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sent in by William E. Wallace

Hi, thanks for listening to my story! Here it is...

I was adopted into a 'good christian home" here in good ole South Mississippi. I was raised in the Methodist church from six years old through my teens. Even at the age of six I had one question 'Who made God?" No one could ever give me a satisfactory answer, I could feel their lack of knowledge, some even suggested "You don't ask questions like that". Even as a kid i knew, everything comes from somewhere and the lousy answer to my one simple question was a lie.

Being a good kid, I bought this crap until my early 20's until I studied Geology and I realized that our Earth is a lot older than christian religion wants to admit. The bible and science had a big difference of opinion, looking at the facts, I had to side with science.

Events in my life from time to time made me doubt my skepticism and then I got interested in the Human Genome Project and started doing research and studying Biology. Between the two sciences, I have no doubt about the big lie of religion. Ever since I have been a full blown Atheist, will die an Atheist.

Living here in South Mississippi being an Atheist is a Bitch, especially being single. Unfortunatly I'm an outspoken person, and after a few beers, I'm ready to discuss religion with any of my peers in the bar willing to debate. They sound so stupid it's actually hard to have a intelligent discussion with them, they believe, don't question it, and refuse to even listen or actually debate the science of it all, its all based on faith, blind faith. I agree with Mark Twain on this one, "Faith is believing what you know aint true".

How can anyone who is a functioning human not question this most basic concern? Accepting any writings of the past and taking them over modern day science is ludicrist! Just a few hundred years ago, man believed the world was flat, the Sun and universe orbited around the Earth, witches and demons existed and controlled people. We're talking crazy people that no one can trust or respect their opinion. You should try living around these idiots on a daily basis.

Put both positions on the scales and it's no contest! B.S. just can't compete with science. People and blind faith never ceases to amaze me. I writing this to prove, skepticism is nature not nuture, born and raised in Mississippi, this has to prove there is a skeptic gene somewhere in that 3.1 billion letters of code in our Genome.

joined at 12
left at 38
I was a Methodist
Now I am an Atheist
I converted because I was Brain Washed
I de-converted because of The Science of Geology and Biology
email: foolfromms at comcast dot net

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