I am Jesus

sent in by Lila

I lost, long ago, my belief in the Christian church. I lost my faith in Jesus and I struggled to maintain, even a glimmer of hope, that God was real at all.

I will never be a Christian again, but I do believe that Jesus really saves.

Christianity is a lie. All churches exploit the teachings of a visionary who opened the path to a garden of thought, hope, love and redemption. You can't save your soul from hell-fire by asking someone (even Jesus) to do it for you.

Jesus, the person, likely existed. Not the way the Bible depicts, certainly, but there is considerable evidence that he was real. I like the theory that Amenhotep IV was Akhenaten, who was also Moses, the first Kabbalist, and the blood ancestor of Jesus, son of Mary.

Furthermore, not only was Jesus a living man, but he was not of humble origins. In the language spoken by Jesus and his contemporaries, the word "carpenter" is the same as the word for "scholar". People of humble birth were not literate and were not scholars. Jesus was a scholar and a Jew who preached a radical way of thought that offended the VERY rich aristocracy.

Jesus was a wealthy scholar of important birth, being descended from Moses, and, on his mother's side. King David. Jesus betrayed his caste and preached equality among men. He decried the rich as unjust and called for a closing of the chasm between rich and poor. He spoke against human sacrifice, and the sacrifice of livestock and food stuffs, not because HE could wash away our sins, but because it was a horrid waste of life and of sustenance.

The way that Jesus saved mankind was by showing a violent, volatile, greed consumed world a way to its own redemption. Salvation lies in making the world a better place for all of its inhabitants. When we accept Jesus into our hearts, we are really incorporating his teachings into our lives.

That which is divine is not a Christ of no substance who magically safeguards against damnation.

Being saved is recognizing that we are all divine. In honoring all mankind, in fostering peace and kindness, in being charitable and loving and by manifesting our own possibilities, we are godly.

Truly, Jesus was a prophet. He was a prophet who used his divine human mind and his holy human heart, to teach a world blind in its suffering that redemption was in its grasp. Our salvation is in ideas. Those intangible things that only our actions can manifest.

Jesus Christ is the living God because we keep his teachings alive, and he lives in us each time there is kindness shared, bread broken--he plentified the fishes through the miracles of love and charity! His miracles were miracle of the everlasting human spirit. Miracles we all may know when we manifest our own divinity.

Miracles we can realize when we recognize that WE ARE GOD.

Seeking Fellowship with Ex-Xtians

Sex: Female
City: Calgary
State: AB
Country: Canada
Became a Christian: 6
Ceased being a Christian: 15
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Why I joined: Come on, I was 6.
Why I left: hypocrisy
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