Got kicked out of Church!

sent in by Maureen Perez

I hope I'm on the right site for me. I was baptized Methodist, spent childhood in Pentecostal faith, converted to Catholic as an adult, and now I consider myself to be spiritual but anti-religious.

Back in the '70's when I was 12, my mom got interested in Astrology and joined a psychic circle. She occasionally took me with her and I enjoyed it alot. I started reading a lot of books...Edgar Cayce and others based on reincarnation, etc.

Every week my and my girlfriend would scan the bible for scriptures that disagreed with our Youth Group discussions. We enjoyed asking forbidden questions. We were both kicked out of church by the pastor because we "dared" to question the sincerity of some idiot evangelist named Katherine Kuhlman that the church believed was legit. The paper said she was being investigated for tax evasion, lived in a mansion, had a fleet of rolls royces, etc. I asked my teacher" how come you consider Katherine Kuhlman's words to come from God when she is being investigated for tax evasion and has all these material things but you accuse Edgar Cayce's healings and readings to be from the devil and he was not materialistic at all and lived a very virtuous life and considered his gifts to come from God, and lived a very humble life?"

After that class, the pastor took us aside and said "if you don't like what we teach then maybe you better go elsewhere?" What a jerk!!! So, we did. I continued my spiritual studies and eventually started attending Unity Church which is a very cool church. They are totally comfortable mingling traditional Christianity with metaphysical beliefs. Eventually I met my husband who was a Catholic and after going to some services, decided it was a much more tolerant religion than the Pentecostal church I was raised in, which condemned every branch of every religion except themselves. That's what I really hated about that church.

So, I converted to Catholicism. Then over the years I have resumed my spiritual studies and have decided that organized religion sucks, they are a bunch of intolerant hypocrites who interpret the Bible to suit their own prejudices and desires to control others.

I am much happier maintaining my relationship with the Divine by communicating directly with him/her instead of "paying church leaders to make the connection for me".

They are such idiots. Every time I hear a "Christian" spouting off...usually negatively against someone else, it reaffirms that my anti-religion choice is the correct one for me.

My beliefs now are definitely "New Age" based. I believe in reincarnation, in the feminine aspect of God as well as the male one, and believe the Bible to be a bunch of crap. God didn't write did! I do believe in some of the historical scriptures but the rules and regs are BS, for the most part.

Anyhow this is my point of view...

Thx for allowing me to vent.

City: Antioch
State: CA
Country: USA
Became a Christian: birth
Ceased being a Christian: 40
Labels before: Methodist, Pentecostal, Catholic
Labels now: anti-organized religion
Why I joined: I was baptized...didn't know any better!
Why I left: organized religion is hypocritical and controlling , tries to control you
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