Schizo Affective / Bipolar's Story

sent in by Kurt O

Let me first start off that I've been diagnosed with a mental disorder: Schizo Affective / Bipolar Disorder. I hear voices, feel spirits/demons/angels/God's wrath most of the time. On with my story, it's long but I'll make it short.

What "sins" I have comitted are irelavant. I'll start with my conversion. It was full of pressure from so-called "Disciples of Christ" from the Boston Movement. They said I had to do what they told me or I would not be a christian. So I trudged along being faithful to the "church" (though it's really a sinking ship). I was asked to leave due to my behavior due to illness. Up until that time I had a daily "quiet time" and "prayer walks" which I hated to do but I DID THEM ANYWAY BECAUSE I WANTED TO BE SAVED.

After I was asked to leave I didn't pray or have "quiet times" anymore. 3 months later I had a nervous breakdown and was diagnosed with schizo affective disorder.

I went back years later to the same church, wanting to be saved again. I was told to do the things that lead me to have a nervous breakdown in the first place: have "quiet times", "prayer walks" and read the bible.

I am convinced that the Boston Movement, led by Kip McKean, are steeped in rules that lead to bondage and are far from the truth.

City: Tyler
State: TX
Country: USA
Became a Christian: 22
Ceased being a Christian: Still debating
Labels before: Boston Movement
Why I joined: Guilt
Why I left: Hate
Email Address: ko at

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