Breaking The Last Bond of Slavery...

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I don't even know where to start except to say that I am quite happy that I can see clearly now since my third eye has been restored. I no longer feel awkward, embarrassed, ashamed, uncomfortable, or guilty when I proudly and justifiable tell people that "No, I am not a believer in the program of Christianity and I don't go to church to take part in the distortion of God."

Of course most think I have lost my mind when I say this, but I don't disagree because I have lost the mind that they gave me without my permission. All my life, Christianity was all I knew. I was taught that to think or believe anything else was disrespectful and devious in God's eyes. I was also told that to fellowship with anyone who believed anything different from myself would be disruptive to my soul because such people were lost and unfavorable in God's view. Never once though did anyone bring up the fact that all the images that I would see of God and/or of Jesus never looked like me or the people in my community. They all had European features and such, which I thought was a bit odd because I couldn't help, but wonder would white folk have the same images up in their churches, home and sanctuaries, etc. of their oppressor and savior, and God and enslaver being of like nature?

Even if Blacks weren't the oppressors, I still wonder would white people proudly display a Black Jesus or God figure in their home, sanctuary, etc? The answer that I keep concluded was HELL No, because either consciously or subconsciously people know how powerful images are on the mind. This issue greatly disturbed me every time I'd witness this, which was and still is quite frequently. This didn't make sense to me, but as a good Christian girl, I thought something was wrong with me and not the program that I was made to believe. Attending college was the biggest eye opener for me because so many things had been introduced to me that none of my uneducated family members ever could have even pondered to explore with me, much less themselves.

I began to learn how the Europeans went into Africa spreading this poison called Christianity to subvert the minds of the masses in order to enslave them and in the interim, convince them that they were the savages, barbarians and hedonistic people who had no God consciousness, therefore they deserved to be enslaved. Although they had their own powerful way of relating to the creator, the psychopathology of Christianity seared in their minds for so long made them hate everything that was indicative of their homeland, especially their own religious practices. Learning that the first slave ship to this country was named "Jesus" disturbed me enough to the point that I stopped going to church immediately! I also learned how this religion has been spread all over the world essentially to have every culture's belief system in tuned and on one accord to the exaltation of the European race. As a psych minor, I learned how powerful images are on the mind in that once you start looking at your savior/God in human form with characteristics of the supposed "superior" race, one will naturally assume the role of being inferior and thus relate to that other race with undue reverence by default simply because they automatically mentally equate the "esteemed" race with God (excellent examples of brainwashing via the Christian art on this website).

It's not hard to see why my people are spiritually misaligned, which is mainly due to the pernicious doctrine that they were assigned to in this country in regards to their system of faith. Though my people are no longer in physically slavery, I've have learned why their minds are still in bondage which can be attributed to their inability to understand that their slave masters never ever intended to give them a spiritual system for their own personal benefit.

Christianity has been nothing more than a perpetual enslavement for Black people because of it's deep rooted history of white supremacy. I am proud to have learned about my history and the greatness of the ancient Egyptian spiritual system that is still evidenced today (Can't say that about any of the allegorical people of the bible). Among other mind blowing revelations, when I found out that this so called "Jesus" person had essentially the exact life story like the great ones such as Horus, Buddha, Krishna, and several other enlightened ones, but their stories predate "Jesus' " by hundreds (and some thousands) of years, I felt righteous indignation about being lied to all of my life, which has caused me to be on a mission to free every Black mind that I can from this false belief system that has done the most damage to the natural self perseverational instinct of a people. I am finding out that a lot of people don't wanna be free though. It's much easier, less threatening, and more accepting to suspend common sense and adhere to traditions than to be one who is not satisfied with being told what to think, but rather has an innate affinity to learn how to think.

I am honored to be a part of the vanguard of liberating the next generation from this twisted form of worship through the teachings that I employ with my child, nieces, nephews and others that encourage them to choose the path of learning the truth, researching information, questioning any and everything, and being more inclined to the authority of tangible evidence of Our- story instead of ascribing to the faith of HIS-tory.

I applaud you all for your fortitude and will to un-arrest your development! And for the record, I appreciate and respect all people (Black, White, Yellow, Brown), I just have a vested interest in my own people because of the current state of affairs that has misguided my people to self-destruct in spite of their greatness. ~~M.A.

"In order to understand the historical origins of Christianity, one dominant fact must be understood. This fact is that, to this day, there is no historical data or biography in existence to substantiate the life and times of a Jesus the Christ" ~~John L. McKenzie, S.J., Dictionary of the Bible p.432

Bible Belt
I was born into and assigned to this religion since my journey on the planet began
In my heart and soul, I never was a Christian, but I proudly came out of the closet in 2003. Yeah for me!!! : -)
Was: Santified Baptist, Holier than thou Methodist, Jesus Junkie Jehovah Witness
Now: I am in my right mind in that I am expressing my faith through my innate God gene
Converted because: I didn't have a choice in the matter because it was assigned to me through the forced transmission placed on my ancestors
De-converted because: Because my spirit would have it no other way
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