Revelation vs. information

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My viewpoint is one of having been an evangelical Christian for many many years. Today I am a member of what is statistically the most disliked, mistrusted and reviled group of humans on this planet; I am an Atheist.

What causes a person go from being a born-again, spirit-filled, Bible believing Christian to becoming a person who completely rejects these faith based claims? Many believers have a pat (automatic) answer to this question, so, they won't hear the real explanation of why someone like myself turns away from ideas that I once believed, cherished and followed with all of my heart, soul and mind.They will dismiss the subject without any examination because to understand someone else's point of view is difficult, challenging and even sometimes threatening. It is easy to ignore an idea. Especially if you have been taught, the way I was, that to even allow certain ideas to into your field of thought will lead to spiritual suicide. In my case, I was taught that it is better to simply block out any information that conflicts with Biblical teaching.

So, I understand from personal experience what it is like to be a Christian and see everything I believed in being destroyed. I know how it feels to believe that the nation I love is being systematically ravaged by invisible evil forces. Not to mention that many of the people that I loved most in this world were headed towards an eternal existence that promised unending agony.

I KNEW that these teachings were real, true and proven.

So...what caused my thinking to change? What turned my world view 180 degrees? Well, I'll tell you exactly what brought such a radical, life altering change to my life. The one thing that changed me was not anything hidden, or mysterious or beyond my capabilities.

I now see that there had been something missing in my life. I tried to fill that space with faith, but that only left a deeper void. Finally,well into my late thirties, I stumbled onto the solution. I would find true salvation not through faith, not through divine revelation, not through membership or affiliation, but I would find my way via..(drum roll: bbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...pop!) - INFORMATION !!

When factual information was combined with honest reason the result was - atheism. (For some, of course, results may vary.)

So; I think I understand why believers and non-believers are in a duel to the death! This is the way that the world always has and probably always will go round and round.

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