Insiders story of big church politics and wrong doing

sent in by YouJon

Around 2000 I began going to a cutting edge growing church. By 2003 the brainwashing was successfully and I was a full-blown believing Christian. The church was in the final phases of a 14 million dollar expansion. They were in the market for a highly skilled building maintenance person. Believing in God I applied and was chosen over others who also applied. I left the auto industry where I was a top notch tech making good money. I bought into that crap that God would take care of me and pay me back for what I was doing for him. I took a $12,000 a year pay-cut to fulfill his will for me. The first year I was so busy I didn't even have time to talk to people. I didn't see the politics, evil and just plain screwed up people working there. The second year sh*t started going sour and I began questioning whether God could really be true with the things I was seeing inside the church.

During the expansion phase the church hired a man to serve as a general contractor. He was self-employed at the time and had his own business. When the project was done the church asked him to stay on as a Facilities director. Ultimately he became my boss as well as the truth and light for me. This guy was robbing the church blind as well as leaving during the day at all times to go to a job-site he was working as a general contractor on the side. He also was in charge of setting up concerts which left him setting himself up to work the concert as an outside electrician, director etc. He was not only getting 60k for being facilities director he was also collecting for anything that came into the church as well as still running his own business.

On Aug 2005 I filed a written complaint with the Director of Ministry and Director Of Operations (his boss). The complaint listed multiple items of theft, conflicts of interest, failure to get three bids, hiring his brother-in-law, misappropriation of funds, failure of the church to provide accountability, failure to get the best price for things, etc.

All together there were 15 whistle-blowing items. I spoke to the Director of Operations but after a month they still hadn't done anything nor did they get back to me. But they did do one thing - my boss was no longer speaking with me. I told another employee there that I didn't feel either of the directors truly believed in God and that it was all about money. Guess What? They fired me for that... almost immediately.

They never came to me or asked me why I felt that way, or anything, and there was nothing in my file for any wrong-doing. Here comes the neat part: non-profits don't pay unemployment. I found myself on the street with no severance pay or unemployment. I lost over $3,500.00 'till I found another job. Not very cool or humane when you're single with your own home. Not one person ever called to check up on me - not even just 1 of the 4 ministers. In the weeks to follow my faith lasted for 4 of the 8 while searching for a job. This was my reward from God. Yeah right. I am now free and working my way back to the top in my field once again. Also, I have deleted all Christians from my life, including my girlfriend of 2 years.

Was: non-denominational Bible church
Now: full-blown Atheist
Converted because: looking for meaning or purpose
De-converted because: It's all about money and control
email: infidel666 at comcast dot net

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