What are our teachers up too?

sent in by Carolyn

Back ground info!

I am 17 years old and currently attend high school. I am a senior. This is what happened on Friday Nov. 7 in my first period Ag class.

Chapter 1
Mr. Jones THE DEVIL!

First period I walked in to class and started working on my record book for Ag, right, all calm and peaceful. I had a question, so I asked my teacher Mr. Jones what a professional organization is, to see if PFLAG(Parents family and friends of lesbians and gays) fits the description. PFLAG did fit his description, so I asked him if I should put an organization in my resume that I might not be hired because of. He said sometimes you should be picky about what you put in your resume, but also if they wouldn't hire you for this organization you have to wonder why not. (There is a really big speech here don't want to put all of it so I'll give you the basics) The people in this organization may not be good people. So I told him the people in the organization were the best friends I have every had! Then he said, why wouldn't a job hire you if you were in that organization? then I said,"because it is a gay organization." Then he said "of course they wouldn't hire you all gay people are going to HELL!" I was dumb founded by this statement! Then he proceeded to preach for 10 minutes about Sodom and Gomorrah and why gay people are going to hell.(he most likely hasn't read Sodom and Gomorrah, it says nothing about gay people just gang rapers!) He then asked me what my religion believed about an after life and I said I don't believe in hell. So he said "Look at it this way, If your religion is right and mine is wrong then nothing will happen to me, but if my religion is right and yours is wrong then you are going to HELL" that was when I had enough I know when someone is trying to convert me! I picked up my record book put it in the stack and then grabbed my bag and said I'm going to the principals office.

Chapter 2
I Hate Stupid People!

I walked into the principals office. I said Mr. Jones was trying to convert me in class. I told him about the "what if" statement. Coach T the principal thought that was just him stating "his opinion," lots of talk that didn't get us any where. I Told him about the Sodom and Gomorrah bull shit and the "all gays are going to hell" comment. Coach said, well the bible does say "all gays are going to hell," and Sodom and Gomorrah is history. So I said no its a story! Then I Called mom after Coach said I couldn't call my sister! I was so pissed at this point that I asked mom if I could skip the rest of my classes and go home to talk to my sister! Which she didn't let me do and I got off the phone with mom. Then the super walked in and I told the story to him and neither him nor Coach T said there was anything wrong with what Mr. Jones had said, he was just "stating his opinion." All my classmates thought that he was just "stating his opinion" too!

Chapter 3
The Mom, the Witch, and the Nona

OK I got out of school, OH THANK THE GODDESS I made it throw that day. So I get in the car and mom says that my sister (Laura) is going to have a word with me. mom, Nona (my grandmother), and laura only know the part about "What if" and not the "gays are going to hell" so i told her about that part of the conversation and she changed her attitude! well she was OK, she gripped a little about me being in the principals office for the fifth time this 6 weeks! (2 for my pink hair, one for the other kids spraying their hair pink( i wasn't in trouble just apologizing, they took it badly) 1 for a discipline problem(my teacher (coach V) made a joke and i didn't laugh) and then this time) So she dropped me off at Nona's house so I could talk to Laura. I walked in to Nona's house. I told Nona "you didn't hear the whole story" and I told her about how it started. She said he was "just stating his opinion" *like I hadn't heard that a thousand times today* (lecture lecture lecture, don't rock the boat, normal Nona stuff) Then Laura got home and I told her the rest of the story. She was out raged and said that I had every right to walk out of that class, and that he was trying to convert me! *Thank you finally someone on my side!* so we have been talking about it all day now! Laura was telling me that its good that I didn't stay in the class any longer because I might have done something stupid! She doesn't think Coach T and the Super will do anything about Mr. Jones and neither do I! So I am still really mad, I want him to get Fired, Now! but I doubt mom will do anything about him either! she doesn't like me rocking the boat either! And calling the ACLU wont work there is no other place around here for me to go to school.(our town is well secluded)

The End for now!

City: Woodson

State: Texas

Country: USA

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Ceased being a Christian: 13

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Why I joined: Peer presure

Why I left: I found out they were all a bunch of morons

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