I was a blood-bought, born-again, Bible-believing Christian

sent in by Blue Heron

My xtimony could be very, very long if I covered every negative thing about my xtian life, but I will make it as short as I can. I apologize for the loooong sentences I’ve used in some of it too.

This deconversion is all VERY recent for me, and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. My mind has been trying to process it all, and the fact that I’ve been connected to the Matrix all my life, only just now getting unplugged and experiencing a world vastly different that I’ve been missing.

I just turned 32. My whole life was steeped in Christianity. I regret all the years of turmoil, fear, guilt and anguish over the religion (or “relationship” as xtians say). But, I can’t go back and change it, only learn from it and move on. By the way, for all you Christians reading, I was a blood-bought, born-again, Bible-believing Christian with the “lord jesus christ” as my “only savior”. Let there be no saying that I wasn’t really “saved”.

The Bible has to be the most mixed-up, contradictory, brain-twisting book out there. Nobody can agree on what it says and means anyway. There are thousands of
denominations because they can’t agree. Have you noticed how most Christian churches condemn all other religions, then move on to condemn other denominations, than people who just don’t believe every silly doctrine they do? Everyone thinks they are in the One True Church™ and hold all the right beliefs. Nobody can agree on exactly how you “get saved” either. Some say you just believe, others say you have to confess all your sins, others say you have to “confess the Lord Jesus”, others say baptism has to be a part, others say you must do good works, and so

I really think a lot of Christians either spend time worrying about their salvation or they put it all in the back of their mind and go on, not thinking about it too much. But if you are like me, a “deep thinker”- one who gets serious about what they read and hear and analyzes it - and tries to apply it to their life to be what God wants, you can’t just file it away. Especially when you hear contradictory
preaching from one church to the next, and even from pastors in the same church! If you hear things like, “You must be absolutely, 100% sure that you are saved.
If you have ANY doubt, then you better come to the alter and make things right with God tonight, before it’s too late!” Who can be positively sure that every feeling, thought and belief you have is totally in line with everything that preacher or the bible says you must believe/do to get saved? Then you think back to your "conversion” moment. Did you really believe, say and do the right thing at the right time to cause salvation to “take”? The cycle of doubt and fear is almost endless, except for short spans of time when you have somehow convinced yourself that you really did do everything right, and since you spent the previous night confessing every known sin and begging Jesus to save you (while trying not to have even a second of doubt, since that would void the whole process again), you are sure now that you’re OK (until the next moment of crushing doubt comes that even though God loves you, he still might throw you into hell, although he’ll still love you in there as you writhe in agony for endless eternity). There were a lot of scary times in my xtian life, such as fearing I’d “blasphemed the holy ghost”or missed the rapture, and was now without hope.

There were also lots of time I really felt close to the three of them - Jesus, Jehovah, Holy Ghost. I wanted to witness to people, but was shy and didn’t want to be known as a fanatic and weirdo. I supported missionaries, prayed for people, left those scary Chick tracts around, and had a lot of guilt and fear. It also caused me to be judgmental to other Christians. For example, it was easy to condemn others for spending money on brand name clothes, when I bought yard sale stuff to save money for winning souls, so I claimed. At one point, we seriously were considering being full-time missionaries in a foreign country! I was trying to be the best Christian I could be, and was honestly trying to find out how to do that. For a while, I was also a “King James Bible Only-ist” and was starting to think I should just wear skirts and dresses. I even read some of Ruckman’s books and those of other hardcore fundagelicals. I gave money to xtian organizations and was a devoted
believer in .... creationism!

The process of me deconverting was ironic because I was actually the closest and most at peace with God than I had ever been. I had learned and whole-heartedly embraced the doctrine of grace and was trusting fully in Jesus. I was confident and secure. I recently started to learn about Universalism and become more loving. I no longer believed in the doctrine of eternal hell. That led to more liberal views and the freedom to explore and think about things I was never “allowed” to in my hardcore xtian days. Because back then, un-Christian views that a Christian might dare have were blamed on the devil getting a foot-hold, the flesh, the evil world, etc. Finally being able to freely think about my faith led me to the end of this mind-virus known as Christianity.

Now I no longer have to screen everything through the world view of Christianity. As a Christian, I never would have spent too much time on a site like this for fear of reading something that might upset my faith and make me uncomfortable. Or I would have just thought things like: These people just had a bad experience in the church; They were never saved to begin with; They just didn’t know Jesus like I did; They were in the wrong denomination; etc. etc. Does any of that sound familiar??

Anyway, once I felt more freedom to read and learn things that before I would have turned and ran the other way from, I began to think with a part of my brain that had been lying dormant all this time. I consumed information from websites and books that showed that Jesus Christ is a myth, that the Bible and Christianity were put together to serve the church “fathers” selfish, greedy needs. That Yahweh is a
killing, blood-thirsty demon. The way women have been treated was not a big selling point for the religion either.

Sometimes I would want to throw the book across the room in anger when I read something that made me see the humongous LIE I’d been fed all my life. It was
like in that movie “The Count of Monte Christo” when, with the help of Priest, he realizes how he’d been totally duped by his “friend”, and had been naive and
so trusting. He was angry at the deception, and for having spent so much of his life locked up in a dark prison. That’s how I felt.

Christianity, Jesus and the Bible are the biggest scam ever pulled on the human race. I believed it because it is the religion of my family and it was just
accepted as being true. At first, I felt guilt for leaving the faith of my Father and Mother. But over time, what was once a shocking, life-altering wake-up
has now started to become normal to me.

I am a closet xtian for the most part. We live in a very Christian place, and most of my friends & family are Christian. It’s more complex for me to just quit
attending church and related functions because my husband and son are believers. Husband knows about my deconversion, and accepts me anyway. He is very laid
back and loving. We haven’t talked extensively of my leaving Christianity, but someday I will try to explain it all. It is just easier to attend our church, which is very laid back anyway, and see how thing develop in my life. At first, I felt guilty for going when I don’t believe what is being taught, but now I see it as something that is necessary at this time. The social aspect is something I really enjoy in my life. I still love the many good people there, and have close friendships from there. I want to spend time with them. I love the kids and enjoy being part of their lives.

I am actually more loving, more accepting of people, and my mental state is so much more healthy. I am relaxed and at peace. I no longer feel like life isn’t worth living since Jesus is coming back soon. I actually have the drive to go back to school, get a good job and build something out of my life. The road is open before me with limitless possibilities.

I have had some interest in pagan religion just as I deconverted because it was one I had always been attracted to (and forbidden to have anything to do with, of course). But, I feel like I’ve barely had a taste of freedom and I’m already trying to put on religious shackles again. It’s a thought that makes weary to have to study another set of pre-digested material and having to learn another religion that has been long-thought over from every angle. It too has its myriad of books. There are debates on who is doing it right and who is doing it wrong, just as in xtianity. No thanks. I can’t learn a new god/dess all over again. I just don’t have the heart, energy or belief to put into getting to know another deity.

I considered atheism, but I do believe in something - call it what you will - God/dess, Higher Power, Spirit, Universe, Force, Energy, etc. that we are all
connected to, but it is NOTHING like the brutal, jealous, demonic god of Christianity. I have not settled on any particular way of thinking about this
Higher Power yet, but so far, my thinking is more like deism or new age than any organized religion.

It’s nice to have a place like this where you know others have been in the same situation and know the ins and outs, the chapter and verse, so to speak, of
where I’m coming from. Take care!


Anonymous said...

wow! i admire your honesty and your decisiveness. i also would like to applaud the fact you questioned things in your everyday life. the fact is your wrong though. the "god" you served and the God of the Bible and my life are two totally contradictory images. God's not constantly down on you or wanting you to do more for Him, He loves and accepts you just the way you are. you unintentionally had created you own god, your own image of rightousness and justice. God would never send you to hell. as an individual you have a choice as to where you spend eternity, if you don't want to be with God here on earth why would he subject you to an eternity with him? hell was not created for you or any person. hell was created for only one, satan and his followers. where your going hangs solely on who your following. i understand you've had rough times and sympathize, i'm not judging because i've been through the same things in the past.

Anonymous said...

Ok it seems like you have a similar personality to me. A thinking interverted personality.

You mention about being afraid and fearful. Are you aware of 1 Corithians 3:16 - There is no fear in love, but perfect love drives out fear the one who fears is not made perfect in love.

From my own experience as Jesus said if we love God we'll obey him. I've often felt very close to God, but still done things wrong and had guilt and doubt that God wasn't with me.

I'm 22 and it hasn't been easy. I believe what I believe in and haven't been convinced by my parents in fact i'm convinced them and i'm not giving up no matter what.

Being most likely a thinker personality you would analysis everthing like I do in your mind.
And that's the problem we can't conceive God and the supernatural there are parts of it that we can get ahold of, but will never understand it.

One thing i've found it that I also wanted to be a misinary over seas and just give everything to God.
But i've found that in doing this I was trying to please God through works and not faith. The bible says 'Faith without works is dead". Also works without faith is dead.

I wanted to go out as a missionary, but then I thought what is the reason I want to go for I actually didn't really care for the people over there a great deal.
I wanted to do this because of pride and please others in the church by making such a decision and hope to please God by doing this.
But only Faith pleases God and it wasn't in Faith that I wanted to do this.

I wish you well for the future and hope you find what you're seeking.

Anonymous said...

Hey Blue Heron,

Please make sure you join the ex-christian forum. They are some awesome people out there with some really good advice

if you don't want to be with God here on earth why would he subject you to an eternity with him? hell was not created for you or any person. hell was created for only one, satan and his followers

that just showed how ignorant you are of your own bible. According you theology unbeliever are going to hell

Ever heard of the verse in Gospel of John
"he believed in jesus will get everlasting life, he who believth not will be damned"

Here is another verse for you which proves the hell doctrine

Rev 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, ...shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

gideonz said...

I can TOTALLY relate to what you have said. Unfortunately, nobody has really tried to address your key issues. I too would require a VERY LONG post to cover any single issue you bring up, but I will at least make some comments based from my own life.

Unlike you, I did not come from a Christian family. Not that they were denying Christianity, but they were a practical mix of pagan agnostics and some atheism. My conversion to Christianity in 1973 was effectively outside of "the church." Now comes the part that is more like your experience.

I immediately dove into reading the Bible, and attending a "fundamentalist" church. Quite quickly, I found out that certain aspects of my conversion and the beliefs I had did not match all that I was told at that church, so just to be "safe," I re-asked Jesus into my life once I got all my "doctrines" in line.

For the next 7 years, I studied the Bible more than ANYONE I knew, and also listened to quite a bit of sermon tapes of "top" preachers, preaching at seminary level. I effectively had the equivalent of a degree in Christian theology, and by 1980, I could easily argue with any pastor on any issue, even in regards to the original Hebrew and Greek. Not bad for someone not even finished with undergrad school, seemingly.

Yet by 1980, I was getting more and more hung up with reading DIFFERENT things in the Bible than what I was hearing preached. I would bring up these differences, and I would either get the honest "I don't know," or the blow-off comment, "you are TOO intellectual about this," or the hypocritical dumbed down lecture that tries to defend the preached interpretation rather than what I saw in the Bible.

Like you, I started more and more to throw the Bible in anger across the room, since it was more and more appearing to contradict what I was being taught. I also was bothered by how many variations of disagreement there was from what I read in the Bible. I was getting more and more tired of DOGMATIC generic preaching saying on one hand, that the Bible is absolutely correct, then when the preaching got down to the details, all of a sudden, the same preacher would say, "there are various interpretations on this passage that are held by good Christian scholars..."

Like you, I basically came to the reluctant and painful conclusions that the BIBLE was wrong, and thus, the GOD of the Bible was not the real God. Of course, there are many other issues in my life that encouraged me to disown the Christian God, and those such things ironically were instrumental in not only chasing me AWAY from God, but in 1984, chased me BACK to God.

No doubt, my issues with the Bible were VERY REAL, but I did use them as an excuse to ignore "God's will" and do what I wanted to do with my life. In many ways, I DID feel happier, and enjoyed exploring some of the "guilt-free" pagan religions. There are definitely DRUG-LIKE euphoria moments found in the spiritual experiences such religions can provide. Yet, like drugs, I felt emptier and emotionally weaker than ever.

To make a very long story shorter, a VERY PAINFUL experience cleared my head really quickly, and the pain of life in even finding emotional strength for taking my next breath was needed. It was suddenly clear to me that I was RUNNING AWAY from the God I knew. I began praying like I never did before.

The next couple of years were not easy, and I am avoiding nearly all detail for brevity. Bottom line, I realized that the God of the Bible MUST be the true God, a very INTERNAL thing in me. Yet, I knew that I had to COMPLETELY REWORK my understanding of this God, the Bible, and everything related to Him/Her/It. Let's just say, I took a VERY RADICAL approach, not ruling out ANY possibility, at least at first, in trying to figure out this "Christian" God.

I was very fortunate to have a very patient and understanding mentor come into my life at that time. She put up with and gave very good philosophical answers to even my craziest notions, most of them which were heretical and even "demonic" to most Christians.

This mentor helped me to get back to roughly the same faith I had before and a bit further, but I STILL ran into my old problem at a certain point. My mentor seemed to have this way of "squinting her eyes" when looking at problematic Scriptures at times, and instead of really addressing a particular problem, she either got "fuzzy" about it, or sided with popular "fundamentalist" doctrines.

Looking back, the long period between 1984 and 1996 was probably the most important time for me in terms of solving my Bible "problems." What made ALL the difference in the world, was that I was now not only reading the Bible daily (something MOST Christians DO NOT do), but I also was TRUSTING WHAT I READ, rather than trust the preaching I heard about any particular passage.

Doing this kind of reading is NOT EASY, since we all tend to read back into all we read our BIASES, consciously or unconsciously. We also tend to read into the MODERN context what we read in the Bible. I forced myself to become more familiar with the historical context of the Bible, and other relevant contexts, such as the original language translations. To counter my programmed biases, I also forced myself to read books and articles from contrary views.

Little by little, I managed to ironically REGAIN most of the same beliefs I had before, but now, it was based upon a real understanding of the Bible.

In regards to the "problem" passages, I came to some rather interesting and even amazing conclusions. In fact, I am STILL not finished learning and being amazed at more conclusions I am realizing.

When it comes to the MAJOR doctrines of the Bible, the ones that you find on the most hardcore fundamentalist "Statement of Faith," one would find out that I agree with 99.9 percent of it (the main exception is in regards to a minor "end times" prophecy issue that should NOT be considered major doctrine). Most people, Christian or not, are VERY ignorant about the fact that most of the major Christian "denominations," BEFORE the 1920's, came into existence because the mother denomination was abandoning MAJOR doctrines of the Bible (especially regarding issues of salvation), and the new denomination was simply RETURNING to what the mother denomination once held to doctrinally. All this began to change in the 1920's. For many years now, new denominations are started for the most trivial of reasons, often having NOTHING to do with doctrinal issues, but more having to do with MARKETING issues ("come visit us, we are friendly and fun", etc.). I am of course not saying that earlier denomination starts were not over trivial things (ex: Church of England).

Where things begin to break down, as I have observed, is in regards to MINOR doctrines. I am not just talking about trivial things such as if a baptism means dunking, or how many times dunked, or if it should just be a sprinkling. I am not even simply talking about whether the gifts of "tongues" or "healing" are for today or not. I think such things are worth discussing and working through, but there is a much bigger overriding issue.

The bigger issue is the DAY-TO-DAY "CHRISTIAN" CULTURE that forms the rules and opinions of behavior within the Christian community! This involves a mixture of very minor and unspoken beliefs that causes Christians to be VERY TWO-FACED and HYPOCRITICAL, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the CHURCH LEADERSHIP!

Some of these minor rules that are made MAJOR in day-to-day Christian life (ones that are VERY DEBATABLE) are:

-Watch only "family" orientated shows.
-Listen only to "Christian" music.
-Don't have any non-Christian friends.
-Always SMILE.
-Always include currently popular Christian clich├ęs in prayers and conversation, and body movement and facial look.
-Only confess your SMALLEST sins to one another (especially true for leadership, which is put onto a ridiculous pedestal).
-Protest the sins of the unsaved, but excuse the unrepentant sins within the "Body of Christ."
-Never drink an "alcoholic" beverage.
-Believe that it is ALWAYS God's will for one's own church to grow and prosper.

If actions speak louder than words, then the general fundamentalist "message" to the world is, "we are no different than you in our TRUE behavior." The sad statistics, coming from "Focus on the Family, no less, is that abortions percentages among "evangelical" Christians is NO DIFFERENT than from non-Christians! A similar thing can be sad for nearly every other "sin."

Please do not misunderstand me. I am not saying that I approve of what the Bible calls "sin." However, I am saying that Christianity, at least for many decades and possibly longer, has NOT been biblically practiced. I for one am trying to, at a grass roots level, to try to encourage changes.

Bottom line, I see most of your criticism, like mine, as being in regards to CHRISTIAN MALPRACTICE rather than true Christian practice found in the Bible.

Anonymous said...

I just happened to check back here and saw supportive comments and "other".

I am going to just say that I have learned so much more about how false the bible and christianity really are that I marvel at the things I believed, the ignorance I was in, and the delusion I was under back then. I WAS a real christian and "knew" the real "god" and don't appreciate any christians telling me otherwise, as if they know me. I opened myself up about some of my experiences as a christain, and that gives others the right to think they can judge me, I suppose.

You will notice that the last several years in the "relationship" (as christains say), I was not having all the problems with it as before - I was believing in grace and relaxed and comfortable with the faith. I still had my problems with christianity, for sure, but I was not under the psychological trauma from it as in the past. Then, when I discovered "universalism", I became just free enough to not be afraid to explore, question, and use my BRAIN. And it didn't take long from there for my mind to see past the fiction of christianity - the biggest lie ever pulled over mankind.

(Even as I child, I tried to make myself believe the "old stories" and sometimes just couldn't. Now I know that was my rational mind trying to cut through the bullsh** even then.)

What freedom now that I am out! Peace sublime! More than any christianity could hope to bestow.

Christianity, like all religion, is myth and lie, and I'm happy to be free.

Anonymous said...

hey . doesnt matter what you think or feel,or how upset or appalled you are about your near insanity because of your experiences with the bible, churches ,contradictions ..being worried if you are saved or not. the fact is this . that it is impossible for God to lie . and if he says that you hath eternal life then you hath eternal life ,and there is nothing you can do about it . you can spit,moan,complain wail ,reject but no one but no one either angel or power or principality or things in heaven or things under heaven or any thing including the Lord himself (because he will not break his covenants)can pluck you out of his hand . you are not of your own you are bought with a price . he (the Lord Jesus Christ) has purchased you with his BLOOD . So grow up and stop being a big baby

webmdave said...

Anony-dummy! If you just "hath" to use King James English, at least learn to use King James grammar.


Anonymous said...

Fundomynous said: "you are not of your own you are bought with a price . he (the Lord Jesus Christ) has purchased you with his BLOOD . So grow up and stop being a big baby."

Ironic--what's the first thing a baby does when you tell them they can't have what they want?



(The answer for those who've never seen an infant in their entire life)---THEY CRY!!!! "Gaa gaa, I want my sky-daddy! =...(

BTW, I hope "He" kept the receipt.

Anonymous said...

It is Very obvious, that you are trying to turn this site into your on little CHURCH!
I tried your little "Quiz", any answer given is wrong on any question, just because you are confused about your faith, dosen't mean you have to stray the rest of us away to your beliefs! If you as twisted as your posts make you sound, I will pray in Jesus' name your eyes will be RE-OPENED!
I wish you the best in life, but don't expect me to visit this site on a regular basis.

webmdave said...


The point of the quiz is to point out the glaring inconsistencies in the Gospel accounts, that's all.

Anonymous said...

Yet one more anonymous Christian pops in and says: "just because you are confused about your faith, dosen't mean you have to stray the rest of us away to your beliefs!"

Oh boy, today we get three misconceptions all wrapped up in one paragraph. Firstly, if the objective was to "stray" you away from your beliefs, we'd be barging in on apologetic websites---not the other way around. So who's trying to sway who? Secondly, Atheism/Agnosticism is NOT a "faith". They are both merely positions of neutrality, one stronger than the other. Simply put---it doesn't require one ounce of "faith" to know that Pinocchio was never a real boy. And thirdly, Atheism is a NON-belief. If asked about the existance of Santa Claus, one wouldn't say "YES, I BELIEVE that Santa does NOT exist---one merely says, "I DON'T believe in Santa".

For future reference---that apologetic "reverse philosophy" bullsh*t doesn't fly around here.

Best regards.

Anonymous said...

I admire your ability to believe in yourself and be sure that you question everything that you do for God himself gave us intellect to do so.I am myself not a fundamental or fanatic Christian and "Never Will Be."
My reason is that even though I believe in God i don't think any Religion(because it has the human input)is worthy of arguing for since they all have flaws.The Bible has too many contradictory verses for me to throw my weight behind it without questions.
This however does not stop me from believeing and having faith in an almighty God but I will not subscribe to any "Religious Fanaticism"
Remember God unites people while Religion divides.

Anonymous said...

Is the Bible God's Truth, or will PanDeism prevail?

Son, I will pass you a great truth that can be read two ways: "If the Bible is only human lore, and not divine truth, then we have no real answer to those who say, let's pick the best out of all religions and blend it all into Pan-Deism - one world religion with one god made out of many". J. Sidlow Baxter, The Most Critical Issue (1991)[http://www.pwmi.org/tcf002.htm]

Anonymous said...

Blue Herron,
Where did you learn that the Bible is a hoax and that Christianity is a lie? I am curious as to the authors. I would like to read what they have to say.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the scientific definition of consciousness (that is, a complex system of data organization), your 'consciousness' doesn't end when you die. It disperses and is recycled by other seperate data systems, so to speak, but it doesn't just cease to exsist. In my perception, 'I' cease to exsist, as a seperate entity, but my basic components do not, so I see no reason to assume oblivion.

As for a god, the only possible omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipowerful entity that, based on current physical law, could exsist would be the universe as a whole and the laws, interactions, and transformations in encompasses. I see no reason to label it a god though; it's just the material and energetic interactions that currently exsist.

I congratulate you on your new-found open-mindedness, and I hope you continue in your pursuit of rational thought and individual wisdom.

boomSLANG said...

Anonymous 1/15/2007 6:17 PM said:

If you look at the scientific definition of consciousness (that is, a complex system of data organization), your 'consciousness' doesn't end when you die. It disperses and is recycled by other seperate data systems, so to speak, but it doesn't just cease to exsist. In my perception, 'I' cease to exsist, as a seperate entity, but my basic components do not, so I see no reason to assume oblivion.

"Consciousness" is the state or condition of being conscious. A living breathing baboon has "consciousness". Now, do a baboon's "basic components" survive the death of their bodies? Or is it more likely that there is the complete cessation of thought, and thus, their "consciousness" ceases to exist right along with them? I mean, surely no one will assert that dead baboons go to Primate heaven or hell when they die, right?

Furthermore, speaking of "scientific", please provide any scientific journal or literature that states that "consciousness" survives the death of the body. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anony: "If you look at the scientific definition of consciousness (that is, a complex system of data organization), your 'consciousness' doesn't end when you die."

It does if that complex system no longer exists as a system.

Anony: "It disperses and is recycled by other seperate data systems, so to speak, but it doesn't just cease to exsist."

If the major complex system that provides consciousness/awareness of one's existence is broken down into "separate" data systems... then it does cease to exist as a functioning unit. The conservation of energy laws may hold that "form" continues to exist, but the aggregate "form" of human consciousness will not.

Anonymous: "In my perception, 'I' cease to exsist, as a seperate entity, but my basic components do not, so I see no reason to assume oblivion.

Oblivion to your specific conscious form is likely. Oblivion to the subcomponents of matter (identified as data in information theory) is likely not.

Anonymous said...

God speaks directly through the good book therefor I and everyone else should follow unquestionably to god's eternal reward....

You know... now that I think about that... its sounds really silly deosn't it? A book that's been written and re-written, over and over again for 1500 years to promote power over the sad muddled sheep of humanity.

Anonymous said...

It does not matter what you think. If you are who you said you are (once upon a time), God tells you in His Word that you have an Eternal Home with him. Further he describes in detail who you are. 1. YOU ARE * A Child of God (Romans 8:16)
2. YOU ARE * Redeemed from the Hand of the Enemy (Psalm 107:2)
3. YOU ARE * Forgiven (Colossians 1:13,14)
4. YOU ARE * Saved by Grace through Faith (Ephesians 2:8)
5. YOU ARE * Justified (Romans 5:1)
6. YOU ARE * Sanctified (I Corinthians 6:11)
7. YOU ARE * A New Creature (II Corinthians 5:17)
8. YOU ARE * Partaker of His Divine Nature (II Peter 1:4)
9. YOU ARE * Redeemed from the Curse of the Law (Galatians 3:13)
10. YOU ARE * Delivered from the Powers of Darkness (Colossians 1:13)
11. YOU ARE * Led by the Spirit of God (Romans 8:14)
12. YOU ARE * Free From All Bondage (John 8:36)
Study thyself approved oh yea of little faith.

Wes said...

-continued from post above-

...and that's because I BELIEVE IT, and although I have no proof of any of it, IT'S TRUE, because I have God's Words in His Bible, and the Bible is true because I believe it is because someone told me it is, and I believe them, because christianity is true because, because, because...

Blah blah...

Whatever, anony. Whatever. -Wes

Anonymous said...

You are going to burn in hell forever. There is nothing you can do about it. You can never be re-saved. Your husband should leave you and keep your kids away before they end up in hell too. You have no hope. No soul.

boomSLANG said...
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boomSLANG said...

Anonymous # 2,478,237,835 said...

You are going to burn in hell forever. There is nothing you can do about it.

Then WTF are you doing here blathering on about something someone has no control over? Are you the type who ridicules a cripple because they were born with no legs? It seems so. Very "Christian-like", nonetheless.

Why don't you make like your non-existant god?.......become *invisible*.

Anonymous said...

One question. Did you get a regenerated heart from God? You are the only one that knows. I will pray to the Living God the maker of heaven and earth THE FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH for you.

freethinker05 said...

 Anonymous wrote:
"One question. Did you get a regenerated heart from God? You are the only one that knows".

NO!, I almost got a goddamned pacemaker.

Anony: "I will pray to the Living God the maker of heaven and earth THE FATHER OF JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH for you".

You mjght as well pray to the lying god, because Joseph was Jesus's father, you nim-com-poop

Anonymous said...

Very well put. One can love God and not be a born again or even a Christian ,or Jew, or Muslim, or what ever. It is the fear of the unknown that draws so many to cling so desperately to the unquestioning dogma of being born again. What repelled me was the underlying hatred for anything that questioned or disagreed with the born again faith, That lack of love and lack of compassion is so unlike what Christ preached. It's so easy to inflate,edit, and/or distort verses and chapters of the bible to suit a belief system. That's one of the reasons why there are so many different churches and sects within Christianity as well as all of the world's major religions. Finally, i never would have left my church had they just allowed me to worship freely and allowed me to express my doubts without trying to brain wash me into being a 'true believer'

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