journey to becoming an atheist

sent in by Jennifer

To begin with, I started dating my boyfriend(who is now my husband) when I was 16.

His family is very religious and they don't believe that it's a good idea for anyone of differing religious views to be together.

My family for the most part let me and my brother choose what we want to believe in. I guess you could say I was open to Christianity and liked what I heard. So at the age of 16 I accecpted Christ. At no point after I accepted Christ did I feel different, or did I necessarily stop making wrong decisions. I never really expected to.

While following Christ, I felt restricted. My morals did not get better or worse after becoming a Christian. So now at 24, I chose to become an atheist.

Suprisingly, there wasn't a major event in my life that changed my viewpoint, I only went back to what my parents taught me. That is to be true to myself, find what it is that I believe in, and be open to all religious possiblities, whether I choose a religion and follow Christ, or become an atheist.

This did take me quite awhile to come to terms with what I believe, but now I am free from being "scared" of what might happen to me if I do something wrong. I still carry the same moral standards that I had when I was a Christian, only now I feel more free to lead a good life, be good to others, treat others with respect, and I will make mistakes, but I'm not answering to a God, but to myself, my family and friends.

Joined at 16
Left at 24
Was: baptist
Now: athiest
Converted: My boyfriend's family was deep into Christianity and to be with him, I needed to convert.
De-converted: I realized that in order to be happy with myself and to live morally, I don't need organized religion.
email: jengrndypnk at aol dot com

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