On the verge...

Sent in by Michael

It's weird to have this down in writing but I've been working through Christianity for quite a while now and share most if not all the feelings that many of you have already expressed.

Oddly enough it's the values as taught to me by my faith that is leading me to abandon it, or at least rethink it. The truth must come first, and the more I lived as "per se," the more I was confronted with the lies within Christianity as a religion. Nothing outright of course, but extremely subtle.

It's just amazing how easy it is for those in this religion to alter their perceptions as to see things irrationally. Some of the most intelligent people I know are Christians. But, it's a forest for the trees situation.

I won't express everything I'm feeling because it's all been done before but at the moment things are changing as follows:

A) Christianity, as I have been taught, is not absolute truth.

B) The character of God as described in Christianity is not consistent with the truths as taught biblically.

Which directly leads to:

C)God (or whatever we might call it) is something I can barely understand, but I think should nevertheless seek to. (In this situation God-Truth, whatever that may be.)

I remain in Christianity for lack of a better alternative, but I understand now that my faith is merely a choice, and a hope, that there is still something of truth and value in the culture I have been brought up in. Whilst there is much that is disputable and downright dismissable, I must acknowledge that their is a basic spirituality within life that I have experience to some extent and cannot deny. As to it's nature however, that is another complicated mystery. I observe those with a simple faith, and simple goodwill, and must concede that there is something in love.

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