My Son

sent in by J.H. Milivojevic

if my mother loved me so much

then why did she lie to me so much

why did she try to make me believe in magic

why did she try to make me believe in life after death

why did try to make me believe that god hears me when I tell a lie

why did she try to make me believe that we will all be together again after we die

do you believe in magic

have you ever believed in magic

haven’t you always appreciated good sleight of hand

haven’t you always appreciated a good demonstration of defiance of the laws of nature?

a coin disappears into thin air

a rabbit appears out of nowhere

Jesus dies a horrible agonizing death – then comes back to life

[god knows why…who would want to come back to such torture?]

eventually my mother explained to me about the tooth fairy

then later about santa claus

but she has continued to hang on to the magic of jesus

what a dirty joke

now she’s old and scared because she suspects she really will be punished for all the really bad stuff she did during her life – it just seems too easy to get off simply by believing in the magic.

let’s see….

she hurt my dad by flirting and sleeping around while married to him

she had those two kids by another man, but she made my dad put his name on the birth certificate – twice!

she emotionally abandoned me when she fell in love with that guy

and she did even worse with poor little Patti

she never would stand up for Mary when dad attacked her and put her down so bad

she did all that bad stuff and yet they’ve been telling her all her life that she will be forgiven simply by believing that jesus is the true son of god

but what about dressing the wounds?

what about addressing the injuries?

What about apologizing?

What about acknowledging those hurts?

this might be the very, very worst crime that christianity is guilty of

Joined: 11
Left: 12
Was: southern baptist
Now: atheist
Converted under: parental guidance
De-converted becuase of: clear thinking
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