to google, the "Holy Qur'an" was written sometime in between 1649-1946. Yeah, good explaination for the forming of the universe.

Royalty said...

Boomslang, for the sake of my sanity(and possibly yours) PLEASE tell me you DO NOT believe in the Big Bang theory. If you must, how did the "smoke" get here to create stars, how did the bacteria create itself into a human? PLEASE tell me, And yes I did read the link about "Allah"

Royalty said...

AND may I add, the "Holy Qur'an" was written by MAN.Just like the bible. Am I right? OR...did "Allah" run it through a copy machine, and throw it on down to earth from "heaven?" Which one will it be?

Royalty said...

Again may I add,(laughing hysterical) "Allah" also has a "Hell" if you do not believe in him.

I love you Boomslang, Royalty

boomSLANG said...


Dear Royalty,

Your statements, but more specifically, your last four posts, solidifies it for me that meaningful conversation with you will be impossible, and that you are way underneath even the most novice of your apologetic peers. But before I go though, just for laughs, tell the class again---how long ago was the bible written and by whom?

Peace, and remember!...Allah wuvs yu!


Royalty said...

Boomslang, highlight the link below with your computer mouse, right click and click copy, then go to the address field(the long bar that you type the websites in) right click, and then click paste.


I LOVE YOU, Royalty

Royalty said...

The bible was written Billions and Billions of years ago, not millions.

Royalty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Royalty said...

Another thing, try googleing Allah is fake, and you'll find all the proof you need!

Royalty said...

Boomslang, Please forgive me for my moment of immaturity.It's just I'm your sister, and you're my brother, and as a sister, I want the best for you, and the best for you ONLY.With that being said, If I payed for you to fly down to Houston, Texas, payed for a hotel, and your food, would you come?

Royalty said...

Boomslang, here's why I can't believe the link you posted:

In sura 15:19 Allah says that the Earth is flat (and not a sphere) “ the earth spread out (like a carpet)” and to drum this “scientific Islamic theory of a flat earth” into the believers (Muslims), it is also repeated in 20:53 as a bed, & 43:10 as a resting place, & 78:6 as an expanse, & 84:3 spread out, & 88:20 spread.

I love you dearly, Royalty

Anonymous said...

Christian Bibles and the flat earth;

More than one god, and a flat earth.

Deu 13:7 (NRSV) - "any of the gods of the peoples that are around you, whether near you or far away from you, from one end of the earth to the other,"

Earth described as a flat geometric shape.

Job 11:9 (NRSV) - "Its measure is longer than the earth, and broader than the sea."

The earth has edges.

Job 38:13 (NIV) - "that it might take the earth by the edges and shake the wicked out of it?"

The flat earth, sit upon unmovable "pillars".

Psa 93:1 (NRSV) "He has established the world; it shall never be moved;"

1 Sam 2:8 (NRSV) - "For the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, and on them he has set the world."

Isa 24:18 (NRSV) - "or the windows of heaven are opened, and the foundations of the earth tremble."

The bible is full of flat earth rhetoric; either the Christian God forgot what he created, or the writers of the bible had little knowledge about anything beyond their shores and immediate geography, forcing them to make a "best guess" about Reality beyond their experience without a god's help.

Obviously, this is a great example for why not to make "guesses" beyond one's reality, and state it as fact.

Royalty said...

Commoner, you are not helping my brother Boomslang, I'm trying to help him because I love him, not hurt him like you're doing, by pulling him away from God.

I LOVE YOU, Royalty

Anonymous said...

Hi Royalty, you love me :-) Well, thanks for passing your message (cognitively processed information) to moi, but I have no knowledge of your love, therefore it holds little meaning for me, other than mere words of expression. Perhaps, it helps you in some way?

"Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome Defined

Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, also called Factitious Disorder by Proxy, is a psychological disorder characterized by a pattern of behavior in which someone, usually a mother, induces physical ailments upon another person, usually her child (“Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome,” n.d., p. 1). The mother attempts to gain attention and recognition for herself by putting on the public façade of dedicated and loving mother. However, when alone with her child she will subject them to abuse, both physical and emotional, as she tries to deliberately make them sick. The website “Munchausen by Proxy Survivors Network,” offers an extended definition for the disorder:

The child is a victim of maltreatment in which an adult falsifies physical and/or physiological signs and/or symptoms in the child causing this child to be regarded as ill or impaired. The perpetrator who is usually a parent or caregiver intentionally falsifies history, signs, or symptoms in the child to meet their own self-serving psychological needs. Other member in the family may support and participate in the deception (n.d., p. 1).

Children who fall victim to a parent suffering from Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome quite often require extensive emergency medical care, and undergo several unnecessary procedures such as painful surgeries and physical testing. Parents with Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome do not typically appear psychotic and, based on incidents caught on film, are calm and collected when inflicting harm on their children. Victims of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome range greatly in age. The youngest case known was of a mother intentionally harming her fetus. The older cases involve people inducing illness in adults (Schreier & Libow, 1993, p. 6). With such a wide array of possibilities it is often too late for the victim before the disorder can be diagnosed."


The love you express is conditional, one in which a person must assimilate and reject their knowledge creating personal anxiety for your "need(s)".

Once you win-over/collect another notch on your cross, it is only a temporary fix, you will then move on to the next person/object that will fill your incessant addiction that is as bottomless as a black-hole.

Of course, you have a nature about you, one that can be abstracted, and your essence via the information you provided is one that screams of an insecure person without an established self-identity, who finds purpose through the acceptance/use of others. Further, you receive psychological reinforcement by your religious peers; preventing you from moving on to find a self-identity.

Personally, I don't like discussing anything with a person who lacks a self-identity, makes me wonder "what" I am talking to, not "who"; we all have a nature about us, there are some I don't care to engage.

Now, I don't , and will never accept the role of victim, in such a process ever again, and, I will never engage others in order to seek self-identity, I have one of those without religion.

If you want to have fun; we can continue this discussion in order to seek your self-identity, which is likely missing, and replaced with a label or title.

Still, I see the essence of your communication/thoughts to represent the nature of the source (you), and that's really all I need, no matter how confused you probably are about yourself. If you actually think you know yourself; then, please, by all means give an "identity" to your "self" without using the word Christian, God or anything remotely religious.

The more you find out about your "self", based on "knowledge", the less you will need religion as a psychological crutch. Yet, you may still attend based on political or social benefits. The last stand for political leaders who are inept is to keep a society that is ignorant and dependent; and religion does that quite well.

However, just because you seek social/political benefit through group/interpersonal relationship(s), doesn't mean you have to be ignorant of the facts of life.

The forcing of the word God, through a democratic means onto America, via pledges, national songs, state songs, currency, etc., attacks the very ideal of the Constitutional rights afforded to every citizen.

In an abstract sense; politicians are using the religious sheeple, to dissolve the line between church and state, they are using democracy (democratic vote) to attack the very ideals established by the Constitution and its ammendments.

Thus, as the ideals of civil liberties; life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, are dissolved, the individual will lose the power to control their life. They, will become fully dependent on the government to provide everything; schools, healthcare, etc.

The sheeple, and all those who were in the minority will become "governed" by political leaders, to make rational and intelligent decisions for the majority - like in Nazi Germany.

The U.S. will no longer be governed by the people, the people will be governed by the political aristocracy that seems to have found a place in office, per the last century in America.

So, Royalty, although I suspect you are more than ignorant in many ways; you will fall prey to Reality regardless. The religious factions that continue to vote on establishing God as an integrated part of the U.S. government will eventually win by majority vote, and in doing so, revoke your civil liberties and currently legal right to make certain choices in your life.

And so, although you are on the level of playing with your special needs, there are others who are more aware of the degradation of America and how you, without a great understanding, will play a part in the process. Should I be concerned?

boomSLANG said...

Dear Allah, King of Kings; Lord of Lords; Moderator of Moderators,

Please feel free to prove your existence to those who worship false idols, by using your 'magic' powers to scrub their evil off of this thread, and 'cursing' their IP address.

In our Heavenly Father's name we pray, Amen.

Royalty said...

Commoner, I'm so sorry I can't entertain you by reading and replying to your post, I have to focus on my brother Boomslang.And yes, I do love you.( I'm assuming you have not read my previous post.)

I love you, Royalty

Royalty said...

Boomslang, You can curse me, come track me down and fight me, but I'm NOT, I repeat, AM NOT going to give up on you, I love you too much to do that.

BTW, you call Jesus cruel, but what about Allah!!? He instructs his people to kill those who don't believe in him!

I LOVE YOU Boomslang and I see(yes see) too much in you for you to go to Hell.I can see you at my church sharing your testimony on how you now believe in Jesus Christ, scary, but true.I'm going to do everything,yes,EVERYTHING, to make that happen.

P.S. What's your reply to my offer?(about me paying for you to come to Houston)

I LOVE YOU dearly, Royalty

J. C. Samuelson said...

To Royalty,

Still haven't read the Site Purpose and Disclaimer have you? Or the Bible, for that matter...

BTW, you call Jesus cruel, but what about Allah!!? He instructs his people to kill those who don't believe in him!

In the parable of minas, a parallel of the one concerning the talents, the writer has Jesus (obviously the "master" in the story), relating the following as the master's words:

"But bring here those enemies of mine, who did not want me to reign over them, and slay them before me." ~ Jesus (Lk. 19:27 NKJV)

Also see Deut. 13:6-16, where the writer has God advising the Hebrews to kill those who do not believe in Him, destroy their cities, and even kill their livestock.

Have a lovely day.

J. C. Samuelson said...

Almost forgot...


If one of you needed money, and I had it along with your address, I would indeed send it to you.

Now that you mention it, why don't you take a peek at the webmaster's article, No True Christians and send in ten bucks? I'm sure we'd all appreciate your helping to support the site.


Royalty said...

J.c. Samuel, yes I have read the site purpose and disclaimer, Whoever wrote that tell them bravo because not that I didn't take it seriously, but I haven't laughed like that since...yesterday. And I love to laugh so, tell them thanks!

And I do not feel like I'm violating the rules.

And I'm trying to help non-christians, not hurt them by supporting a site that supports anti-christ.


Royalty said...

Astreja, I deleted the post about Allah, because it was taking up too much room, besides, it was useless after about two days.


P.s. How has you chronic insomnia been acting? I googled up a couple of cures, and added some of my own, and I'm going to donate money to help find a medical cure that isn't health threating for chronic insomnia.

1. Have a sleep schedule.

2. Try to avoid stress

3. Eat healthy, and NOT before you go to bed.

4. Avoid naps during the day

5. TRY to avoid caffeine(I know it's hard) including chocolate.

6. Avoid medications that has a drowsy effect.

7. Try reading a book 10 min. before bed.

8. Try to concentrate on one thing with your eyes closed.

9. Take a couple of deep breaths with your eyes clothes.

10. Picture in your head of you sleeping.

WOW, just typing that made me sleepy!

I LOVE YOU, Royalty

Royalty said...

Boomslang, please grant me the honors on having you read my poem on my blog malachi 3:10, PLEASE.

I LOVE YOU, Royalty

boomSLANG said...

Dear "Royalty",

Again, please GO AWAY and STOP spamming us with your boisterous apologetic buffoonery. I don't want to be in your "poem", 'k?

"Royalty", since your arrival here, you've rapidly become a nuisance. You have offered NOTHING substantial to show that your belief has any referent in reality; nothing to show us that your make-believe invisible friend exists outside that pretty little brown teenaged head of yours.

Furthermore, you evidently haven't a clue what your own bible says, except, ironically, for the crash-course you get from us when we are prompted to show what your Holy handbook actually does say. Pathetic little apologist, you are. You make the most novice Christians we've seen look like scholars. 'Tell ya what, though, there's hope for you because you're still young. That said, start by reading Deuteronomy for explict instructions on what your "all-loving god" wants you to do with people who are non-believers. Hint--it's not "fly them to Houston" for vacation bibleschool and all-you-can-eat chitlins n maw.

Speaking of "good laughs"---the next time you are out cha hometown(if that ever happens), go to any church as a guest, and tell the congregation that the bible was written, as you say, "billions of years ago", and see what kind of reaction you get.

And for the record, you can tell me that you "love" me all you please, but just know that there's only one or two things that you could actually do to make me say "I believe!".... and even then I'd be lying.

So please, make like your invisible friend....be GONE...shoo!

Anonymous said...

Royalty, still pimping conditional love for attention... mindless trick you learned from your religion, can you roll-over too?

Houston... right, and your legal birth name is royalty as well. Love you, thing without a self-identity.

webmdave said...


You've worn out your welcome. All your future posts will be deleted.

With love,


boomSLANG said...

Boomslang, we are brother and sister, why [were] you treating me like [that]?

*Because you were a annoying, delusional, brainwashed pipsqueak.....and like all religionists, you had zero evidence to back your beliefs.

Why [did] you [make] me the enemy?

Because your beliefs are a insult to all of humanity.

[_____], and all Christians: There's two senarios, which, in my rational mind, either one or the other MUST hold true:

1) The Christian biblegod does not exist, and if not, since said being would be the ONLY one who could cure my skepticism, then no such evidence can EVER exist... thus, I will NEVER believe. EVER.

2) The Christian biblegod does exist, and thus, if he "doesn't want me to burn in hell"(as our Christian guest kept insisting), then the solution is really simple: He WILL NOT send me there. That's right, surely no one would suggest that "GOD" would be "forced" to DO something that he/she really does NOT want to do, would they? No, that would be totally ludicrous, because they'd essentially be saying that "hell", and everything it stands for, is actually STRONGER than "love"; STRONGER than the will of "GOD". Of course, that's ridiculous.

So, if biblegod exists, the only other senario is that, because of his refusal to appear, he must want to send me to hell, and if this is the case, I will GLADLY go there to avoid spending one nano-second with such a ruthless and loveless prick as biblegod..i.e.."Jesus".

All [I was] trying to do [was]....[edit]

What you were "trying to do" was exactly what you were brainwashed to do, and that is, to unceasingly regurgitate your particular Holy handbook in the hopes of getting people to join your cult, thus, giving pseudo-reinforcement to your collective bullshit beliefs. News flash: It didn't work.

What else [could I have done] for you? I'm not giving up on you.

Listen, tell your invisible friend to come visit me; tell him to make a PHYSICAL appearance, just like he allegedly did in the bible. NOTHING else will work....N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

Bye now.

Astreja said...

Royalty, you are wrong. I wrote the Ex-timonial "Heaven, Hell and My Bodhisattva Vow" but this is not my blog. Webmaster Dave has the right to erase anything and everything herein.

I would appreciate it very much if you stopped telling everyone how much you loved them and actually discuss the article.

Astreja said...

Royalty, your immature preaching has derailed this thread. I was going to say 'virtually derailed', but there really is a mess in here.

As you refuse to engage in meaningful discussion related to the topic, I officially state for the record that I would be delighted to see all of your posts deleted. Every last one of them.

And, as you (and probably some others) don't seem to fully comprehend my stance on the subject of Hell, I will spell it out in more detail.

1. I think that gods are possible, but their existence unproven. If they do exist, I would guess that they exist in vast numbers... Literally billions of them. However, even if they do show up I see no logical way of confirming their godly credentials. For this reason I am agnostic regarding gods in general.

1a. I also consider the existence of a single omnipotent god to be so very unlikely that, for all intents and purposes, I am atheistic in regards to such a being. This effectively rules out the gods of the Bible and the Qur'an.

2. "Hell" is, in my opinion, a cheap scare tactic dreamed up by priests in order to scare people into obedience. I see no reason for a god-like being to resort to such a ridiculous tactic. In fact, I consider it slanderous to accuse a god of being wilfully malevolent and vengeful.

3. Then there's the problem of where and what Hell might be, and who might experience it. I have seen no credible evidence for life after death; neither have I seen evidence for the existence of an eternal "spirit" as opposed to the physically-based human mind. When the brain dies, our consciousness dies with it. Then there's the problem of fueling the flames for all eternity. Regardless of whether it ultimately affects a physical or "spiritual" being, where is all that energy supposed to come from? Does not compute.

4. Combining points 1a, 2 and 3, I think that the possibility of anyone being punished eternally in Hell is exponentially more unlikely as the existence of the Biblical god.

5. Furthermore, I sm not willing to pretend to believe "just in case". I consider it dishonourable, cowardly and psychologically harmful to lie to myself... And utterly, ridiculously futile to lie to a supposedly all-powerful, all-knowing being that allegedly can read our thoughts. Or, still worse, who actively interferes with our free will by altering our thoughts and emotions. (Read Exodus 4:21)

6. Finally, if any being were actually being tortured in Hell I could not bring myself to love or worship the torturer. Regardless of how evil the victim was in his or her short life, I would choose Hell in protest of the injustice of the situation.

Royalty said...

I would like for you all to look at my pictures, and then watch the Mary did you Know video. Thank you in advance.

I Really Love you Guys, and I do consider all of you my brothers and sisters, I don't know what I'd do if something tragic happened to any of you.

I LOVE YOU, Royalty

Astreja said...

Royalty, I don't care about your blog. I don't care about your pictures, nor do I give a rat's ass about your videos. This is not Theological Idol; it's a discussion forum. You are not discussing the topic at hand; in fact, you appear to be ignoring or avoiding the topic. Prove me wrong by answering the following:

According to the tenets of the religion you claim to follow, the god you worship will torture people for eternity if they do not at least pretend to love and worship him.

Do you believe that Hell exists? Do you believe that non-believers go there? If so, how do you justify worshipping such a vile being as the god of the Bible?

Royalty said...

Astreja, the reason why I asked you to look at my pictures and videos was because I thought they would really touch you, and make you think about your decision on whether Jesus Christ is real or not, especially the Mary Did You Know video, it made me cry.

I Love You, Royalty

Anonymous said...

I forgot to say, ten days ago, that I loved this line:

"This is not Theological Idol; it's a discussion forum." (Astreja)


boomSLANG said...

Royalty, you evidently have your cornrows too tight, doll'. Loosen 'em up, and listen up:

You are not going to reconvert anyone back to Christianity by showing them pictures of yourself, or your dance squad, or your "sisters"......nor will referencing little anecdotal videos reconvert anyone back to your transparent phantom-god. Furthermore--nor will you reconvert anyone with cut-n-paste excerpts from your favorite apologetic websites..... nor with scripture; nor with your silly analogies; nor with your unceasing "love notes" at the end of all your posts. Honestly, what part of this don't you get? We need REAL flesh-n-blood tangible evidence. STOP spamming this website, god damn it.

(on the other hand, you can send your dance-squad pictures to ice_dawg514@hotmail.com and I'll be happy to rate them for you)

= /

Astreja said...

Royalty, the existence or non-existence of Jesus is not a major issue for Me. In fact, it's a non-issue. I have much more important concerns.

I am not a Christian because I consider Christianity itself to be immoral and extremely dangerous -- Potentially lethal to all life on this planet, especially when one factors in the evangelicals who eagerly await the Apocalypse.

(Oh, hate to break it to you like this, but the Apocalypse came and went and you never even noticed. It happened on April 2, 2001, around 7:30 p.m. CST. My side won. Lamb and Beast taken into custody on charges of conspiracy to commit mass murder.)

I consider "Original Sin" to be slander against all of humanity. (By the way, I *abolished* Original Sin while sitting in My bathtub on December 30, 2000.) No one, repeat, no one, in the history of this cute little planet, was ever born evil. It is not possible to be evil in the absence of deliberate intention to commit an evil act, and infants do not possess the necessary perspective nor the physical ability to commit an evil act.

Furthermore, "sin" itself is a totally ridiculous concept. In theory, a mortal cannot do anything to injure an omnipotent god.

Consequently, as "sin" is a crock of shit, there is nothing to be "saved" from. Only our actions are good or evil; and we, ourselves, choose our actions in each moment of our lives. Sometimes religion provides us with a set of useful rules to follow, but any thinking person with empathy can figure out good/bad without divine assistance of any kind.

Therefore, I consider the alleged crucifixion of Jesus to be just one more pointless waste of human life. Sacrifice was wrong when the first superstitious tribesman took a knife or rock or strangling-cord to the first victim. It is still wrong. It will always be wrong. "Accepting" the lost-weekend sacrifice of Jesus just makes you an accomplice after the fact.

Revisiting the OP yet again... *sigh* I consider the concept of Hell to be a harmful myth, and threats of Hell to be psychological abuse. This is one of the reasons I am willing to put Myself at risk, as described in My story. I will not, under *any* circumstances, worship a god that uses Hell to coerce and punish. Neither will I align myself with anyone or anything that accepts Hell as something real.

Nothing you can say or do will "touch" Me in the way that you obviously want Me to be touched. (And how dare you attempt conversion via emotional manipulation in the first place!)

You, young lady, have not listened to one fucking word that we've said, have you? I mean, really listened. You've been so busy trying to convince us that we're wrong that you still don't have a clue as to why we feel the way we do.

Listen. To. This.

You are not getting to your mythical Heaven by riding on our backs. We are done with Christianity. D.O.N.E.

Go away.

Jim Arvo said...

Bravo Astreja!

To "Royalty": I have a favor to ask. Please demonstrate that you've absorbed what has been said to you before you return to promoting your dogma.

That's not too much to ask, is it?

Royalty said...

WOOOOOOOOOW. Let's see... where oh where do I start? You know what, no more beating around the bush, no more long responses trying to get to the point, it's plain and simple: You are all my brothers and sisters, and I love you all too much to give up on you, I mean let's be real for a second, what kind of sister would I be if I just gave up on you, and didn't try to save you from Hell? Answer: A very bad one. Sooo, with that being said I LOVE YOU!

Here's some of my (as Astreja would say) "immature preaching"

Look at all the signs of the End of Times:


Just highlight the link above, copy, and paste on the address bar.

After you read that, I dare you to tell me that Jesus Christ isn't real, and really mean it.

In the mean time, I LOVE YOU ALL, Royalty

Royalty said...

And some of you may say "she has to go on the internet to blah, blah, blah" My answer to that: You are correct! I will do any and everything in my power to help you, and if that means getting on the internet, then by golly I will.

P.s. It also has bible scriptures to back it up.

I LOVE YOU, Royalty

Jim Arvo said...

Hello Royalty,

So, I take it you will not comply with my simple favor, is that right? Is there some reason you do not wish to read and contemplate what is said to you? More importantly, why should we consider what you have to say if you do not return the favor?

Also, please explain how you can "love" someone you don't even know. Personally, I would never do such violence to that word.

Jim Arvo said...

By the way, Royalty, I think it's a tragedy when someone stops using their mind. So I won't give up on you either.


boomSLANG said...

R: WOOOOOOOOOW. Let's see... where oh where do I start?

"Start", by deprogramming yourself of the superstitious beliefs that mommy, daddy, and your church programmed you with, and commence to using a clear, focused, and rational mind.

R: You know what, no more beating around the bush, no more long responses trying to get to the point, it's plain and simple:

Yes, "no more" of your long, drawn-out, worthless religious blather.... yet, still remaining *impenatrably ignorant, thus, ignoring what anyone else has to say who disagrees with your fantastic fantasies.

*Thanks, Jim, great term... and very appropriate in this application ; )

R: You are all my brothers and sisters, and I love you all too much to give up on you, I mean let's be real for a second, what kind of sister would I be if I just gave up on you, and didn't try to save you from Hell?

Sadly, my dear, you have not given us one bit of a reason to think that you have any concept of what it means to "be real".

For what it's worth, I implore you, once more, to get it through your noggin that love that is based on CONDITIONS, more specifically, the "love" that your petty biblegod offers in EXCHANGE for belief in "Him", is not "REAL"--NOT-NOT-NOT-NOT-NOT--thus, there is no chance we would worship such a hideous being....even IF "He" existed.

Royalty, only primitive, insecure, petty and shallow creatures need to threaten people into loving them.

R: Sooo, with that being said I LOVE YOU!

You, Deary, haven't a clue what "love" means. And it begs the question---do you show your "love" towards your real-life " bruthas and sistas" by ignoring them?..by just disregarding them, unless they agree with what your Royalty Highness has to say??? How loving. That's got to be "hell"(pun intended) living under your roof.

R: Look at all the signs of the End of Times:[insert apologetic link]

Um, the "end" has been coming for 2000 f%cking years. But... here, if posting "links" means "truth"---and since you cannot back up your fantastic claims yourself, and thus, rely on 'internet authority' to support your argument---check out this:


Instructions: Just highlight the link above, copy, and paste on the address bar.


And notice, Royalty, that Islam "has scripture" to "back it up".

Bye Dear, and may reason find you.

Anonymous said...

Royalty said...
"Look at all the signs of the End of Times"
Royalty (and other end-times believers),

Firstly, any biblical 'signs' used to indicate the 'end times' are at best VAGUE.

If Jesus was real and had true insight into a real end of the world, he surely would have given us something specific to our current era so we'd at least have an 'about date' to rely upon.
His predictions are no better than the psychics we've seen for a long time, who make the same all-too-vague predictions; or make lots of specific predictions and hope that just one comes true, so they can appear to have supernatural knowledge of the future.

Secondly, while some twist scripture to fit their desire of the second coming for the near future, it's quite obvious your Jesus was talking about his era, not one 2000+ years later.

Since the day of your Jesus, many so called soothsayers and religious nuts have predicted the end of the world. Guess how many times they've been right to date?

See this link for a list of some of the failed end-times predictions:

Given how MANY have been wrong so far, why should we put aside this dismal track-record of predicting the future and swallow your interpretation of scripture, as well as believing that you know something that all these many others thought they did, but in fact did not.

Let's see folks if Miss Royalty has ANY knowledge outside her god handbook and the rumors she swallows for lunch.
Heck, maybe she has some special crystal ball in her possession that every other human lacked.
Maybe she can tell us the exact day Jesus is returning, so I can pack my spiritual bags for the trip.


eel_shepherd said...

Royalty, your username was well chosen, but not for the reason you think.

You think that communication is a one-way street --- from the royal to the rabble; from the peers to the peons.

You would have us listen to you, digest what you're saying, and respond to it in our own words. And that's it! From you to us. Never, never, never the other way around. You take it as your starting point that you have something to say and that none of us does. Not very Christian of you, is it? No "do unto others as you would be done by" for you, is there? Who made you Queen? Lucky us, to have your royal self, in your New Clothes, to evangelise to us.

Go piss up a rope, darlin'.

Astreja said...

Anyone notice that Royalty still hasn't answered My questions about Hell and why she worships its alleged creator?

And that she insists on -us- disproving the existence of her Messianic boy-toy? (Note to Self: Write essay on "Burden of Proof" that even rabid fundies can comprehend.)

Meh, I'm not surprised either.

Royalty, as I said before, the existence of Jesus is not important or particularly relevant to Me. The immorality of Christianity itself is the primary reason that I am not a Christian.

I don't care how many scriptures you've managed to find, as I do not consider the Bible to be anything more than religious-themed fiction. And, being a skeptical polytheist with a taste for fantasy literature, I've seen far better examples of the genre. Your Yahweh is, quite frankly, a rank amateur. I'd much rather break bread with Aldur, Offler the Crocodile God, or Takhisis, Queen of Darkness.

As for "not giving up" on us, your unrequited and dubious "love" for us, your claim of us being your brothers and sisters, your insistence that we need some weird kind of spiritual help from you, and your refusal to respect our wishes and go away...

...In my book, that makes you a stalker and an abuser. I've already divorced one abuser; I have no intention of befriending another.

I suspect that you will continue to post crap (heavily flavoured with argumentum ad misericordiam and argumentum ad baculum, of course).

And we will continue to clench our teeth, roll our eyes, swear, sigh, and snort various beverages out our noses.

And then we'll calm down, start typing, and refute every single argument you can come up with. There is nothing original about what you've been trying to tell us, Royalty. It's same old tripe we've seen hundreds of times.

And, rather than you converting us, your inability to provide logical, reasonable answers for our questions may well cause others to question their beliefs. They may even deconvert. Do the math: You're in a no-win situation here.

Royalty said...


Wow, such language for a handsome young man. Okay obviously there has been a miss understanding, so let me spend the next few seconds clearing it up. I have always, I repeat ALWAYS, read every single one of your post, read ALL of the links you asked me to read, took every one of your into consideration, and kept an opened mind to all of your beliefs. Secondly, I thought we got the love story cleared up, gee, I don't know 200 POST AGO!

Royalty said...

Astreja, point-blank, I already answered your question about Hell, AGAIN for the reading impaired: We as humans will never understand EVERYTHING about heaven, hell, earth, God, or Satan. And I'm not by ANY means trying to start an arguement, I know it's hard for me sometimes to communicate with you all, knowing that I'm not the most educated person in the world(although I study and research a lot), I live in Houston, which is totally different from Canada, I'm black(African-American, we say black in Houston), and you're a different nationality. I just want to let you all know I'm coming out of love, care and respect, I just wish you all could see that. I've already told you all if you don't like something I post TELL ME! I want to know these things! Don't add any twist of sarcasm or anything, just say it please, it means a lot to me, and I really take it to heart.

I LOVE YOU, Royalty

Royalty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Royalty said...

Astreja, I posted the same comment twice, so I delete it. I LOVE YOU, ROYALTY

Royalty said...

Eel Shepherd, Thank you for the compliment, I chose this name because I AM, yeah that's right I AM Royalty, because I'm daughter of the most high God. We are all Royalty, crowned in God's glory. BUT I did not like that "piss up a rope comment" I would label it, but I forgot you're probably not from Houston and everyone doesn't use the language we use. Sooo, I'll just be mature and let you slide(translated in Houston language: don't talk about you back, pretend like it didn't happen) And yes, we do take words out of the dictionary and create our own definition, weird, but true.

Good night, sweet dreams, Royalty


Royalty said...

Boomslang, your link that you provided WAS infact believeable, BUT unfortunately for you,(or as you think, me) I have failed to believe in Allah. BUT, before you start using that dirty little language of yours, and getting all hostile, I DO have reasons. One, I had a conversation with a muslim, and he explained to me why he converted to Christianity, and it made me closer to Jesus Christ. Two, I was online and read a lot of horrific things about the religion, and Three, why should I have to bow down to the east three times just to get into "Allah Heaven?"

That's all "brotha" I LOVE YOU, ROYALTY

Royalty said...

Boomslang, so what do you think of our dance team?

Your opinion DOES count.



Astreja said...

Royalty: "We as humans will never understand EVERYTHING about heaven, hell, earth, God, or Satan."

That's your reason? You've deliberately chosen to worship a mythological torturer because you've given up on understanding its motives? Because you think that human knowledge and its limitations is insufficient to comprehend unproven entities such as heaven, hell and their respective deities?

(shakes Her head in dismay) That is one of the most morally bankrupt things I've ever heard.

So what kind of god sets up a flaming pit for its princes and princesses "crowned in glory", Royalty? Explain the contradiction, please.

Also explain why you reject Islam because of "horrific things" but cling to Christianity despite the substantial evil that *it* has done in this world. Here are a few things for you to read up on:

- The murder of Hypatia

- The murder of Giordano Bruno

- The various atrocities committed by Charlemagne

- The kidnappings perpetrated by Olaf Tryggvason

There *will* be an exam.

eel_shepherd said...

Royalty, English as it's spoken in our two countries is pretty much the same; the spellings are a bit different, but not for the shorter words, like piss and rope. I wasn't worried that my suggestion would get lost in translation. I did have a tense moment worrying that darlin' might have a second meaning though...

What finally convinced you that there ever was a human being who even the nonbelievers of the time might have said, hey there goes Jesus of Nazareth, when they saw him pass by on the street? Was there something you read or heard that settled the question in your mind about whether there really ever was such a person?

Jim Arvo said...

To Royal Pain: I've had thousands of conversations with former Christians about why they ultimately rejected the faith. They've all had well-thought-out reasons. I've read hundreds of Christian web sites and hundreds of books on Christian apologetics (not to mention the Bible), and what I find is uniformly shoddy reasoning, misinformation, and an acute lack of critical thinking. The Bible itself is filled with horrific violence and treachery that is condoned and even perpetrated by the god of Abraham. Why should I have to renounce (or "hate") family and friends to be a disciple of "Christ"? Why should I need to bring all thoughts into submission? Why must I stone my child for being disobedient? How can one even suggest hanging a millstone around the neck of nonbelievers and casting them into the sea? Why does the god of Abraham condone genocide, infanticide, rape, slavery, and sacking and plundering entire communities?

Before you dismiss what I just wrote, please look back at your own post above--the one where you explained why you do not bow to Allah. My reasons for rejecting Christianity are far more substantive, point-for-point, than your reasons for rejecting Islam. Please try to think this through. Don't flatter yourself into thinking that you magically possess some great wisdom. Wisdom is the fruit of hard work, and I've yet to see any indication from you that you are capable of thinking at all, let alone earnestly working at it. Sorry to be so blunt.

A mind is a terrible thing to waste. I won't give up on you.


boomSLANG said...

Continuing the debate against "Royalty" and her mind virus.

Royalty's primary reason for dismissing the Islamic faith:

I had a conversation with a muslim, and he explained to me why he converted to Christianity, and it made me closer to Jesus Christ.

Um, that's called "bias", dear. Please educate yourself as to what the word means. You were ALREADY a "Christian" before this alleged person told you about their alleged conversion. Let me ask you---how about if I told you that I had a conversation with a former christian, and they explained to me why they deconverted, and that made me feel "closer" to my own decision to deconvert..i.e..it made me "feel better" about it? It wouldn't carry one ounce of weight with you, would it? No, of course not. Duh?

Royalty's # 1 reason utterly fails to be convincing.

Royalty's secondary reason for dismissing the Islamic faith:

I was online and read a lot of horrific things about the religion

If you're reading this, you must be "online" right now. Please stop what you're doing and investigate just *some* of the "horrific things" about your own religion:

Horrific things.

More horrific things.

Royalty's # 2 reason utterly fails to be convincing.

Royalty's number 3 reason for dismissing the Islamic faith:

...why should I have to bow down to the east three times just to get into "Allah Heaven?"

Good question, but...

- Why should I have to sell everything I own to get into "Yahweh heaven"? see Luke 18: 18-22

- Why should I have to hate my mother and father; ***hate my brothers and sisters; hate my wife and children; and hate even my own life, to be a disciple of "Yahweh", and thus, get into "Yahweh heaven"? see Luke 14: 26-33

Royalty's # 3 reason utterly fails to be convincing.

***BTW, Royalty---you are evidently in DIRECT opposition of Jesus' commands; for instead of telling us(your "bruthas and sistas") that you "LOVE" us, you are supposed to be HATING us... that is, if you wish to be "a disciple" of your Jesus. So, each time you say, "I WUV YOU", please recognize the fact that you wouldn't get into "Yahweh heaven", even if it existed. lol! Sweet irony!


Royalty said...

Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, WHOOOAAA, okay, (taking deep breath) There's one of me, and about ten of you(even though it feels like a million) Astreja, and Boomslang, please give me time to go over the websites provided for me, I will review all of them, and look it up in the bible. I'm starting to feel that I'm the only one keeping the open mind.(scratches head) I thought we were ALL suppose to listen to each other,and show respect. Any who(Yes, it's meant to be spelt that way), I'll be back with my answers on all four website.


Royalty said...

Astreja, remember one thing, Jesus came into the form of a man, therefore, he couldn't perform miracles to his best ability. Which means save everyone. John 14-16

Royalty said...

I just wanted to tell everyone here how much I love you all, and you guys have done a lot for me. I don't know what it is, but since I've been here, I've grown so much. You guys have taught me A LOT. You have helped me so much, and I want to commend all of you on that. You always bring out the best in me, because when I'm here, I'm loving, patient, caring, open-minded, and just a good person, and if you read the comments on my page...whew, I'm just the opposite, and I'm just realizing it. You all have taught me a lot about myself also, I have discovered a lot about myself, thanks to you all.
Boomslang, you have taught me patience, and to never give up.( and to put spaces after commas lol.), and also to stop taking prayer for granted. Astreja, you have taught me respect, and to be more open-minded.You have also pulled me out of my comfort zone, which I really needed.
Freethinker05, out of everyone here, by far you have been the nicest to me, you have taught me to stay calm during stressful situations,(which was much needed) you have also taught me maturity. (In tears now) We have a bond that is so strong, nobody can tear us apart. I feel so close to you guys, it's like you are REALLY my brothers and sisters. I have never learned so much from people I don't even know. And to everyone I forgot, you also have taught me very important lessons. I'm so fortunate to have you all in my life. I hope our friendship will continue to grow, and stay strong. I can see our bond getting stonger and stronger, and I hope it stays that way.


Jim Arvo said...

Okay.... okay... wait a minute....

This means that the nightmare is over now! Right? Right?

Awesome. Seems like the average IQ of the visitors is higher already.

Astreja said...

Royalty, thank you for your last post.

Ultimately, it's -all- about maturity, about doing the best we can with whatever we have.

May your quest be successful.

Royalty said...


Thank you Astreja, you have no idea how much encouragement your last post gave me.

I LOVE YOU, Royalty

Royalty said...

Jim Arvo,

What are you talking about? I'm not going anywhere, I'm just taking a short break to study the links Astreja provided. Why would I leave you guys? Life wouldn't be the same without you all!!! I love being here!

I LOVE YOU, Royalty

p.s. Am I like the only Christian Boomslang hasn't ran off?

Royalty said...

Oh my, where do I start?

Okay first off, I am so so so sorry for neglecting you all, I feel so terrible. I've been REALLY busy, and time is hard to grab, apeaking of, I'm fighting time now.SO, please forgive me!

Next, back where we left off, Astreja. After doing several researches, I came to the conclusion that in the bible....wow, it's so complicated.

1. Even the spaces between the words mean something.

2. There was a lot of things lost in translation, so yeah, the bible is sorta incomplete.

3. The men didn't write everything down... one being Moses. This explains about the planets, universe, etc.

4. Again, we as human will never understand EVERYTHING about Christianity.

I'll be back tomorrow to finish. LOVE YOU ALL TO DEATH, ROYALTY

webmdave said...

The Bible is true.

When something in the Bible doesn't make sense, make up a reason to support the FACT that the Bible is true.

If any doubts ever enter your head, just remember, the Bible is true.

Should anyone resist your religion, tell them that the Bible is true, and then say "I love you."


Have you ever read a book that was critical of Christianity or critical of the Bible? If so, would you mind sharing the title or titles with us?


boomSLANG said...

Royalty is back with: Oh my, where do I start?

Oh my...START by providing us with objective evidence that the second-hand revelation found in the Holy Bible is Universally true, and the revelation found in all other religious texts categorically false. Then, for extra credit---answer the webmaster's question concerning what books you've read that are critical of Christianity. And please---do nothing more than just that. In other words, spare us the irrelevant emotionally charged drivel that we are accustomed to hearing every time your teen-ass "highness" shows up.....m'kay? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is Royalty, I just didn't feel like signing in..

Okay, since the whole open-minded thing didn't work out so well, and the bible doesn't seem to be enough "proof" And Boomslang came up with the whole "pray to a milk jug" abstraction, So as the old saying goes, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do" So while I'm here, I'm going to follow what you do just in my own way(Yea, a little oxymoron caught in there somewhere.)So here's what I came up with...

Question 1

Without google, or ask.com, or anything of that catorgory, Do you understand everything about money? (The whole process that it goes through before it gets to you, including, chopping down trees, smoothing it out...etc.)

By looking at your profiles, I'm going to say No, okay, just because you don't know everything about money doesn't mean you stop using it!....Same as: just because you don't know everything about God doesn't mean you stop believeing in him!(or never begin)

Question 2

Do you know everything about a cellphone? Example: about the motherboard, signal, radiation?? Do you know every little thing, without missing one question about it?? Just like Christianity, you know what's on the outside, the customs and everything, but you don't, and NEVER WILL learn what you can't see. Do you, or will you syop using a cell phone just because you don't know every little detail??

Made you think a little, huh?

Well please continue to, I LOVE YOU ROYALTY

Anonymous said...

Okay Webmaster, what do I have to do to stay??


Anonymous said...

And the answer to all of your questions are No.


TheJaytheist said...


If I tell you a secret about your first question, will you think about your second question?

O.K. Here goes. The first question was not a good one to use if you are trying to persuade someone to believe in god. Why? Because if money doesn't work, you throw it out.(think of cofederate money after the civil war)You don't have to know everything about it to know whether or not it works.

If faith in god doesn't work you can throw it out as well. That's what happened to me, and that's what I did.

Now, can you see the problem with your second question?

Anonymous said...

Royalty asked:
"Do you know everything about a cellphone? Example: about the motherboard, signal, radiation?? Do you know every little thing, without missing one question about it?? Just like Christianity, you know what's on the outside, the customs and everything, but you don't, and NEVER WILL learn what you can't see. Do you, or will you syop using a cell phone just because you don't know every little detail??
Made you think a little, huh?"
Both your examples about 'money' and 'cell phones' are lacking substance.

Most of the things we have on earth, whether human-made or nature-made, don't need their origin explained in order to verify their existence.
We know they are REAL because they exist within our physical world; nor do they have supernatural qualities to them.

While a human from 2000 years ago might have thought things like cell phones and computers are magical in nature, it is only because such ancient humans wouldn't have been able to grasp the concept of electronic components or invisible radio waves etc..
So no, I have no reason to stop using such devices (tools), just because I may or may not understand every detail of their complexity.

However, your invisible god is far from being in the same physical category as money or a cell phone.

Instead, the xtian claims god has been around forever, was never created by anything, and will 'live' on forever.
They also claim that God can see into the infinite future and has the quality of knowing everything that can be known....thus, your god is NEVER surprised by any future event-- and for that reason, should not have emotions like humans do.

Your god is all powerful, all loving; and just all.... everything.
Your god is suppose to never change, yet clearly has changed over the course of time.

While most of us may not know what makes a thing 'tick', we know that thing exists, as we can verify it's presence, as well as see the direct results of using it.

Other than FEELINGS and FAITH, one cannot establish your god exists, for god cannot be tested in any scientific manner.
We can't 'use' your god like we can that cell phone or money.
If god were like a cell phone or money, then we wouldn't be debating if he exists or not, as everyone would know he did.
We do NOT know your god exists, because we never see him, touch him, hear him, nor does he provide any evidence where he interferes with the normal course of events on earth.

We see no verifiable miracles ever occur.
We never see a single god-healing take place; that can be verified to be un-natural in scope.
We never see any skewed statistics of any population base, that might indicate some god has interceded in human affairs.

Your god has never provided even a single "update" to his ONLY holy book, a book that was pieced-together by mere humans, and is severely lacking in both consistency and accuracy...WHY NOT?

The bible is full of stories where many non-godly people could perform supernatural miracles, yet we have found zero evidence that such supernatural events are possible today.
Did your god decide he wasn't going to do anymore miracles, so he had to squash the 'force' that let non-godly folks also perform such 'tricks' as well?

Tell you what Miss Royalty, you show me ANYTHING on this earth that goes clearly against nature, and has been verified by a non-biased qualified source, and then you'll have my full undivided attention that their might be SOME KIND of god being out there.

At that point you'll only need to convince me that it is YOUR god that is the real one and not one outside your xtian philosophy.

I don't care how much FAITH you have in your bible and it's god.
I don't care how great such a belief makes you FEEL inside.
I don't care how much you believe this faith has changed your life.

Until you can show us something tangible that exists outside your own mind, then frankly, YOU GOT NADA.

ATF (Who wonders if this Royalty has blue-blood, for that would indeed catch my attention)

boomSLANG said...

Stronger Now stated: "The first question was not a good one to use if you are trying to persuade someone to believe in god. Why? Because if money doesn't work, you throw it out.(think of cofederate money after the civil war)You don't have to know everything about it to know whether or not it works.

If faith in god doesn't work you can throw it out as well. That's what happened to me, and that's what I did."

Thanks, S.N., for saving me the time and aggravation of having to point out another one of Royalty's fallacious and inapt analogies.


Royalty said...

Dang, I swear you guys should be freaking lawyers or something....I'm aghast...Please give me a moment to pick up my jaw...WOW.... OKAY... jaw in place=check...eyes back in head=check...drool cleaned up=check...vision clear=check...Okay back to Work...


What's something on Earth that goes clearly against nature??

My answers HUMANS, The Universe, Nature itself...How did they get here??? The only logical and reasonable answer is that a supernatural God created us/it. The other "logical" answer is the BIG BANG...Besides between science and the regular world, we only seem to be debating between those two choices anyway... SO have I earned your undivided attention yet??


Boy...You are a masterpiece. Imagine if you devoted this same exact time and effort on proving that God is real instead that he isn't...atheist WOULD NOT stand a chance. You got skills bro...foreal
See Stronger Now's reply

Stronger Now-

WE really are brothers and sisters...That was a VERY slick move changing my question around the way you did...(I think you took after my skills on that one)

-Original Question-

You don't know how money is MADE... or every little detail

You don't know how God was MADE...
or every little detail

Do you stop using it??? I didn't say ANYTHING about how it works.

That was a slick move, but sorry...Royalty is good like that.

So with that being said, I think you can go with that because it provides enough example.


Royalty *Crowned In God's Glory*

Anonymous said...

Royalty wrote:
"What's something on Earth that goes clearly against nature??

My answers HUMANS, The Universe, Nature itself...How did they get here??? The only logical and reasonable answer is that a supernatural God created us/it. The other "logical" answer is the BIG BANG...Besides between science and the regular world, we only seem to be debating between those two choices anyway... SO have I earned your undivided attention yet??"


My question to you really went like this:

"Tell you what Miss Royalty, you show me ANYTHING on this earth that goes clearly against nature, and has been verified by a non-biased qualified source"

Your answer seems to be that 'humans' go against nature, correct?
So I suppose the next question would have to be; How do you define NATURE?

What is part of nature and what is not a part of nature?

You imply here that humans are not part of nature, but are super-*natural*, and thus go against nature itself.
If that is true, then where do you place the rest of the many life forms on this earth?
Do animals go against nature?
How about fish?
What about flowers then?
Birds defy gravity with their ability to fly, so are they part of nature or go against it?

Does the earth itself go against nature as well?
Does the entire universe go against nature?

If all these things go against nature, then you need to define what you believe nature consist of.

Perhaps you see anything that isn't human as being a part of nature, but humans exists outside of nature?
If that's the case, then what evidence can you show us, that demonstrates we humans are vastly different than the mechanisms that govern the rest of the natural forms of life on earth?
i.e. what makes humans so different from other life on earth, other than our ability to reason?

So no royalty, citing humans as being something supernatural really doesn't get my undivided attention at all...Sorry about that.

I see NOTHING special about the human make-up versus other biological creatures on this earth, with the possible minor exception that we have a large brain-to-body ratio.

There just isn't anything totally unique about the human mammal that places it far outside the realm of the natural.
We are just part of the natural occurrences that evolved life from it's simplest forms, to the more complex.

Also, science itself is NOT anti-god, but instead seeks out knowledge APART from supernatural explanations that can't be tested or proved out.

If science discovered your god existed, it would have NO PROBLEM pointing out this grand fact to everyone. So far, science has found no evidence to support such a god being of popular mythology, and trust me, there are some 'scientist of faith' who would gladly take much pride in discovering credible evidence of your god.

Sorry, but so far, science hasn't been offered evidence by your god to prove it's existence to us. If there is a god out there, he's being terribly silent about making his presence known to any branch of science. Surely it's some grand god conspiracy to keep those who seek out such evidence, from ever discovering it.

Instead, the only evidence of god is based solely in the emotional realm, as well as the million hear-say stories that folks of faith tend to cite to us as proof to believe in god.

So again royalty, define nature for me and also explain what sets humans apart and into the supernatural realm of the universe.
I see NOTHING supernatural about the fact that humans exist. In fact, we are nothing more than a branch, on the tree of life that evolution has wrought on this earth.

ATF (who may at times, stare in awe at nature and the universe, but see's no need to explain it all by some supernatural unseen force)

TheJaytheist said...

O.k. royalty. No I do not know everything about how mony or cell phones are made. But that line of questioning is a fallacious one for a couple of reasons I think. But first let me address this:

"You don't know how God was MADE...
or every little detail..."

That statement is somewhat correct in that I do not "know" every little detail of how a human concept, such as a god, came to be. You are wrongly presupposing that I believe that your god exists in reality by asking the question the way you did.(actually, you answered it for me , PLEASE refrain from putting words in my mouth, unless you would like me to treat you the same)

"Do you stop using it???"

Yes. If you were to believe that god is nothing more than a fictitious character, that can do nothing to help you. Then you stop useing it.

Again this line of questioning is fallacious because it presupposes that I hold the same belief as you about "God". I do not.

This method of questioning is like asking a man:

"Have you stopped beating your wife, YES or NO?"

It presupposes that the man is already guilty of beating his wife, then if the man has to answer in the positive, he admits his guilt. If the man answers in a negative, he STILL admits his guilt.

Excuse me for being so crass but I feel I must illustrate this point by asking you a similar question:

Do you know, in every detail, how a dildo is made?

Just because you may feel like answereing "NO" doesn't let you off the hook because then the follow up question would be:

Do you, or will you, stop using a dildo?

Well, do you?

Royalty said...


First off, please don't compare Christianity with Science, that's why man created Christian Science, Scientology, and other cults.

Second, I didn't put words in your mouth, I simply answered your questions with multiply answers, according to my 20/20 vision that is.

And what do you mean humans don't go against nature? LOOK AT US! Our bodies are designed to live forever. When you get a cut, your body automatically treats the cut, and puts a bandage(scab) on it!
Only a supernatural being is capable of doing that...NOT an explosion.

You asked: How do you define NATURE?

My answer: Simple. A beautiful thing God created.

You asked: What is part of nature and what is not a part of nature?

My answer: the material world, as surrounding humankind and existing independently of human activities.
the natural world as it exists without human beings or civilization.
the elements of the natural world, as mountains, trees, animals, or rivers.
natural scenery.
the universe, with all its phenomena

Anything else/the opposite of what's listed above= NOT NATURE

Other notes on that: usually we describe things apart of nature as we can see them being made... We know their orgin... Bessides childbirth, How did humans get here?? So therefore, Humans, and the Universe can not be catogorized with nature, but we are included in nature because we live on Earth, which happens to be in nature. Ta Da!!!

Stronger Now:

Yeah Boi..It's your turn!

My answer to your demented question is: I do not use dildos, trust me, I have no need to. If you can read between the lines.(wink)

If anyone needs to continue on with this debate please type before your response SAME SUBJECT. I think that we all learned something from this, so I'm comfortable with moving on, stating that I answered all of your questions like webmaster likes, and I think this discussion will help me help you. After all this is the ONLY reason I'm here, otherwise, I'd be spending time with my children, and family. This goes to show you how much I love you all, today is my sister's birthday, and instead of laughing and reminisceing, I'm here getting chewed out by my other brothers, and sisters. Anyway, on to another important matter....

Okay since the whole go against nature thing, dildo shabang, cell-phone and money cogitation, and all the other dead in debates didn't work out(but did help me out extremely)... let's move on to one of my personal favorites.....drum roll please... *drum roll sound effects*... you guys better bring your A game for this one....

How did humans get here?? How was the universe created??

Talk to me...

YOU GUYS PUT A SMILE ON MY FACE, Royalty...I love you ALL.

P.S. StrongerNow, we have a lot in common!!!

Royalty said...

I chose this subject to prove to you only a supernatural being could've created such things, NOT an explosion.

Why can't you believe what the bible says?? It describes what happened on Earth, and how God created it, isn't that enough?

boomSLANG said...

Teenaged amateur evangelist is back, with:

Please give me a moment to pick up my jaw...WOW.... OKAY... jaw in place=check...eyes back in head=check...drool cleaned up=check...vision clear=check...

...objectivity = nowhere to be found.

Smells like teen spirit....Boomslang-

Boy...You are a masterpiece. Imagine if you devoted this same exact time and effort on proving that God is real instead that he isn't...atheist WOULD NOT stand a chance.

Despite the many conversations we've had, misconceptions and fallacies still abound. Once AGAIN, your highness theist, "Royalty"---the Atheist position does not seek to "prove" that there is no "God"/are no gods. The Atheist is NOT saying that "God" is disproven, but that "God" is unproven. I implore you, and all of our guest Christians, to please LEARN THE DIFFERENCE. Geesh.

TheJaytheist said...

"How did humans get here?? How was the universe created??"

I don't know.

There are some theories that seem more plausible to me than others.

But, I don't know. And neither do you. You THINK you know. But your inability to supply credible evidence for your beliefs tells me that you shouldn't be so certain that you "know".

I am not one to make up things to answer a tough question. Nor am I going to rely on someone else's imaginings to give me an answer that sounds comforting. That's not how truth is discovered.

"Why can't you believe what the bible says?? It describes what happened on Earth, and how God created it, isn't that enough?"

No. Not if the very premis can be examined critically, honestly, and logically and continue to be unfounded. It would be just as easy to think that any other creation story had the same veracity. Here's one:


And there are perhaps thousands more, all giving an explanation for earth and human existence. But, like yours, they all give the same amount of credible evidence. Also like yours, they were believed by people with little to no knowledge of scientific method, or logical principles.

So, why don't you believe in the Aztec creation story?

Anonymous said...

Royalty said...

Stronger Now, the story doesn't make sense, I'll explain later...

Happy Thanksgiving aka Happy Turkey Day!!!

In honor of Thanksgiving Day, how about we all post one thing we're thankful for.

I'm thankful for Jesus Christ(my invisible friend) because he has done so much for me including putting you wonderful brothers and sisters in my life!!! I'm so thankful for ALL of you, I wouldn't want to lose you!
I feel very special being able to communicate with you all, hopefully one day we WILL get to meet face to face, and I long for that moment.

I LOVE YOU ALL, Happy Thanksgiving!

*Crowned In God's Glory*

TheJaytheist said...

I'm thankfull that I'm no-one has given me credible evidence that the biblegod exists.

Royalty, Yhe bible doesn't make sense.

TheJaytheist said...

The turkey is getting to me.

boomSLANG said...

Dear Royalty,

Please stop spamming this blog. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

{For your entertainment on TG day}

Hi folks, I have a secret..tee..hee..scoff..scoff...I know something that you do not know, but I cannot tell you right now what it is that I know, that you do not know, although what I know, makes me a better person than you all atheists, because I've been told I'm better off than you, and I just so happen to believe everything that I am told, especially when it is something that I myself like to hear.

So now the secret is out and I might as well tell you because you all will eventually figure it out some day (maybe?) Here is the secret...I have invited Jesus into my heart, yes..yes that's right....without Jesus living in my heart I have nothing...I am nothing...there is nothing in this world but Jesus...I know..I know.. you all refuse to believe Jesus lives in my heart, but it is true.

Jesus gave up his blood so that his blood could run through my veins. I am so full of Jesus right now...Jesus is all there is...without Jesus the universe is nothing...Jesus is holding up the whole universe and I know there exists other peoples on distant galaxies, but he went to each galaxie and was sacrificed in the very same manner that he was sacrificed here on earth...God never changes my friends..it says so right there in the bible and my bible does not lie.

Without Jesus none of us would be here today, it is because of Jesus that we were born....we were born just to worship Jesus...just think about it...if you were God and you could figure out a way to get people to worship you openly in public, you would have to create a real person for people to worship you...of course without you being officially being seen...ha..ha...I mean just think about it...(pahleeze)... if God is thousands of years old...he must be an ugly old cuss...weathered grey beard, wrinkled and blistered skin...a few teeth missing...maybe some heat rash between the legs and smelly ~~~toe jam~~~yuck...Jesus was just 32 and starting to show his age so it was time to call him home and take him out of service...some of us older believers understand this I'm sure.

Anyways...just to let you all know that I am saved from hell and you are not because you refuse to believe the bible, but I'm not afraid to believe in the bible...because it is all true, and if you do not believe me, then just read the bible to find out it's all true...just think about it! ok?

This is my understanding of the bible and how the universe was made, you all can thank me later:-).

Mr Royalty (who is saved from hell)

Anonymous said...

P.S.--I forgot to tell all you atheists that I love you all so much that I would like to put my arms around you all and squeeze you all until you puke and your eyeballs pop out:-)

freethinker05 said...

Hello Mr. Royalty, glad to hear that jesus is in your heart, but, i think he's in my stomach, because, i'm full of crap from all that turkey; may as well been balogna. Happy thanksgiving to you and Mrs. Royalty, Peace, Roger.......A/A

freethinker05 said...

P.S. Mr. Royalty, maybe you would prefer to sgueeze the the buybullshit out of us non-believers instead? Roger...A/A

Anonymous said...

I am asking my Lord and God, to forgive each comments that i have read that are blasphemene God. Please don't let satan, deceive you into believing that there is no heaven or hell, that is his trick, make people not believe and as soon as they died, then eternal punishment comes. Please repent and call upon the name of the Lord before you live this life. Hell is real and Heaven too. Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and spend eternity in the great city of our GOD. Please read the bible, start with the new testament and let your heart feel the word of the Lord and you will encourter an inner peace that this world or anybody have furnish you. Don't spend eternity in hell because the bible said that God did not made hell for man but it was made for the devil and his angels. God do not send anyone to hell, satan is the one who deceive you into believing every bad things that happen to you is God fault, it is not, it is us who do wicked things that seal our eternity, it's us that choose the way of perdition instead of the way of salvation which is accepting Jesus Christ with all your heart. Ladies and Gentlemen, don't spend eternity in hell, be smart, God gave you a mind to think and choose. He send his Son Jesus Christ to die and paid for your sins. You do not have to go to this place, I am not perfect but I try, to serve the Lord and ask him for his strenght to make it in this life. I beg you, call upon his name, give him a chance you will not regret it, once you start having an experience with the Lord. He is the almighty God and do not find pleasure into the death of a sinner, but one everybody to be save and spend eternity in paradize with him, where you will be joyful and will never ever have any suffering again. Jesus love you, come to him before you die and serve him and your work and your love for him will not be in vain, but will give you eternal life. May the Lord of Host, the almighty God, have mercy on you and I and forgive our sins and transgression. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!

TheJaytheist said...

Princeofpeace, do you have any credible evidence for your claims? No? Then why bother us with your imaginary friend?

boomSLANG said...

Princeofpeace: .... the bible said that God did not made hell for man but it was made for the devil and his angels.

If hell not make for man, then God not need make man for hell. God all-powerful....him not have to do what him don't want to do. You seem say that will of man is more important than will of God, yes? Your reasons go round and round.

Princeofpeace: He send his Son Jesus Christ to die and paid for your sins....

If God send jesus die for sin, then sin paid, yes?....or no? Your bible make funny sense. You make funny sense, just like it.

= )

Anonymous said...

princeofpeace babbled:

Hey prince',

Did you ever hear of a new invention, called a Spell Checker?

Did you also know that some great person (not god) invented paragraphs, to make things more readable?

Now, about this silly post of yours:

>I am asking my Lord and God, to forgive each comments that i have read that are blasphemene God.

Well gosh, I feel so much better that YOU asked your volcano god not to punish us ex-xtians here.
Whew, that was a close call.

>Please don't let satan, deceive you into believing that there is no heaven or hell, that is his trick, make people not believe and as soon as they died, then eternal punishment comes.

Did you say "Satan"?
Oh yeah, I saw him last Halloween at my front door, begging for candy and nickels.
Is that who you mean prince?

>Please repent and call upon the name of the Lord before you live this life.

Okay fine then.
Ohhhhhhhhh "Lord" Zeus, do you hear me calling you; as this person requested?
Oops, no answer. Sorry Prince, it seems Zeus is too busy at the moment.

> Hell is real and Heaven too.

So Prince, I take it then that you have paid a visit to both heaven and hell, to confirm to us that both exists?

>Accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and spend eternity in the great city of our GOD.

Jesus who?
Oh, you mean that OTHER mythical figurehead of sheep herders of old?
Got any evidence perhaps, that this jesus ever lived, prince?

>Please read the bible, start with the new testament and let your heart feel the word of the Lord and you will encourter an inner peace that this world or anybody have furnish you.

Now WHY would I start with the new testament, when the old testament has far better X-rated stories in it?
Isn't your god the same yesterday as he is today?
He didn't possibly change or something, did he?

> God do not send anyone to hell, satan is the one who deceive you into believing every bad things that happen to you is God fault, it is not, it is us who do wicked things that seal our eternity, it's us that choose the way of perdition instead of the way of salvation which is accepting Jesus Christ with all your heart.

I don't know about your body prince, but in my body my heart merely pumps my blood around. Perhaps your god built you special or something huh.
See, most of us here like to use another part of our bodies to think with...THE BRAIN PART!!

> Ladies and Gentlemen, don't spend eternity in hell, be smart, God gave you a mind to think and choose.

Make up my mind please.
First you want me to use my heart to find your god, and now you say god gave me a brain to think and choose with.
So which is it then prince, hmm?

>He send his Son Jesus Christ to die and paid for your sins.

Sorry bub, but I have ZERO sins here.
So I guess I don't need any jesus to pay for these so called sins.
Oh, and even if I did have say, one tiny sin to pay for, what makes you think I asked this jesus dead person to pay for that sin.
Is this jesus like some credit card, where you buy something and he'll pay it off later?
The problem is that I don't recall buying any sins with this card, that need to be paid off.

Perhaps it's a case of Identity Theft and some xtian person used my credit card to buy some sins at that local sin xxx store?

>You do not have to go to this place,

Well, according to science, hell is much cooler than heaven, so I'm thinking I'd rather go to the cooler hell than the hotter heaven.
Makes perfect sense to me, yup.

> I am not perfect but I try,

I would suggest you 'try' a lot harder then....especially in the area of your writing skills.

>... once you start having an experience with the Lord.

Would you mind telling us about this grand experience you had prince?
Got any evidence to show us that experience exists OUTSIDE YOUR MIND?
I bet NOT!!

> He is the almighty God

Funny, but if I go on the evidence, it seems the devil has more power here on earth than your god does this past 2000 years or so.
God doesn't sound so almighty to me, prince.

>and do not find pleasure into the death of a sinner, but one everybody to be save and spend eternity in paradize with him, where you will be joyful and will never ever have any suffering again.

I'd like to take you up on your offer prince, but see, if I were to go to your heaven, then I'd be suffering, knowing all my good pals were burning in god's "paradize".
Doesn't sound very "joyful" to me, at all.

>Jesus love you, come to him before you die

Tell ya what prince.
I can't walk that far to get to wherever your jesus is hiding, so you tell your jesus to come to me instead...DEAL?

>and serve him

Let's get one thing straight prince.
I do NOT serve anyone, especially a mythical being.
Secondly, even if your bible god was real, he's not worth serving. Have you actually read your entire bible to know what kind of god you are bowing down to, hmmm?

>and your work and your love for him will not be in vain, but will give you eternal life.

Just what do you plan on doing with your eternal life, for all eternity?
Perhaps you could use all that time to learn how to write....just a suggestion there.

ATF (who knows we have yet another xtian here that will never return with proof of his pretend god)

Astreja said...

Prince of Peace, bugger off. I much prefer the prospect of going to Hell to the prospect of worshipping your idea of a god.

I'm 99.999...% sure that the god of the Bible and its Hell are equally imaginary; but in the infinitesmally small chance that I'm wrong I intend to keep My vow and turn My back on the prospect of salvation.

If anyone goes to hell, anyone at all, for any reason,I shall go there with them. And that is that.

eel_shepherd said...

The Autist Formerly Known As PrinceOfPeace contributed:
"I am asking my Lord and God, to forgive each comments that i have read that are blasphemene God..."

It doesn't work that way, PieceOfAss; you ought to at least know your _own_ theology before you start offering it up to other people. Your prayers for someone else's transgressions won't count for snot when it comes to the crunch. A person can only atone for their own transgressions, not someone else's. Jesus told me that; I was talking to him and your name came up. I'm not allowed to report what he told me about you. (...but it's not good, prince, not good at all...)

"...I am not perfect but I try, to serve the Lord and..." [edited for brevity]

Can you give us some examples of things you've _done_ recently along those lines? What were a few of those lord-serving activities? I want actual verbs, here, my friend. Subject, then transitive verb, then object. Some way in which you performed an action that affected another person or thing in your environment.

Royalty said...

Hey guys!!! It feels so good to be back, sorry I've neglected you, I feel terrible. ANyway...

Prince of Peace:

I see we have another vistor, that according to your post you all didn't treat so kindly. Well, Prince of Peace, that was good, but these guys aren't average, so visit my website www.whenwillyoubelieve.blogspot.com. It'll really help you, and I'm looking foward to becoming friends. Also, that was good, I might need to break out another hardcore prayer, if they'll allow me to.

Astreja, It is so good to hear from you, I think I tried to ask you how've you been, but my brother Webmaster accidentely deleted my post. But, you're here now, and it put the biggest smile on my face.


Your turn sweet heart, I'm not sure if it was you who posted it, but....it made this answer pop in my head for some odd reason
God is like the wind he created, you can feel it, but you can't see it. He is also like oxygen, you need it to live, and survive, but you can't see it.

I know that was sorta random but, oh well, it's said.

And this is to everyone except astreja, and webmaster:

Please respect everyone on this page, by not using profanity and assaulting others. It is not only disrespectful to the victim, but also to astreja, and webmaster. And trust me if I can go without getting crunk(Houston Term for rowdy, usually cursing, yelling, things of that matter) then you can too. I'm not making any excuses or exceptions, I'm just saying...you need to chillax(Houston Term for chill and relax combined, which means calm down, take a couple of deep breaths, stop getting crunk)

Well, I'll be back with a short sermon briefly....


*Crowned In God's Glory*

eel_shepherd said...

Penalty wrote:
"...Well, I'll be back with a short sermon briefly....


Was that the sermon? If so, I'd like to be the first to commend you on your brevity.

Royalty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Royalty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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