The Eternal Collection Plate

sent in by R Shelby

I have been reading the posts on this website for many weeks. I am not afraid to tell you that even though we are strangers, I consider all of you my friends. You compelled me to leave a brief testimonal.

I am an ex-Christian because in a moment of weakness, when I was very young, I prayed to Jesus to not condemn me to the eternal files of hell. As a young man a family member took me to churches. I was usually accompanied by a friend and we always sat in back to avoiding standing up to sing. We visited several churches, each with their own brand of holy-book dribble. One thing remained constant: each church begged for dollars and the collection plate always made it back to the pew we were sitting. The preachers always told a tired story about how god?s people should give to the church even if their financial future may be uncertain. I found these begging session disdainful. To this day I am stunned that people swallow these stories like a fat woman gulping a chocolate drop.

It was college that released me from the chains of Christianity. Many right-wing war mongers complain that colleges are full of queers and pot heads, no place for god?s sheep. While campuses have their share of drug addicts and lowlifes, the Philosophy departments do not teach students to believe in fiction. What would life be like without knowing the works of Nietzsche, Russell, Hume, Mill and other great men? Imagine knowing nothing more than the cruel, torturous stories compiled into the bible.

America is a bubbling cauldron of theocratic snot. Because of this a man by the name of George "Alfred E. Neuman" Bush was reelected to the Presidency of this once great country. And for what? To prevent the use of stem cells to fight diseases such as Alzheimer's and cancer? And millions of religious trilobites applaud as their leader slowly pushes this country back to the dark ages. Maybe Bush?s next move is to outlaw Polio vaccinations because god will protect the people of his country. Perhaps Bushy may see his days end in dementia, something he could have prevented.

May the intelligence of man and his technologies protect all of my friends, be they agnostics or athiests.

Now: God-Damn Agnostic
Converted because: Afraid of Hell
De-converted because: I have a brain.

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