Get over it!

sent in by Hugh

I was born and raised Xian, and after years of questioning the logic, the dogma and what I felt in my heart, I realized this was all bullshit.
I read the bible, which was created by a bunch of ass backward rag heads trying to explain the world in which they live. Through death, slaughter and self severing means they learned to control the masses (which every religion does) and they succeeded.

And as a recovered addict/alcoholic…I have experienced hell. They all told me god would heal me from this affliction if I would just give my heart to him. I have seen people in the greatest of despair praying to their god and carrying the bible and quoting this empty shallow bullshit only leading them into more turmoil. In the end they either succumbed to death by their addiction or blew their fucking brains out.
Through the river of time man has tried to explain what happens after death and what god wants us to do. Because of our own insecurities we have cause more death and segregation.

If we could just throw that damn book down the shitter with the Koran and all the other bullshit religious writings, sit down and discuss what we could do for one another to help each other prosper and grow, this world would be a better place..but that shit aint gonna happen.

So in the end…NO ONE KNOWS…..Quit trying to determine what an unseen, unknown god wants..quit trying to tell me what YOUR god wants…cause I don’t believe in YOUR god.

City: Harrisburg
State: PA
Country: US
Became a Christian: Birth?
Ceased being a Christian: 20+-
Labels before: none
Labels now: unknown...cause no one knows
Why I joined: no choice in the matter
Why I left: I woke the fuck up
Email Address: stenmk5 at comcast dot net

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