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sent in by Amber

My name is Amber and I am pursuing a Master's Degree at a nearby Christian university. When I enrolled as an undergraduate to obtain my Bachelor's Degree, I was a Christian, and happy with my choice. I knew how hypocritical people can be, being a hypocrite myself. I sat in church many times the morning after smoking funny stuff. When I stood up to sing a hymn, my bottom would hurt from having no-no sex. I felt bad for my sins, but knew that God would forgive me. He forgives everything -- so we stay in the shame trap.

I began doubting the Christian religion when I took a course the university required - Christian Biblical Study. I was forced to study the book which held my salvation and my life plan (but like many Christians, read, didn't question, so did not really understand). The teacher of this class was a pastor, and was extremely nice and a smart man. (Not all Christians are bad people, some actually follow the rules and are good people because of them - interpreting the bible as a handbook for helping others.) I studied, and studied, not wanting to question what I had believed all my life. I studied other religions and noted the similarities (Pagan ones, too). After the class, I was convinced the bible was a work of fiction.

Fiction. I studied the bible and this is my final answer. It has helpful stories, is interesting, but is untrue. Of course I could do an amateur job of noting ALLLL the discrepancies, but our lovely webmaster has done a much more adequate job of making this information available. I love Ken's Guide to the Bible, having bought it a long ago, and have read more serious books on the subject. Whew, any Christian should really read the bible critically (or for some help, see the left of your screen).

In a class the next semester, I placed a bumper sticker on my little car which read: "Come the rapture, we'll have the Earth to ourselves." Cute little saying, funny, yet true if a Christian would think about it enough. A classmate read it and brought it up to me in the middle of lecture one day. I was a bit embarrassed, this being a Christian university, but I told her, "If you read the last book of the New Testament, that is exactly what will happen to me, right?"

She was upset. Later in the class, the teacher gave us his version of Heinz' Dilemma - a WHAT WOULD YOU DO story given to test the morality of the reader and answerer. Summarized, a man's wife is dying, a mean pharmacist will NOT give the remedy for any less than $10,000, and the man is poor. Should he steal it? The question the professor wrote on the board was, "What would a Christian do?" and asked us to think critically about our answer.

I raised my hand and asked if the question should read, "What 'should' a Christian do?" because a person's acts depend on the person.

His reply, "All real Christians would do the same thing."

"But aren't All Christians sinners like everyone else?"

My classmate shouted to me to shut the fuck up and let him teach. She was frustrated.

Pretty Christian of her, eh?

Her frustration didn't stop there. My convertible top was shredded by a pocket knife. A friend saw who did it. See, the friend was a Christian, and did the right thing by telling me. I didn't have it repaired - It was a reminder of what a good Christian does. I reported it to the dean, who did nothing. When classmates ask me about the bumper sticker now, I tell the story.

People can twist anything into something meaningful, and force it onto a weak person. History has revealed, after all, that a person can interpret anything to mean anything. And convince a large number of people of it.

Parking security at the university recently asked me to remove my bumper sticker. Is that legal? Doesn't it agree with the bible? Is it that offensive? I will NOT. And I'm thinking of contacting the ACLU because of it.

I chose to get my Master's Degree at a Christian university b/c of its reputation and knowledgeable staff. I am happy that I have ethics weaved into my teachings. But unlike some of my (ANNOYING POMPOUS) Christian classmates, I will USE these ethics in my profession as a Psychiatrist, NOT OUT OF FEAR, but because I know it's the right thing to do.

We should all think about how large of a part FEAR plays in our lives, and ask ourselves if that's the REAL reason some do the "right thing." How afraid are you of stories about so much mumbo jumbo that doesn't happen today?

Thanks to the webmaster for providing some help for those who have searched so hard for it, having to weed through persistant pesty Christians who don't want the truth out, because they're afraid of it.


City: San Bernardino
State: CA
Country: USA
Became a Christian: Six years old - I introduced my family to church.
Ceased being a Christian: 23
Labels before: Baptist
Labels now: Atheist
Why I joined: Lured by candy and paradise
Why I left: Realization of the hypocracy Christians practice with gleaming smiles on their faces.
Email Address: awilliams57 at cs dot com

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