Christianity Is Dangerous I Should Know

sent in by Wesley Brown

When I was younger I remember I kept hearing the name Jesus while lying playing with colouring books under my church pew. My parents (my dad a United Methodist pastor) forced me to go to church and some church events (no choice). I hated it because I was always bored but the people were nice to me and the social time afterwards was cool. The vibrations were happy (New age lingo for feel of the room and people in it).

I didn’t question my faith at that time. I was a sore loser at my elementary school and not very many people wanted to hang out with me. I remember being pushed down by a bully and called retard a couple of times anyway this one girl named Jenny was the kindest girl I ever knew at that age. She put her arm around me and said “you know what even Jesus cried” I am very much like that now aided by my decision to leave Christianity.

Anyway when I was thirteen I was going through a lot of shit I hated my parents and I even threw stuff at the walls to tell them I didn’t want to live there anymore. I think some of that was triggered by the belief my parents forced on me that they called Christianity. I was very mad one night and crying and saying what my dad called the dreaded F word (Fuck) and finally after I got calmed down I got into an argument about religious beliefs and the fact is they convinced me “accept Jesus” then they assured me that I was going to heaven if I did this. I believed them and said the prayer something to the effect of we are all sinners I accept that you died for me and accept you into my heart.

I started to change then but noticed it was all driven by the fear that I am going to hell if I don’t confess and my parents warned me that it is better to confess now and get it over with so I confessed things that my parents taught me were sins. Christianity seems to think everything that is living is a sin. It is said in the bible (I don’t know where) something like this for even becoming angry with your parents is punishable to hell, but then somewhere else in the bible it says whoever comes to me and is not willing to hate their family for my sake is not my disciple what load of Bullshit (and my dad says it is a sin even to say that word even more ridicules).

To get to the point once I was so depressed I wanted to kill myself I turned to Christianity to give me more comfort NOT A FREAKING CHANCE it made my pain even worse with the worry that if I did that I could go to hell. I even had to go to the out patient clinic and get some medication and counselling. Now that I am over with those thoughts I am glad. I know those thoughts were partly due to the fact that I am no longer worried about hell. Now I am a very popular boy in high school and I like anyone who is kind and understanding with me. My dad even told me he is in support of them killing the crazy people over in Iraq. He also said he wants more laws governing things that people do that should be their right to do.

My heart goes out to all you people who are thinking of leaving Christianity I give my best wishes to you and I hope you find freedom. I love my friends too much to see a cult like this destroy their lives. If you are or will be raising kids tell them Christianity is wrong if they ask about it and get them involved in a positive religion like paganism, spiritualism, new ageism ect (Not Islam, or Satanism). I just want to say I hope the real god will show you the way (of course if you are an atheist he gives you the right to be that as I under stand it).

To the Christians: If you are in search of the real truth you will find it. I don’t hate you. I love the world enough to tell you what you are doing is wrong you can liberate your mind by knowing there is no hell, and that your friends who torment you with that idea are in fear of it themselves they are not able to be honest they are brainwashed.

City: Clinton
State: Mi
Country: USA
Became a Christian: 13
Ceased being a Christian: 16
Labels before: United Methodist
Labels now: Humanist, Newagest
Why I joined: My Parents Forced It On Me.
Why I left: Because I have seen the kindness of non christians and other people.

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