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sent in by Todd

I have been in church most of my life. Been a believer most my life. I was baptist early on, then changed to Presbyterian in the last 11 years. I have never been comfortable in church. I am still involved, mostly because of my wife and family who are in church. They do not know I am a doubter.

I first starting doubting things the more I learned about science and biology. I take Discover magazine. Its a good science one. It has had me doing some serious thinking. Then I read an article in newsweek magine on the birth of christ. After, I bought a book I am reading now, "Born Divine" by Robert Miller. He poses some serious questions like why is it that the virgin birth is only mentioned in Matthew and Luke. Its found no where else in the new testiment. If its such a miracle as the church has it to be, I think Paul must have wanted everyone to know about it, I think it would have been in Mark and John. Buts its not there.

I am perplexed now. These things are confirming my doubts I already had. Now, what to do. Do I dare mention these things to my bible believing wife? What about the kids?

I know am approaching easter with little anticipation.

What other books would be good to read?

Thanks for your help!!!

Country: USA
Became a Christian: 13
Ceased being a Christian: N/a
Labels before: Southern Baptist, Presbyterian
Labels now: doubting
Why I joined: I did not want to go to Hell
Why I left: going through it now
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