How do I tell my husband?

Sent in by Sonnie

I have been battling this Christianity thing for several years. I am 21 and a married navy wife with a six-month-old daughter. I always thought being a Christian was the "right" thing to do. I have tried so hard to that good Christian person. I even got married to my husband under the belief I was truly a Christian. Something inside of me really didn't work. My husband is the best in the world and I love him; his family is close knit and all go to the same little country church.

A lot of things appeal to me with Christianity. The morals and values; not the whole hell thing. Baptism, I was never baptized. I been contemplating it because I have really tried over the past several years to " be the Christian"
But I didn't, because I was lying to myself.

I believe in a higher power. My husband is very good man who is a Christian; I do not know how to tell him that I am not a Christian anymore.

I go to church every Sunday for my husband, even though he is deployed. Every Sunday I feel like, "Why am I even here?" The sermons are good where I am at and teach mainly about how to live your life with faith, love, laughter. I have read the bible and still cant feel any connection. I have prayed that my heart will open up to the "Lord." I have read books. It seems the more I learn about it, the more I don't believe.

How do I tell my husband?????

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