Critical thinking killed my faith

Sent in by Kyle

Hello all, I am writing right now just off the top of my head to tell the story of my deconversion. I know if I try to plan it all out and make it all pretty I'll never get it done.

I'm finally writing this because I've just told my mother how I now really believe. She actually took better than I thought. No screaming or anything. But shes convinced I'll come back someday. ( Um, no thanks ).

After getting "saved" at 16 I stayed a fundie baptist until just last November shortly after my 22nd b'day. My faith died quickly. Thanks to a book I read called "How to think about weird things" which is a critical thinking book. The book never even mentioned religion, it was more into UFOs and ghosts and stuff like that. But I applied its critiques to the claims of Christianity and found they were so similar to other claims of the paranormal and supernatural. None of them can survive a barrage from the guns of reason.

I'd been questioning certain things like the doctrine of hell for a while, but this new critical thinking I'd acquired killed my faith almost instantly. And I have to say I am happier for it. Yes, I was happy when I thought I was "saved" but I was happier when I realized that its most likely that no one else is going to any hell either.

I'm now proudly Agnostic and weak atheist and although I briefly considered deism I couldn't convince myself why there would be only one god over any other number. If there is any god(s)ess)esses) I'll happily believe in them ( so long as they are nice ) if THEY reveal themselves to me rather than expecting me to believe some bronze age desert tribesman word to be properly copied down without error through the millenia.

On Dec. 28 2007 I joined this fine website as "Hoosier" ( you can tell by the name where I'm from ) and although I have not made many posts I certainly enjoy reading those of everyone here. They say the things that are on my mind.

May critical thinking kill all superstition and enlighten everyones way.

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