Born-Again Heathen

sent in by Ingeborg S. Nordén

Not every ex-Christian becomes an atheist or agnostic instead; my own story is the "exception that proves the rule", judging by the other anti-testimonies I've seen on this site. If the webmaster doesn't mind hearing from converts to another theistic faith, I hope that my story will be of use to similar people visiting the Ex-Christian site (a direct link to my deconversion story appears below).

P.S. My belief that gods exist should NOT be interpreted as an attempt to convert other readers; no belief system is the One True Way for the whole human race. Nor should it be interpreted as a wholesale rejection of logic and science: I believe that the gods gave me a brain and intended me to use it properly. The natural and the supernatural each have their place in life, IMO; holy texts and creation stories are mostly symbolic, not meant to be read as literal truth.

Sex: Female


City: Madison

State: WI

Country: USA

Became a Christian: baptized Catholic as an infant, raised fundamentalist Protestant

Ceased being a Christian: 23

Labels before: Protestant fundamentalist

Labels now: Liberal Asatru, Heathen, Norse pagan

Why I joined: I had little or no choice in "becoming" a Christian; hellfire was rammed down my throat as soon as I could understand the word!

Why I left: 50% ethical issues, 25% ethnic issues, and 25% Biblical contradiction/errancy problems

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