Schizo Affective / Bipolar's Story

sent in by Kurt O

Let me first start off that I've been diagnosed with a mental disorder: Schizo Affective / Bipolar Disorder. I hear voices, feel spirits/demons/angels/God's wrath most of the time. On with my story, it's long but I'll make it short.

What "sins" I have comitted are irelavant. I'll start with my conversion. It was full of pressure from so-called "Disciples of Christ" from the Boston Movement. They said I had to do what they told me or I would not be a christian. So I trudged along being faithful to the "church" (though it's really a sinking ship). I was asked to leave due to my behavior due to illness. Up until that time I had a daily "quiet time" and "prayer walks" which I hated to do but I DID THEM ANYWAY BECAUSE I WANTED TO BE SAVED.

After I was asked to leave I didn't pray or have "quiet times" anymore. 3 months later I had a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed with schizo affective disorder.

I went back years later to the same church, wanting to be saved again. I was told to do the things that lead me to have a nervous breakdown in the first place: have "quiet times", "prayer walks" and read the bible.

I am convinced that the Boston Movement, led by Kip McKean, are steeped in rules that lead to bondage and are far from the truth.

City: Tyler
State: TX
Country: USA
Became a Christian: 22
Ceased being a Christian: Still debating
Labels before: Boston Movement
Why I joined: Guilt
Why I left: Hate
Email Address: ko at


Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to you!I pray that you will truly come to know and love Jesus Christ..He will be your Savior

Astreja said...

Anonymous, this site exists to support people who *did* pray, *did* try very hard to find Jesus, but who received no answer. When the chips were down, your god simply did not manifest in any meaningful way.

However, the *humans* who choose to run churches do indeed have an effect on our lives. And, in the case of Kurt, it would seem that this effect was extremely negative.

My advice to you: Instead of preaching at us, you could do much more good by tackling the problem of manipulative, high-pressure churches. I'm sure there's at least one in your home town.

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