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Sent in by Yolanda

I have decided to leave Christianity, alone.

As you can guess that doesn't sit to well with my family. I was on the phone today talking to my cousin, who was basically trying to convince me that I have made some sort of mistake. She is telling me that I have a spirit of confusion because I let some books change the way I used to think. She all but cussed me out and called me a demon. She did nothing but yell and scream at me.

I told her, "well no one has ever seen GOD so how can you apply attributes of any kind to something you have never seen?" Then she replies, "Well, have you seen your brain? Have you seen your heart? Have you seen your kidney? Well, it's the same thing."

OK, correct me if I am wrong, but this seems a bit absurd, to the say the least.

I could have sworn it had already been proven that humans have a brain, heart, etc. But anyway, as you can see, this isn't going over to well with the church and family. I told her that I have been looking into the background and the beginnings of Christianity. Of course she doesn't accept this. She then proceeded to tell me that I have to be careful with what I put in my spirit because it can lead to confusion.

This has been a work in progress for months. Had this been a year ago, no one could have told me I would be where I am right now. It has been a hard decision for me to make, and harder still to actually tell people what I am going through. In the Black community even those that aren't "saved" still say they believe in Jesus. You don't hear of too many black people heavily invested in the belief and then turning around to say they don't believe anymore.

This has been hard for me, to say the least, but it is my decision, and everyone can take it or leave it.

St. Louis
8 yrs. old
24 yrs. old
Was: Apostolic faith, C.O.G.I.C.
Now: no label yet
Converted because: I felt I had a need.
De-converted because: researching the history of Christianity
email: yolanda_jimerson2000 AT yahoo DOT com

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