Leaving my very LONG season of hell on earth

sent in by Genita

City: Wichita
State: Ks
Country: USA
Became a Christian: I was 10 years old
Ceased being a Christian: I was 30....
Labels before: Independant Baptist, Southern Baptist, Free Will Baptist...Nazarene
Labels now: Pagan/ Wiccan
Why I joined: I was under the missasumption that "GOD" and "Jesus" DID in fact exist,That I was guilty of sin, and was condemned to roast in hell if I didn't 'serve' God- and all that stupidity...

Why I left: I left because I learned that it was a hoax, a line of feces...riddled with patriarchy, hypocrisy, bigotry...that rape, abuse, molestation, and child molesters were acceptable "Wholesome Christian Activities"- in short I left because I learned the hard way that the Christian notion of "God" and "Jesus" DO not exist, and that the bible and prayer are tools for those playing the sick mind games to control your life, judge you and make your life a living hell....Got sick and tired of the lies and mind games...sick and tired of the biggotry,hypocrisy, patriarchial control freak mind games....

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