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Sent in by Rob Johnson

My world was so small, so confusing, so depressing, so illogical, and so intolerant as a Christian. Whenever people claim that I didn't try to understand spirituality and belief I just have to laugh. I'm pretty sure I've read the bible more than the average christian--about 8 times. I not once found a cubic millimeter of comfort in the words found there and only had questions.

Why the ridiculous complications of a "perfect" all-knowing, all-powerful God making a "perfect" world and "perfect" people knowing they wouldn't be perfect and fail the absolutely superfluous test of not eating a fruit he deigned as "bad" and then blaming them for creating them perfect, giving them the unnecessary law of not eating from the, ad nauseum. As a literal OR metaphorical tale it's flawed so much that it hurts. So we have huge problems in the first chpater of the bible.

My parents won't let me listen to the Beatles because they were a "bad" influence. I was brought up thinking that sexual freedom is filthy. I was brought up by parents and church leaders to rejoice in ignorance--"faith of a child"-- instead of questioning. I always had questions.

I didn't learn the FIRST THING about evolution until I was 30 years old. I am so ridiculously giddy with happiness that I came across Richard Dawkins' books. He has been instrumental in answering all the questions I had about life and the world in a humorous and intelligent way. I strongly recommend any Christian with serious doubts read "The Blind Watchmaker" and, now, "The God Delusion". Also, Sam Harris has been a voice of reason in this Christian version of Afghanisthan we call America.

I'm happier personally than I've ever been. I have such a concern for all people--i'm not perfect, I get angry and cuss at people under my breath when they drive stupidly or something, but I generally understand that this life is precious, wonderous, full of potential and joys far beyond anything religion can offer.

On the other hand, I'm so sad for people who believe in myths. Sad for radical religious people and moderate. The sad for radical bit should be obvious--they're utterly in their own screwed up world. Sad for moderates who have that modicum of intelligence to realize that we shouldn't stone our wives for committing adultery, but still waste precious moments of their lives in church and trying to believe utter crap. Imagine what we could do if we released that intellectual capacity on, say, curing cancer, exploring quantum physics, genetic research instead of going to church on specious reasoning and wasting large amount of your life studying almost completely worthless nonsense. We'd almost definitely be better off than we are now hadn't we wasted time on men with beards in the sky.

It's so obvious. I can only hope that more and more people wake up. I did and I'll NEVER go back. Thanks for this opportunity...

Rob Johnson

Joined: Brought up since birth.
Left: 23
Was: Lutheran
Now: Atheist
Converted because: Parents brainwashed me.
De-converted: Because the answers never were forthcoming. Couldn't believe the grab anymore.
eamil: rejohnsonil At gmail Dot com

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