From agnostic Hindu to fundy christian to hardcore atheist

sent in by Hades

Greetings all,

I don't know if I posted my "testimony" here but here goes.

I was born agnostic Hindu in Bombay and we migrated to Singapore in 1995. Here in 2001 I joined the Hope of God church as a charismatic christian. However very quickly points of friction arose. Being a science student and having always been brought up under the impression that all religions are equal, I found it very hard to digest the "I am right and you are wrong!" attitude the church had.

I also was an evolutionary biology student in the university and that again created a lot of friction. Added to the fact that I didn't like "christian" (read: Fundy) music and was always willing to question inconsistencies in the bible, I decided that this was not the place for me.

Leaving was hard because these people were very nice to me. The churchmembers were a friendly bunch and I didn't like to tell them that I had decided that they are full of shit as far as beliefs are concerned. So I fabricated this elaborate lie about another fledgling church starting in the neighbourhood and me being in the right place to help them grow (god's calling and all that guff).

I left the church with some misgiving and started reading a lot before reverting to a default "no gods till you prove them to me" stance. I also have been pretty active on the internet maintaining three atheist websites, the current one being

That's all for now.


Sex: Male
City: Singapore
State: Singapore
Country: Singapore
Became a Christian: 21
Ceased being a Christian: 22
Labels before: Fundamentalist, Charismatic christian
Labels now: Atheist
Why I joined: Sense of belonging and unity amongst the christians of my ex-church
Why I left: Too rigid, bigoted, and backward. they tend to behave like sheep
Email Address: admin at evilatheist dot com

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