My emancipation from the Bible cult

Sent in by Nick

My first doubts began when I was 8 or 9, wondering why I never saw the god I was learning about in Sunday School, while he seemed to put in so many appearances in biblical times. Was he really watching our every action from up there in the sky and jotting it all down to be used against us on Judgment Day?

Though I was "confirmed" at the age of 18, mainly to please my parents, I was never a religious person, and Christianity never formed a big part of my life, until my 8-month-old daughter died. I received kind, moral support from my Seventh Day Adventist neighbors and this period in my life was the closest I ever got to becoming involved in church activities.

But I gradually drifted away, mainly over the requirement to literally believe everything contained in the Bible, though much, obviously, stretched one's imagination.

So my doubts grew, though to be quite honest, I really didn't give it all that much thought, nevertheless, I guess you could call me a dormant fence-straddler for want of a better term.

Then came my epiphany! December 26, 2004. The SE Asia tsunami, which took the lives of almost a quarter of a million people. An article in a newspaper headlined "How can religious people explain something like this?" caught my eye and registered. It simply ended any doubts I had had over the years, especially over the non-appearance of the biblical god in roughly 2,000 years.

First, being a former Christian, I decided to read the Bible in its entirety so that I would be able to reply to any who questioned me, though obviously I cannot remember all that I read. I can only say that my close examination of the Bible revealed that it is nothing less than a book of horrors, which I never read in Sunday School. Obviously, I was never taught about the violence and cruelty and killings at Sunday School; I remember, like everyone else, the nice, beautiful verses, which I later realized had been carefully selected to lull us into a false sense of comfort, while the "bad" verses were deliberately hidden from our view.

It took me over a year to complete my reading, which naturally brought me in touch with other religions, all of which required one to go back to olden times when people believed in myths, legends and superstitions.

My studies became in depth, full-fledged research covering Christianity in its various forms, Judaism and Islam. I quickly realized that Judaism, from which Christianity had sprung, was itself formed from Hinduism, which is replete with thousands of gods. I could, of course, go into much deeper detail regarding my discoveries, but suffice it to say that I became convinced beyond any doubt whatsoever that religion is simply a form of belief in a supernatural being, a savior, that primitive man created to alleviate his fear of the unknown, especially that of death. That form of belief later morphed into unadulterated mind control.

Religion is another word for cult, for that is what ALL religions are, without exception.

Well, perhaps there is one exception, Islam, which is nothing more than a terrorist organization, started by a band of robbers around the year 610. It began as such, and continues as such today.

Some cults appear harmless and benign; some are decidedly evil and malignant; ALL are unnecessary, and only serve to hold man back from even greater endeavors in this world.

That, in a nutshell, was my emancipation!

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