freed my mind or lost my soul?

by d. mitchell

I'll make this short and sweet. After several years of being force fed 'the gospel' I finally caved in at 15 and was submerged in the water and 'reborn'. I went along with it only because my mother and numerous church members insisted I had to. But I never truly understood things. The bible, the sermons, the complicated concepts of Christianity, none of it really made sense to me. and I was always made to feel I should accept it without question. But I've asked questions and I'm asking questions, and I've honestly had more answered here on this site than by any clergy I've ever spoken to.

The bible is full of holes and without a doubt the most ridiculous book ever written. It's no more than the equivalent of Jewish mythology. And the similarities between it and other mythologies is amazing. How so many people let it take over their minds is incredible. A woman in church once told me "over 90% of the world believes in god, now all those people can't possibly be wrong". Well a few hundred years ago most of the world also thought the earth was flat and guess what...? They were all wrong! It's taken a long slow process of ten years but I've finally freed my mind. I used to wonder if freeing my mind would mean losing my soul but that's no longer an issue, I know I've made the right choice and hope all you other ex-Christians out there will keep striving for our freedom and piece of mind.

A couple of questions though before I go..........

1] How come Christians are always coming down on non-believers trying to get them to change their views but you never see any non- believers running up in churches trying to get Christians to give up Christianity?

And here's the most 'burning' question of the day..........

2] Regarding hell, if the soul is not flesh than how can it burn? Answers anyone?


Sex: male

City: atlanta

State: ga

Country: usa

Became a Christian: 15

Ceased being a Christian: 25

Labels before: church of christ

Labels now: agnostic

Why I joined: pressured, brainwashed, crammed down my throat

Why I left: strong doubt and things didn't make sense

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