Assuming too much

Sent in by Robert

Like all of you on this website, I am an ex-Christian. I was raised Roman Catholic my entire life and even was confirmed into the church a few years back. During that time though, I was beginning to question my faith. Since I was born I was always told different things that contradict religion itself. Some priests would say "God is in everything, if you do good things God is with you and if you do bad things you have allied yourself with the devil" or "God makes a path that you follow and there is no such thing as free-will, there is only good and evil. Really? So me renouncing my faith was the devil talking? ‘Cause it sounds like I am making the decision, not the devil. What I am trying to get at is that religion assumes too much and that there are many fellow ex-Christian brothers and sisters out there who have assumed too much as well. I am of course talking about the assumption of atheism.

I was once an atheist myself right after I told my church to shove a cross up their asses. I was angry at the idea of God. How my entire life, through all the pain and drama, that I would be rewarded in the end. I wasted 16 years of my life to praying at my drywall for nothing. Then, I realized something. I shouldn't be mad at god, I should be mad at myself for continuing the hate that religion breeds every single day. We have to understand why religion came about. Do you know why? Ignorance! Early man did not know why trees grow or what the sun is. Religion was a way of looking at the world without facts. It made man sleep better at night to think there was a purpose for his life and gave him something to live for. So they made up some stories and passed them down from generation to generation until we come to the modern era. Today we have facts. Today we have science: a way of looking at the world with curiosity and factual knowledge.

The reason I renounced atheism is because it is an assumption just as any religion is. It says that there is no God, end of story. But then what is God? We as humans know so little of our entire universe that for all we know God could be an alien from another universe that created our universe. If our universe is inside an atom then that atom could be our god. Fuck, he, she or it could be anything -- probably beyond our comprehension. I know that all Earthly god myths are false, BUT never say that there is WITHOUT A DOUBT NO GOD, because we don't know. We may never know, but that is what drives our thirst for knowledge. And you never know, one day, maybe, if there is a creator, we might just find it.

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