Free at last

sent in by Terrence Anderson

Wow, hi every one this is quite ironic that I'm posting a testimony on being an atheist seeing I was a theology student a couple of months ago. I would like to thank all the people on this website for being an invaluable source of info and wisdom.

My story begins with me being born into a Christian family in South Africa where Christianity is pretty much the norm.

I was a devout Christian my whole live and in high school I decided to become a minister to help people that have being lead astray by evil.

I decided to put myself in their shoes and this is where the paw-paw really hit the fan cause low and behold the rubbish the atheists where talking made more sense than my story.

Thus my journey began and the past few months have being hell. I was torn between the truth and the fear of letting go of all the crap I’ve been fed my whole life.

I finally managed to let go and, damn it felt good. I still respect peoples religion because I once too was deceived and alienating my entire family wouldn't do any good.

I also believe that I am a much better person because now I accept people unconditionally regardless of race or religion. I am no longer a racist, although most people I known are Christians as well as racist.

Am I still scared of dying? Hell, yeah but at least I'm free and I can appreciate the delicacy of life and life now while I am alive.

One thing I do have to add is although I don't believe in god or at least Jehovah or any other religious figure I still think there are some questions unanswered by anyone thus there might be a god when just don't know him.

Thank you all and have a wonderful prosperous life.

Cape Town
South Africa
Joined: very very young
Left at: 19
Was: Protestant
Now: atheist
De-converted because: found the true path

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