The lies the Catholic church fed me

sent in by Laura

I was born in a strict Catholic family and to a father that still attends church regularly and a mother that is atheist. So ofcoarse they HAD to have me baptized to clean off the original sin so I wouldn't burn in hell!

My brother and I had to go to Sunday school weekly and when I was eight I made my First Communion. I was fed the typical lies that the church teaches you like that Eve was born from Adam's rib or Jesus rose from his grave after being dead for 3 days.

For a very short time I actually believed it, then it just didn't make sense to me anymore. So when I was 13 I became pretty much atheist and skipped Sunday school . About a year later when I was 14 and my brother had just made his confirmation and it came to that time for me.

Luckliy my parents decided to let me decide whether to make my confirmation or not. Ofcoarse I said no and finished my last year of Sunday school, never to return to church again. I was sick of being atheist and wanted to belong to some kind of spiritual path when I started reading about Witchcraft and Paganism.

I soon found that the beliefs in the Goddess/God and practices of magick fit my style and I started studying the craft. All of this made so much sense to me and very spiritualy happy. I couldn't be sure whether there was a higher being or not so I became a agnostic Pagan, because it's impossible to know.

And that is my story.

Sex: female
City: Plattsburgh
State: NY
Country: USA
Became a Christian: When I was a baby, I had no choice
Ceased being a Christian: 13
Labels before: Roman Catholic Church
Labels now: Agnostic Pagan
Why I joined: I was forced to
Why I left: I didn't believe in it anymore
Email Address: Drama at

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