I don't think I ever was a real Christian

sent in by Dano

I am sixty-nine years old, and I don't think that I ever was a real Christian. I got baptized a couple of times. Had water sprinkled on me when I was a kid in the Presbyterian church, and got dunked once in a Baptist church, but never really developed a whole lot of interest in becoming a bible scholar.
I know that I don't believe in any of the standard religious stuff, such as God creating the world in six days, sacrificing his son, heaven, hell, angels, or the devil, because it is all so illogical, primitive, and just darn right silly. I think that if there is a God, he has to be a lot smarter, and a lot better person than he is portrayed to be by the religions of the world.

I have done a lot of praying to God, but don't recall any prayer ever being answered, except when I made some definite effort to make it happen myself. I used to say that God must be pleased that I have chucked all of that destructive nonsense, but now I tend to think that if there is a God, he doesn't give a shit what I believe, or what any of the other intelligent monkeys on this insignificant planet, believe. So. it comes down to the fact that it matters only to me and other people trying to figure out the best way to live this short life. I have been a fairly honest person, most of my life, because I figured out at an early age that it was just too confusing to be dishonest, and the human brain was like a computer, "garbage in-garbage out," and that liars may get away with something in the short term, they are usually seen as pathetic as they try to keep up with all their lies.

It's just been in the last few years though that I have come to realize that there must be millions of people out there who never bought the Christian crap. I see the Internet as being the biggest evolution in human knowledge, and if it had existed two thousand years ago, the dark ages and all of that other horrible human drama would never had happened. Being stupid has been the biggest sin of man until the last couple of hundred years. If people could have communicated with each other the way they can today, the priests, and shamans would never have taken control. There would have immediately been a blog where people exposed them as fallible, and not any more knowledgeable about God than the rest of us.

To summarize, I think God has been out to lunch for an awfully long time, and we need to get over it!

North Carolina
Don't think I ever really was.
Gradually realised that I wasn't.
Was: Presbeterian, Baptist
Now: Agnostic
My mother was very religious, but kept it to herself.
The internet helped me realise that a lot of people didn't buy into religion
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Ó Seasnáin said...

I can prove that there is a God. I have experienced His power in my life and I have seen it in other's lives. I have seen prayers answered (not just the "please make the traffic light green" prayers). I didn't initially know if I believed...

I realized at some point that many of those whom I associated myself with had never read a word of the Bible (a private school), and much of what I believed was based on tradition and what heresay. I met someone who challenged my thinking. Showed me what "Christianity" reall was, and I decided that it is very well represented historically, scientifically, logically, and morally. Even the things I felt were illogical became clear as I understood the cultural context of Hebrew and Christian scriptures. Then, I pursued a relationship with a person who was, according to this site, dead 2000 years ago.

You may say that I can not prove the reality and significance of the relationship I have with Jesus. However, I beg to differ...

1. I lived past 14 years old when my school friends and I were heavily involved with gangs, alcohol, drugs, theft, violence, and the gambit of behaviors that I have, since, seen destroy people.
2. I met my wife, and sustained a pure relationship for 7 years before marriage
3. My wife's sister successfully has been rehabilitated from drugs and alcohol
4. Although the divorce was harsh, my wife and her sisters have been able to maintain good/healthy relationships with both their parents and step parents.
5. My best friend survived 4 skull fractures and can function normally.
6. The same friend survived electrocution and a 30 ft. fall from a roof at work.
7. My wife and I were able to find new jobs in a troubled economy, instead of moving away from family and friends, at the financial breaking point in two seperate occasions.
8. I was able to forgive the man who murdered my uncle (something that I used to stuff and attack others regarding)
9. My wife's close friend was able to become pregnant after doctors told her it was absolutely impossible for her to conceive.
10. The divorce rate is above 50%, but NOT ONE (none) of our friends (15 couples) have experienced divorce. They are also people who would describe themselves as Christ followers.
11. Another of my friends was cured of alcoholism, and has been sober for a number of years. He was said to be "hopeless" at one point by his family, all of our friends, and anyone else who knew him.
12. Not a single wedding day, of all of our friends weddings, had rain (believe me it is a miracle where I'm from).
13. My wife and I are still completely in love after 10 years of a committed relationship.

...I could go on. Every single thing mentioned above included serious, intimate prayer and seeking of the Lord. I do not find it a coincidence. It would not make sense that people whom I know outside of prayerful lifestyles have such different results.

However, this is not to say that I or anyone I know is perfect or impervious to problems. It is also not to say that people who experience problems are, for any reason, not "right with God."

Simply look at the (long) list above, and recognize that it is the wonderful reality that there is something Greater that answers to the deepest desires of our hearts (love, life, and fulfillment). Few who know me and my life have ever argued that God is a real factor in it.

However it is your right to disagree.

If you'd like to ask questions about the above information, go to my site, because I will most likely not happen upon this site again.

Bentley said...

Gosh! O seasnain, what a wonderful testimony of the power of miracles you've been blessed with, and all of them could not have just happen by coincidence either, no doubt about it, God has certainly intervened in your families life.

I've been a hard-core Atheist for around 20 years and now, just by your testimony alone, I've found Jesus, so now I'm looking for miracles to happen in my life just as you have, one must remember that God is not a respector of persons and I know that my miracle is just around the corner.

Thank you! and may God Bless you a thousand times!

See ya in Heaven!

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