no more charisma stuff for me

sent in by Bling_Bling

I grew up in the Pentecostal church. Every day, no joke, every day I drove to church my stomach would have nasty butterflies in it as I pulled up into the parking lot.
I never figured out why.

I endured put downs, ("your just a babe in Christ......".....or some stuff about,"one day you will speak in tongues" to the just plain ignoring) I cannot believe I let my self get drawn into these wackos. I must honestly say: They are in a cult. Yea it doesnt take ALL your money; but the end result is the same. The church led me not to hang out with family as much.

The charismatics are nuts.

Everything from mind control to those idiots who think non-Pentecostals are going to burn in hell. Do you folks know that Pentecostals officially believe that your not saved unless you speak in tongues ? Thats garbage. One pastor tried to make me recite some mumbo jumbo to fake it.

Am I upset ? Yes. AM I STILL BITTER ? YES. (give me 14 years or so to calm down) The youth pastor started dating my girlfriend as we were breaking up. Now they are married and happy and I got boned.

NO LONGER PENTECOSTAL......and I feel better.........much better.

I urge all people who feel the same way, and dont fit in with these Pentetesticles...... to really examine if these people edify them or not. If not, LEAVE and never return.

I hear similiar stories from all other charismatics too.

City: Toronto
Country: Canada
Became a Christian: 19
Ceased being a Christian: I still am somewhat
Labels before: Babes in Christ
Labels now: smarter and wiser
Why I joined: it seemed logical
Why I left: mind and mental manipulation of me drove me nuts

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