The Peacock Feather

sent in by David Luck

I was a born and bred Catholic, however 12 years ago I walked away, and have never felt more happy or comfortable with my decision. As a young person I'd pretty much done it all Churchwise, Altar Boy, Catholic School, Religion Prizes, Youth Group Leader etc.

The Catholic faith while expousing many virtues was steeped in contradictions and bigotry. In the end I was repelled by it.

I have since been leading a comfortable secular life. I have married into a Chinese family and have many friends from a variety of backgrounds. Humanity is a beautiful thing and it doesn't need relgion to screw it up.

Just recently I've started a great new job with a small firm. There is a christian senior principal who uses morning tea to put forth his own views on creation etc. I have had to bury myself in many a good book during such discussions.

Recently he had a peacock feather and was using the eye of the feather to demonstrate how such intricacies could not have evolved from evolution. This has made me feel a little small and isolated, as my half my colleagues are also Christian.

I have never sought to define my athiest beleifs, as this plays hands of Christians who seek to label people into simplistic groups. After the peacock incident I have decided to read into atheism much more deeply. It's great other peoples testimonies, and I've never felt so empowered reading all your words.

Thanks guys for making me feel proud about who I am.

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