It sucked

sent in by Lee

I was born into this silly Christian belief system with a catholic mother and protestant father, at the age of about five I was enrolled in a local convent school, naturally inhabited by NUNS aaarg!

These monochromatic creatures despite naming themselves after saints, Mother Malachy, Sister Teresa ect were quite violent in their outlook, being very keen to use the 'strap' a 18 inch monstrosity of quarter inch leather for the slightest infraction. I must have got this about twice a week across the palms of the hands or the calves for about three years. There is just something not right about a seven year old hobbling down a school corridor weeping and repeatedly muttering stuff like 'gentle f*****g Jesus'.

To make matters worse my early education consisted largely of 'catechism' a load of religious babbling that had to be learned off by heart, instead of stuff like Math, and English in preparation for secondary school. Disappointingly to date no prospective employer has asked me to quote any of the mumbo jumbo that was literally thrashed into my memory. I did fail a college entrance exam though because I had never heard of binary arithmetic.

I think my father, a seaman must have had a sense of humor he used to invite the priest and the vicar around when on leave and feed them duty free whisky, I think the holymen would have fought each other sometimes except the freeloading buggers were practically too pissed to walk.

My mother, a catholic completely ultra right wing all her life decrying every race under the sun, strangely enough left twee little poems to 'the virgin Mary' to be read out at her funeral. I thought to myself if Jesus is black or Mary is a 'wog' sic that she is going to be in a world of trouble.

Anyway my education did not work out and I was in the navy at 15 years old, I noticed people in other countries were all subject to this religion thing, different gods, different rules though, I reasoned people need religion of some sort cause they know they are going to die one day and are probably more than a little afraid, so why not cut out the middleman (religion, holymen ect) and just deal with the eventual death part. It was a lot easier without having to worry about judgmental patriarchs with long beards, psycho gods with multiple arms or any other of the mythical creatures that the theocracy use to coerce their flocks into compliance.

Recently I saw a video of a hostage having his head hacked off in Iraq, the perpetrators were yelling 'God is good' and it got me thinking that if shit happens in the world you don't have to look very far for words like Christian, Jew, Muslim, seik ect. trailing it down the corridor of life.

This non Christian believes that organized religion sucks.

Sex: M
City: Manchester
Country: UK
Became a Christian: Born into it
Ceased being a Christian: mid 20's
Labels before: Catholic
Labels now: Wanabee Buddhist
Why I joined: My parents and teachers made me do it.
Why I left: It went the same way as Father Xmas and the Easter Bunny
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