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sent in by Bill

I tried to tell my story, but it was taking way too long, and being a nihilist, I simply don't care enough to write that long. I do,however, care enough to rant for a minute or two.

I was born a christian.

I was a sheep until the age of 22.

I started to think, (the process of obtaining a graduate degree helped.)

I started to question religion and found way too many contradictions as well as violence, obsenity, and just plain bullshit, that held little to no value for modern life.

I could no longer suppress my nihilistic tendencies. I found that I simply did not give a shit enough about anything for it to hold that much value.

Here is how I feel now:

This is a meaningless existence and of no long-term value. Our seperate lives may be of value only to ourselves and it is only the value WE place upon our lives. Because I feel there is not enough proof to either support or deny the existence of a supernatural being, I am agnostic. Although I do lean slightly towards atheism because if there is a god, he/she is at least incompetent and maybe just doesn't give a shit.

Because of all the meaningless values that we are bombarded with everyday and are expected to accept, I have become a staunch cynic and do my best to keep from falling into a deep depression. I make it quite clear to most people that I do not believe in God and can make most christians leave me alone by simply giving them a prayer request. I ask them to pray to god and thank him for disease, greed, child molestation, poverty, cancer, and war and to ask him why 600 african children must starve to death every day.

On a lighter note, I delude myself into something good by working for a non-profit and trying to have the most fun I can while I'm here. My motto is: "Slow down and enjoy it, you'll be in hell soon enough."

State: CA
Country: US
Became a Christian: Birth
Ceased being a Christian: 25
Labels before: Lutheran
Labels now: Agnostic, nihilist
Why I joined: No choice, born into it
Why I left: I finally started to think
Email Address: william.hicks at sbcglobal.net

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