23 years of brain-washing!

sent in by Brian Hill

23 years of going to Church up to 3 times on a Sunday in the early years. I can't believe how I fell for it (nor does my wife who did that as well). Both our parents are fairly strict Chrsitians although they have loosened up somewhat over the last few years. Princess Diana's death was the turning point as all our Christian freinds and family said she would be going to hell, no matter how good a person she was. That gradually ate away at me until the last few weeks when I've eventually come to the conclusion that the Bible is no more reliable than Lord of the Rings trilogy. The comments by others on this webring have helped tremendously, so we'll see how we go. I'll expand on this at a later date when I have more time, but Christianity is history, and was a complete waste of time for both of us. going forwards, we will think freely!!!!!!

City: Chippenham
State: Wiltshire
Country: UK
Became a Christian: 12
Ceased being a Christian: 35
Labels before: Plymouth Brethren Gospel Halls
Labels now: Freethinker
Why I joined: Thought it was the right thing to do
Why I left: None of it made sense
Email Address: brhill_uk at lycos.co.uk

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