No more invisible pink unicorns

Sent in by Chad

As a child growing up in a Christian family I often went to church sang worship, discussed religion with other Christians and played with a lot of other Christian kids from my church, while I didn't have many other friends do to my home schooling, but I did go to a public school later and met my now best friend Al whom by his mother was encouraged to seek out a religion of his own (he chose Buddhism).

We would often discuss religion together, and I was very interested in the things he had to say because he never spoke about Jesus or God’s Word and how big the universe was and that god was great. Instead he talked about new exciting things like meditation and the kind of peace one finds when you break all conflict within yourself.

A few years later my family became churchless because we found out about the priest being a pedophile (no joke), so we stopped going to church. And then Al stopped his practice of Buddhism for his own reasons, and we both pretty simultaneously stopped believing any invisible pink unicorns. And of course I went through the usual cold turkey of "Oh shit I’m going to go to hell, but got over it pretty quickly when Al and I came up with our own formula against god, which is basically: "If God Loves us so much then why did he make a pit of despair for his reject children?"

I follow Jesus’ teachings all the way up to the point of believing in an invisible pink unicorn (or in other words, God).

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