I continued to believe until I became disgusted

sent in by Viper

Both my mother and Father and all people I knew were Christian. Since my Father was Catholic, I had to be indoctrinated in the Catholic religion. My earliest recollection of doubt occurred when I asked a priest if it was ok to visit my mother's Baptist church. He told me in no uncertain terms that if I did, I would be sinning and would go to hell unless I sat there passively and did not sing, clap or otherwise take part in the service. Now, I want you to know that my mother always was and remains a VERY good, and moral person. For MANY years, she has sponsored children in Africa (she even went to visit her "child" having to climb a mountain to get there). At one point, I even considered studying to become a priest. I'm glad I didn't because after my military life abroad during the Viet Nam war, I used my GI benefits to get a real education in Physics.

I believe the Catholic religion is the only one that says infants, mental incompetents, or those who never heard the "good Message" can get to the big Disneyland upon death through an invented escape clause (Purgatory ). Many Christians say you go straight to hell. Some say that an aborted fetus gets a free ride. If this were so, I and I'm sure most rational persons would immediately beg for a retroactive abortion instead of taking this life test which almost all will surely fail.

One final comment: I once asked a fellow engineer if he were to design a program to count from 0 to 10, and before he compiled and ran it, he discovered it would not work. Would he go ahead with a failed project and then curse the program all to damn hell, or stop and see where HE is in error. He just looked at me dumbfounded and derailed the conversation to a safe, non religious area.

Steve, if you're still interested (and anyone else) you can make, mix, amplify, save & otherwise alter audio recordings from several different sources, including the internet using the free tool "audacity" at audacity.sourceforge.net.

Sex: Male
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Country: U. S.
Became a Christian: Too early to remember
Ceased being a Christian: about 40
Labels before: Catholic, Baptist
Labels now: Agnostic
Why I joined: Born into it
Why I left: Too many lies, no answers to the important ones

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