25 Years Wasted

sent in by William H. Pratt

I grew up in church, but it didn't really "take" until I was 17. At that dramatic "turning-point" time in my life, I was very emotional, no real direction in my life, and one night when I was at home all alone, I dropped to my knees and Received Jesus as my Savior and Lord, amen.

Over the next three decades, I memorized hundreds of Bible verses. I taught Sunday School classes. I collected 22 different translations of the Bible. When that wasn't enough for me, I learned Greek and Hebrew so that I wouldn't have to rely on translations (Greek, by the way, is MUCH more difficult than Hebrew).

And I got to know a LOT of Christians. They're a pretty twisted bunch - as evil as any of us, but they're CHRISTIAN about it. No atheist ever fucked with me or cheated me or stabbed me in the back the way Christians did.

And I really tried to ignore the blatant contradictions in the Bible, and the descriptions of hateful, despicable acts that were attributed to God, or were ordered by him. One day, I realized that I was more moral than he was.

Sex: Male
URL: HitlerBitch.Com
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Country: USA
Became a Christian: 17
Ceased being a Christian: 38
Labels before: Baptist, Protestant
Labels now: Ex-Christian
Why I joined: It was an emotional-release thing.
Why I left: I read the Bible. REALLY read the Bible.
Email Address: hitlerbitch at twisted-motherfucker.com

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