Make up your minds......

Well, a little back story: I grew up in the church, began to question it in jr. high..... and then a painful experience led me to believe for a fact there was a loving God somewhere.

Well, here I am now disbelieving that due to one question.

Is it Fate, or is it Free Will?

You'd think of all the sources to this age-old question, the bible would have the answer. Yet, it can't make up its mind.

Some verses point towards free will, others say fate.

Now, I've argued with some Christians that say we have both... But that isn't logical. Fate and free will are two contradictory beliefs. You either have control of your actions or you don't.....

One person suggested to me that if you follow God's will, then you are following fate. And if you are following your own, than your exercising free will. However, I countered this with Judas' story. Did he actually have the choice to not betray Jesus, since that is what God required? So, his disobeying God actually fit God's plan. And if exercising your free will fits God's plan, then how is it free will?

And yet, here's why most Christians hold on to their belief of both. Because one or the other would kill their faith.

If we have true free will, then God is not omnipotent, he cannot actually know what we will choose, the only reason things happen are because it was someones choice.

If we have fate, then we are on this earth to play a role, be it the businessman or the theif, now can God really punish you for playing the role that he set? Does he punish the fly for living and growing in what we consider filth? So, if their is fate, there cannot be a hell.

Thats why Christians hold onto that their is both. They require the best from each ideal. God has a plan for us, we are all special, yet we are free to choose.....

Wrote up this general idea on a Christian board and instead of debate I got an argument. Too many, "I'm right, your wrong, shut up" type things.


Name: Quadratix

Sex: Male


City: Oblivion

State: No where

Country: USA

Became a Christian: Officially, freshmen year, so, 14

Ceased being a Christian: 17

Labels before: Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist, Missionary

Labels now: Agnostic, Deist perhaps.......

Why I joined: I just knew a loving God was there after a time of pain...

Why I left: Questions where the only answers to my questions......

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