Christianity is a crock

Sent in by John

I grew up a Roman Catholic and when I reached 18 was co-erced into checking out Pentecostalism by some friends of mine at school.

I went along and was pretty much converted within a week. What joy! What peace! What a crock!

After wandering around for about 18 years as a bible-believing Christian, I was struck by the lack of real love among the chosen and the total disregard for the "unsaved." I became a street preacher after getting into Ray Comfort's teachings (with Kirk Cameron!) and spent a good year and a half bothering others about their sin!

I met an atheist on the street and we became kinda pen friends. He wrote to me and what impressed me was not just the facts he was presenting but the mere fact he bothered to answer those nagging doubts I had over the years.

After coming to a realization in my own mind about the fact that the whole Christian thing was ridiculous (with some help from some medication prescribed by a shrink) I was cured of my beliefs and finally, for the first time in years, had clarity in my life.

Now I consider the whole thing to be a bad dream in a way, believing everything the Bible said no matter how ridiculous and unrealistic, and slavingly following a dead guy who probably never existed in the first place, was not the best use of my time!

I really hope if you are doubting your "faith" that you continue to ask questions and don't just put your doubts at the back of your mind and blindingly follow like I did.

Believing in an invisible god who dishes out punishment to those who don't agree with him or tow the line is rather silly, don't you think?

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