Glassy Eyed Zombies

sent in by finallyhappy

From birth on I was taken to church. I had no idea there was a different way of living. Forced to be separate from non-believers, I was unaware of other beliefs and life styles. I had been blindfolded for 48 years.

I remember being in the church I'd been attending all my life, guitars were playing, singers were singing their hearts out, and a faint incling of weak handclapping to the beat was coming from the back pew. I looked around at the faces. Trance like, glassy eyed zombies, staring at their shoes. Who were these people? They all looked alike with their same vague expressions. I had the feeling that if one of them stood up and left the service, all the rest would follow blindly behind with no thought as to what they were doing.

I guess it was then I decided I wanted to live; to breath on my own and experience anything I could possibly experience just to be able to FEEL something. I wanted to explore my own body and brain - to find out who I was.

Some people love being zombies. It doesn't take any thinking and you can always blame your inperfections on someone else. You don't even have to be responsible for anything that happens.

Not me anymore. I can laugh now - I mean really laugh. I find myself singing all the time. Life is beautiful. Happiness is not supplied by some external source, it truly comes from inside and envelopes everything from there. I love to just live.

Sex: F
City: Milwaukee
State: WI
Country: USA
Became a Christian: From Birth
Ceased being a Christian: 48
Labels before: Fundamentalist Baptist
Labels now: Cobweb Free
Why I joined: No choice in the matter - was there any other way to live?
Why I left: Woke Up

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