by Mitch

Now that I’ve finally seen organized religion for what it really is I see why some ancient civilizations used to worship the sun. In comparison to the god of the bible it actually makes perfect sense. Of course the believers will say I’m crazy and this is utter blasphemy, but who cares. Unlike the bible god you can actually SEE the sun, and you can feel it's warm rays shining down on you. The sun also has a very direct and profound effect on us all. it provides heat, light, food, good weather a fair amount of the time, and gives us life! we couldn't live without it. And it's there without fail every single day no questions asked and unlike you know who makes no outrageous demands or threats. Now what more could you ask for in a higher power or supreme deity?

if ya gotta worship something why not that? Religious zealots will say I’m trying to make a mockery of their beliefs, [I am no doubt that's the whole idea] and that god was the one who created the sun in the first place. The sun can't answer prayers, and yada yada yada...blah blah blah ect. I think the Aztecs and Egyptians of yore were really on to something. In a crazy senseless world their religious choice was the only one that made sense. Now I’m not saying that's what we should do but I will say this..... I’ll take that bright shining yellow SUN up there over that hypocritical non existent SON of god in the bible any day. PEACE!

p.s. Apollo, you da man!!!

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Ceased being a Christian at 22

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