I have taken the shackles off

Sent in by Donna

This site must be an answer to prayer. I was conceived and born into Seventh Day Adventism and have always suspected the rigidity of the religion coupled with the sterness of my father as having a repressive effect on who I was to become. And it did, but no longer.

Though there are many positive things that resulted from a strict religious upbringing, I always felt very sad inside many times, as if the song I was born to sing could not be sung or else I would certainly loose my soul.

My home was loving and my parents were most giving and great parents and I would not have chosen any other two people, as I now believe we all choose who we come to the earth by and that people do the best they can. But once my parents passed on, I was forced to look at my beliefs. Did I really believe the things I said I believed? And if so why did I believe them? Mostly I believed because that is what I had been taught and if I deared to question too deeply, it was strongly discouraged and I always had to be conscious of what others thought as well. So much so that it did not matter whether it made sense or not.

At 25, I began to search and follow mylife time's inner intuitive questionings. I have always had questions, but no one really answered them or I was told it's a mystery — we'll know when we get to heaven. Why Did God send the serpent in the Garden to tempt Adam and Even if He is all knowing? Why weren't there any people of color in any depiction of heaven or historical christian events?

Well, I cannot tell you how angry I was when I discovered that the image of Jesus I had been taught all my life was the son of God was actually the artist's model and that the books of the Bible were chosen by a Council and that King James was one of the most obnoxious persons in history. And that there were other writings which were not chosen. That Christianity suppresed the femine expression of the divine and on and on. Once I got over my anger I became greatful for the Universe providing answers to my questions and I began to de-condition myself from all of the "shoulds and should nots" which religion imposes on you and renders a most unhealth psyche and hypocritical way of life. I am still freeing myself but for the last 10 years I can say I have been the most free and especially the last 5.

I had told myself I would not call myself any man-made label but rather call myself a child of God and God being the unexplainable life providing and life giving force within all — not a man up in the sky.

I respect those who choose a religion to support them in life, but I have made peace with myself that I do not need any particular made made religious organization to guide my steps, for the divine exists inside of all of us if we would access it and the all the answers we need are right inside of us.

I have taken the shackles off my feet and now I am dancing!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations and welcome, Donna! I hope to see you commenting on future posts and in the forums.

jimearl said...

Hi Donna and welcome to the world of reality. It's the only way to live honestly in a mostly deceitful world. Religion has it's chains around most human beings but perhaps we can sense a little looseness happening recently. Hang around and take part in seeing others shake off the shackles of religion. It is so much fun! Every time someone deconverts, an angel loses her wings!

Anonymous said...

Hi Donna,

Tough road to travel but worth the trip. Now life takes on a whole new perspective...it is meaningful and fulfilling now, not after you're dead. Good fortune and look forward to seeing your posts.

Anonymous said...

Well, Donna, I thought I would never read the story of a person who had the exact same ideas of the divine as me.

I, too, spent many years in a Sabbath-keeping cult.

Thank you for posting.

Anonymous said...

I understand exactly what you are saying and going through

Nvrgoingbk said...

I second what Lorena said.

I consider myself a mystic of sorts or "spiritual", but I can not ascribe to any organized set of the religious beliefs so far revealed by man. I think that most of us have an inner "knowing" of the divine, but it's not the image that is conjured up by religion. Some can not even imagine any sort of so-called "God", and that's okay too. I can't even concieve of the notion that one would be condemned to a place like "Hell" simply for believing the wrong thing. It's absurd, yet I believed the lie for sixteen years, but now, I too, am free of the shackles that kept me tethered to fear and self-loathing for so long.

I'm glad to welcome another religious defector to Ex-C.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donna: Welcome! My grandma was a 7th Day Adventist and she really loved me, and I her, but it was such a bore when she tried to make sure “Johnny Boy wasn’t going to Hell” by trying to indoctrinate me. I would always try to change the subject, if I could or run outside. Anyway, in the words of MLK, ”Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we’re Free at least!” Congrats!

Grace & Peace, Johnny Boy

jfraysse said...

That last “least” should be “last” but, alas, “least” works too, methinks! (lol!)

Anonymous said...

Hello Donna!

Like you, I also decided not to attach a title to myself. I figure it's nobody's business what I believe, or don't. I'm not going to make it easy for anyone to pigeon-hole me.


Anonymous said...

I understand the feeling. But, You were born a human not a seventh Day adventist, you were brought up in that system, thats all. I was a mamber of a system simlar to seventh day adventism. But when I learned we are not under any law, and that we are saved by grace plus nothing then, I became leary abnout ol so-called denominations of the system and belong to none of them although I am on the Books of one. But it makes no sdifference what you do or do-not do. XChrist has covered it all from birth tio death, Its called saved by grace plus nothing. God does it all we do nothing we are along for the ride, and what a ride? Men cannot save themselves, by anything that they can or might do. "We are too feeble minded" and impotent. Pus our live is just a bleep, here one minute and gone the next...

The Religions of this world are a Joke.

Christ said I am the "Way" the Truth, and the Life! "Not a new religion"

Humanity took Christ and made their Religion around His name, which is a false Religion, and so are all the rest...

"The word Religion means dread demonism"

""All the Religions of the world worship demons"

Now You Know!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous = Celestials/Koch/S.M.K = Babble-babble-babble!

And so it goes, huh Anonymous?

webmdave said...

What gets me about celestials, is that I've asked him, politely, to quit posting on the site.

Yet, he absolutely, and rudely, refuses to honor my request.

Christianity, in all it's wacky forms = pure bull.

Anonymous said...

Randy in Mpls

Archie Bunker once said something much like "It isn't supposed to make sense. Faith is when you believe something that nobody in his right mind would believe."

Your questions demonstrate a lack of faith, they said, and that the Devil himself is influencing you. No, actually they indicate that you have refused to shut your brain off. Good Call!

SpaceMonk said...

Welcome Donna.

I agree with you about the divine.

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